Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jon Stewart Whips Some Lying Butt: NSA and Congress

From Denny:  Incredibly furious with the NSA right now?  Yeah, me too.  I mean who really enjoys an arrogant thief who knows the government will not prosecute him, bursts into your house, steals its contents - unapologetic - rapes you and then says, "But I'm doing all this to protect you.  Just shut up and take it up the ass." Then, in a congressional hearing he gives all of America the verbal version of the finger eagle on the national news.

It doesn't help the President is too damned weak to fire all these punk bullies at the NSA.  In another life - if I were President - or Kahleesi - I would have already drawn my sword and taken their heads - literally.  So, it's no wonder I am too furious to write much of a cogent post this week.

This journalist blogger is so furious she can barely see straight, so - for the moment - I'll let Jon Stewart be my proxy for this government fight.  Right now he is far more eloquent than I could hope to be.  Meanwhile, I hear the Germans are offering Snowden asylum, sanctuary and a helluva deal if he would relocate to Germany to help them shield against the NSA spying.  Can't wait to see what Russia counteroffers.  Oh, how I would love to be a fly on the wall to listen in on those fun negotiations.

Check out funny Jon Stewart who has an endearing way of putting this NSA Spygate into perspective.  Wait until you see the clip with that idiot from Congress who has his brown nose up Gen. Alexander's lardy ass.  It really does make you wonder just how much money all these guys are being promised or already are making from this so-called need for this level of spying.  It must be millions of dollars.  Why else would they fight so hard to keep doing it?  Yeah, it's all about political corruption in high places...

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Fantasy Fool Running NSA? Just How Seriously Whacko Is NSA Chief Gen. Alexander? Answer: Very.

NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland.
From Denny:  At the rate the NSA cyber punks are going they will have the entire world and all of America confused as to who is the real enemy:  the NSA or the nebulous terrorists.  This self-important loony tune NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander should never have been installed as NSA Chief in the first place.  Just how did this guy pass his psych evaluation anyway?  Are the Pentagon and the IC (intelligence community) that bad at taking a close look at the people they install as leaders for any project that can literally affect the lives of billions of people on the planet?  Come on; really?!...

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Govt Shutdown Shutstorm 2013: Late Nite Jokes Display Congress' Malfeasance In Office


4 Jon Stewart videos.

From Denny:  Have you been enjoying the Washington soap opera lately - known as The Government Shutdown?  The word is that sometime tonight Speaker Boehner will finally do his job and allow the full House to vote on the bill to end this idiot shutdown and reopen the government.  

Of course, there are conservative groups still urging members to vote against raising the country's debt ceiling to avoid default.  Those same groups also don't want the government reopened.  No one said groups like Club For Growth were smart enough to understand the global implications of such a screamingly stupid strategy.

Tomorrow is when the government hits its final time limit where the clock runs out because America loses its ability to borrow.  Get this; the U. S. Treasury says after that date we only have about $30 billion on hand with which to pay our bills, along with some incoming tax revenue added.  That isn't much for a $17 trillion annual economy.  Apparently, over at the House, they aren't smart enough to understand basic math like the rest of us, with conservatives and Tea Party members declaring how good it would be for America if the country defaulted from its prestigious AAA rating.  Does Stupid get any more ridiculous?

You see the House Speaker has held the American people hostage just to stroke the childish egos of the Tea Party and conservative Republicans performing the World's Worst Temper Tantrum for the past 16 days. All this, with Boehner knowing he would have to back down and agree to vote some version of this bill anyway.  Yet Boehner thought nothing of putting through financial hell the country and millions of people dependent upon the government directly or indirectly for their paychecks. 

Do you know just how much money the Republicans and the Tea Party have cost the U. S. economy?  Try a minimum of $24 billion for the past 16 days.  That's just the monetary cost which does not take into account consumer, investor and voter confidence.  That cost is yet to be accurately measured and will play out over the next few years in the form of elections, housing market sales and Wall Street reports.  

For now, Congress has kicked the can down the political road until the middle of January 2014.  Yes, start rolling your eyes now and get ready for the next installment of The Government Shutdown Washington soap opera.  The new season starts January 2014.  Bet you all are really jonesin' for it like a new episode of Downton Abbey.  

Barring that maybe the nation's lawyers will get together and bring a hoarde of lawsuits against all these Washington Cry Babies to push them out of office early.  Maybe we will get lucky and they get some prison time too for "malfeasance in office" which is all too evident.  Not to mention "theft by deception" as these guys take paychecks for which they don't spend time actually working.

