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A Russian Tale: Putin Kills Children, Without Regret World Powers Still Do Business With Russia

Ukraine Plane

A pro-Russian fighter guards the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine, Sunday, July 20, 2014. Rebels in eastern Ukraine took control Sunday of the bodies recovered from downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and the U.S. and European leaders demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin make sure rebels give international investigators full access to the crash site.(AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka)

From Denny:  With the intentional shooting down of the mainly medical civilians on that Malaysian MH-17 jet by Russian military and Russian militia who targeted a civilian jet inside Ukraine's borders, they willfully killed 298 people, including many children.  The Russian President Putin, the Russian military, the Russian "diplomats," the Russian business sector, the Russian "militia" trained and commanded by Russian military, the Russian media are all in lock step proclaiming how good it is to kill civilians flying far above the designated war arena air space.  The Malaysian jet was flying at 33,000 feet, a good 1,000 feet above the 32,000 no fly zone.  To hear the Russians tell it everyone else, most especially Ukraine, is responsible for those deaths, not despicable Russia.

What about the words "decency" and "common sense" and "sanity" don't they understand?  Russia's tactic is if they lie long enough that eventually everyone will give in and accept the lies.  Well, that sure isn't working well, judging by the growing international furious anger at Russia.  Even the Russian people are horrified and rightfully embarrassed at the despicable behavior of their government officials.

Read on for more of this horror story playing out in real time...

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First, Putin points a finger at Ukraine claiming they forced the Russian military to shoot down that civilian plane?  Really??  That jet had a safe journey all across Ukraine until shot down inside the Ukraine border by Russian military that had moved anti-aircraft batteries, trucks and soldiers across the Russia-Ukraine border weeks ago to do just this despicable act.  This act of shooting down a civilian jet was planned all along by the conservative hardliners in Russia and Putin, their front man.  This act is one, in a long line of many despicable acts they have been planning for ten years now to take on the U. S. and Europe to gain a dominant role in the world.  Yes, Russia believes it.  After all, Russia is now the number one weapons maker in the world.  Russia supplies all the terrorist states like Syria.  Terrorism would virtually disappear if the world powers would wake up and sanction Russia as harshly as needed.

Second, Russia delays investigators from examining the debris field of the downed jet and identifying and collecting the bodies of the passengers to get them home to their families.  Instead, Russia takes possession of the black boxes of the jet.  Did Russia destroy any of that evidence?

Third, Russia then decides to deny access to any country to retrieve the rotting corpses of the dead.  Drunken Russian soldiers load the bodies on to rail cars, leaving them to decompose.  They only retrieved about 200 bodies of the 298 on board.  Is it any wonder the international community is furious that over 100 bodies of their loved ones have been left to rot in the fields unceremoniously?  Many on board this jet were Muslim and it is their tradition to bury the dead within two days of death.  Yet, the Russians were their usual cavalier insensitive attitude, waiting over four days before even retrieving the bodies to place them in rail cars.

Fourth, to add insult to injury, the Russian soldiers decided it was perfectly fine to rob from the dead.  Those soldiers scoured the jet's dead field, going through the passengers' luggage to retrieve credit cards they were later found to have used for personal profit.  Those Russian soldiers also decided to help themselves to the wedding rings and other jewelry found on the dead.  These Russians are thugs, plain and simple.

Now the Russians seem to think they can continue to dictate the terms of this investigation?  Of course, that Russian ambassador to Malaysia is a woefully bad liar and unconvincing.  The Russians deny access to investigators for days, leave the dead to rot in the open fields and don't inform the families of the dead.  Russia thinks it can tell another country it has no right to investigate what happened in its own country?  That's like Cuba telling the U. S. it can't investigate a Cuban missile firing upon Texas.  Russia is an outside invading aggressor who has no rights in Ukraine, a sovereign country.  Russia has broken international law on so many levels - but is anyone really paying attention enough to mount the necessary actions to counter this world thug?

Ukraine Plane

Ukrainian Emergency workers carry a victim's body in a body bag as pro-Russian fighters stand in guard at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine, Sunday, July 20, 2014. Rebels in eastern Ukraine took control Sunday of the bodies recovered from downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and the U.S. and European leaders demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin make sure rebels give international investigators full access to the crash site.(AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka)

After much international pressure and back room deal making, the black boxes were finally turned over to the Malaysians and the majority of the robbed bodies sent in rail cars back to The Netherlands since most of the passengers were Dutch.  Are the black boxes truly intact?  Were the robbed dead restored to their possessions?  The answer to both is in the negative since the Russians are nothing but thugs these days.  Is it any wonder other countries do not trust them?