Meanwhile, enjoy the hilarious social commentary from The Comedy Gods, the national late night comics and my personal favorite, comic Jon Stewart.  They keep us laughing so we don't pick up a can of Cajun Whoop Ass from my local Louisiana convenience store and march on Washington to teach them nasty political varmints a lesson.  Oh, be sure to order your government shutdown t-shirts today.  Many styles and sizes and three designs from which to choose! We have to be ready for the next showdown.  We simply must be in unison with our coordinating fashion statements when we march on Washington.  Just think of the news visuals; they will be stunning - and a news producer's dream! :)

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Govt Shutdown: Venzuelan Chicago Marathon Runner Delivers True Grit Congress Does Not


From Denny:  As the government shutdown has rippled through the global economy for two weeks now, anger is growing exponentially.  There really is nothing worse than selfishness and greed taken to the level of excess, rudeness and insensitivity to the plight of your neighbors.

To not take into consideration how the lives of others would be harmed by the political action of closing a huge government like America displays the height of hubris on steroids.  There will be repercussions come election day.  The American public will not just move on and forget how they and their families got screwed over by national politicians on a joy ride at our expense.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Daily Show Shutstorm 2013: Govt Shutdown Jokes Just Keep On Coming!


5 funny Daily Show, Colbert Report videos.

From Denny:  While the  American Congress acts like fighting children, risking the world economy in this stupid government shutdown, hey, look! it's Russian President Putin looking like a global statesman.  He's busy destroying chemical weapons while holding Syria's nasty feet to the fire until that mission is accomplished.

Can the world get any weirder when Russia sets aside thuggish behavior and takes the world lead acting with the debonair class America used to display in eras past?  Kiss classy goodbye in America.  It hasn't happened in a very long time.  Maybe the country will get lucky and Texas will organize a recall election for Sen. Ted Cruz and other Tea Party guys like him...

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Govt Shutdown Featuring Daily Show Shutstorm 2013: Lemming Caucus Politicians Gone Wild

2 funny Daily Show videos. From Denny:  Just when I was enjoying Russia's Putin elegantly drinking Dos Equis beer (the campy ad), getting adored as The Most Interesting Man in the World (the Vermont actor in interview), enter the Government Shutdown.

It appears that Putin has found a way for a Russian cultural advancement group to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize in regards to resolving the NSA Leaker Snowden's whereabouts. Hey, President Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize for which he did absolutely nothing.  So, as Putin's nominating group reasons, why can't Putin get one for actually acting like the weirdest choice on the planet for successful world statesman in this NSA Leak drama?

Of course, Putin doesn't realize the only reason Obama was given that Peace Prize was because he was riding on the backs of decades of other American Presidents who did do their part for world Peace.  Russia has not yet built that foundation upon which to stand - though it's never too late to start building that success.   Putin's recent involvement with getting Syria to give up their chemical weapons was an impressive first success...

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Late Night Jokes, Video: Syria, Government Shutdown, ObamaCare

4 funny video clips from Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel on the government shutdown, funny political memes to keep you laughing through Congressional Stupid. 
From Denny:  Figured I could take the last week off from posting as we all knew Congress was hell bent on Stupid and the late night jokes would start flowing like milk and honey in the promised land.  Is it any wonder that Congress only enjoys a 10 percent approval rating?  And that number is "down" from 17 percent a few months ago.

Who are those people who approve of Congress anyway?  Seems like fellow journalist and NBC News Political Director, Chuck Todd, has a bead on that approving crowd:  they are all friends and relatives of Congress.  He's probably right.  Add a few lobbyists to the numbers and it's an accurate count of those who approve of crooks and insensitive louts running our government into the ground - all at the expense of the struggling middle class.  Kudos go to the Democrats and the President for standing firm against childish politicians who are emotionally stuck in 7th grade.  "Whaaaa!  Give us our way or we burn down the House, the White House and the country!  Whaaa!"

My post from 2011 when the Tea Party and the Republicans last threatened a government shutdown is quite popular tonight and a second post here.  And the cartoon embed codes are still working too, yay!  Fortunately, the two sides finally got their act together and averted a shutdown at the 11th hour.  Fast forward to 2013 and the Same Stink is wafting in the national air:  the Republicans have just blasted America with their political diarrhea.

Check out this year's late night jokes and video clips about the government shutdown and Syria.  At the rate the Republicans are going this government shutdown temper tantrum is going to become an annual tradition - and we all know how addicted the Republicans are to "tradition."

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