But wait, maybe many countries do trust them enough to take their money or buy from Russia.  You see, Big Business and Big Government are hard at work convincing their public they are sanctioning Russia for it's double dealing and despicable acts like this heinous murder of 298 civilians.  Yet, we find just the opposite to be true.

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The Walk Of Shame has many participants:

* the U.S. Pentagon and Congress are still agonizing months after the invasion of Ukraine, and now after this despicable act, this heinous murder of 298 civilians, as to whether they should cancel a contract with Russia for helicopters the U. S. is giving to the Afghan military.  hello, political optics sure look bad here.

* while President Obama attempts to use a fine scalpel to slice off some Russian salami here and there, he suffers from the billionaire Wall Street whiners tugging on his apron strings, crying in their beer about how awful it would be to lose even a dime in this international political mess.  they are only concerned about their massive profits instead of innocent dead people killed by such an aggressive country as Russia who is declaring war on the world.

* France is still going through with its sale of Mistral helicopters to Russia because they sure don't want to miss that Big Money infusion, now do they?  yeah, self-absorbed France is so tough on crime and murder, especially when it doesn't involve French citizens.  after all, who cares about other countries' dead?

* the U.K. has done nothing about their guilt of being awash in Russian oligarchs populating expensive glittering real estate in London.  the U.K. sure doesn't want to upset their financial sector by denying those pampered oligarchs a thing, especially anything as pesky as sanctions. the U. K. sure talks a lot about sanctions for other countries to level but nothing that would affect the U.K. financial economy.

* and then there's cowardly Germany.  that President Merkel is a serious coward and should never been elected she is doing that bad a job.  you would think that now four Germans died on that Malaysian jet she would have finally gone through with her empty sanctions threats.  nope, not a serious sanction in sight.  you see, Germany is big on forcing austerity upon other EU countries like struggling Greece when their economy imploded but should Germany experience austerity because they are natural gas dependent upon Russia?  are you kidding?  that would be a double standard declared with a "Hell, No, not us!"

* but wait, there's cowardly Italy on the horizon.  they don't want to lose out on all those profits of selling to wealthy Russians their Italian clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry.  everyone knows that Russians spend to excess, stupid enough to buy the gaudiest and tasteless of everything as long as it shows off their wealth.  some people really shouldn't have access to a lot of money.  there are a lot of wealthy people out there in the world along with the Russians that decorate their homes like it was a cheesy department store window. sometimes it's good to have less because you look like less of a fool.

Malaysia Ukraine Plane

Protesters stage a rally in front of Ukraine embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tuesday, July 22, 2014. Protesters marched on the Russian embassy and Ukraine embassy in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, waving placards and demanding justice for the victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down over Ukraine last week. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

So, let's sum up this international crime scene created by the Russians.  The Russians murder 298 people just because they are angry the international community won't let them invade and annex Ukraine like they did Crimea.  That Crimea appeasement was stupid as it only emboldened Russia, especially the conservative hardliners that view the West as too weak to oppose them.

The U.S., the U.K., France, Germany and Italy all take Russia to task, publicly screaming how they are slapping strong sanctions on to Russia for Russia's evil doings in the world, you know, like invading countries and shooting down civilian jets, murdering hundreds of people in cold blood.  Other countries like Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and many more have properly condemned and turned their backs on Russia, withdrawing business interests.

From Romania's President Basescu who commented on the EU's soft position towards Russia because of economic interests: "There's always an argument: one country has a big investment, another has to deliver sophisticated equipment, and yet another is natural gas dependent.  Today it's Ukraine, then the Baltics borders are reached, then Poland and then Romania.  Aren't we at risk by making economic considerations weigh more than solidarity with states in the EU's eastern flank ?"

The Big Powers like the U.S., the U.K, France, Germany and Italy?  Turn their backs?  Hardly.  They are throwing money at Russia, still doing business with a Mass Murderer.  Yeah, that's called "what you do talks so loudly I can't hear what you are saying."

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