Thursday, June 28, 2012

Will The Democrats Go Bust And Cancel Their Convention?

Mitch Daniels - Right to Work for Less
Mitch Daniels - Right to Work for Less (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

From Denny:  The Democratic Party is having some serious financial issues lately.  It's only a few months away from the national convention to declare President Obama their candidate for the second time and these guys don't even have enough money to open the doors.  That's right.  

Talk about strange.  Why would anyone hold a convention to elect the only guy running anyway?  Better yet, why pay the ridiculous amount of $36 million to hold the three day extravaganza?

Ask them how much money has been raised so far and it's anemic.  They say they have another $27 million to find somewhere though they claim they are not struggling.  That means they only possess a mere $9 million?  What's happening here?  Plenty, it seems.  It was originally scheduled to be a four day event and has now been trimmed down to three days.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sleazy Obama Campaign Reaches New Low Trolling For Donors


From Denny:  In a new low of politics, the Obama camp has turned on their Sleaze Factor to record high levels.  They expect donations to come to them in lieu of your bridal registry, your birthday gifts, even your wedding anniversary.  Can Obama sound any more self-absorbed and greedy?  The Creep Freak Flag is flying high and it isn't even Halloween season yet.

Democrat campaign donors are drying up in this political mean season.  Big Banks and Big Business have all made a mad dash to Team Romney, anointing him with boatloads of cash like they did Obama six months before the election in 2008.  Big Business has changed sides this year.

Obama disappointed Big Business and his own voters alike.  Big Business whined for the entire past 3.5 years, complaining about any mild slaps on the wrists and cheap easy fines from Obama (so he could appear to look good to the public).  Real Democrats complained Obama sucked up to Big Business and never defended the middle class, instead allowing half of the middle class to slip into low income and poverty on his watch.  The middle class have lost their homes by the millions as millions of jobs trotted off overseas.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Funny Daily Show Comics Explain The Big Banks of F. U.

Stewart with correspondents (from left to righ...
Stewart with correspondents (from left to right) Samantha Bee, Aasif Mandvi, Jason Jones, John Oliver and Rob Riggle (2008) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  These days comedians can just open the newspaper online and start mocking wildly.  It is so easy because Big Business and Big Banks hand it to them on a silver platter.  Everyone has an opinion about how banks do business.  Read that as how they screw you over in plain language.  This clip is hilarious so take a look and enjoy the truth told from a fresh perspective.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GOP Plans To Axe Food Stamps For Over 150 Million Americans

Federal food stamps card that is used to purchase food. (Getty)

From Denny:  Over 46 million households in America depend upon the food stamp benefits program to put enough food on the table to feed their families.

If each household is a family of four then you are looking at maybe as many as 184 million Americans.  That is over half to two-thirds of America in need of help to eat each day.  No one said it meant three meals a day either.

It does not seem to matter to the GOP and Congress that these same Americans have contributed as taxpayers to support these programs.  Now, the unthinkable for the majority of them is to draw food stamps benefits.  They have no choice; the economy is that bad.

Many active duty military to retirees use $100 million in food stamps benefits.  Are the Republicans just out of control crazy to do this to them and the rest of America?  What is wrong with these people?

The Republicans are revealing their latest devious attempts to severely limit or slash social programs for those in deep need.  Talk about nasty.  This time they are hiding food stamp benefits cuts in a 1,000 page "farm bill."  Get this; of the four out of five dollars in this "farm bill," $80 billion a year goes to grocery bills for one of every seven Americans taking food stamps.

Supposedly what has spurred these idiot lawmakers to slap America with this outrageous bill is because of the rise in food stamps participants.  In 2007 there were 26 million Americans on benefits.  By 2011 there were 44 million on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

Military were redeeming $31 million in food stamps back in 2008.  By 2011 that figure grew to $101 million.  Obviously, there is a need and it's growing at a rapid pace.

Republicans mistakenly believe there must be fraud or abuse involved as the explanation for the dramatic increase.  What drugs are these guys on?  Don't they know there is an economic world depression going on and getting worse every quarter?

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

John Edwards: DOJ Admits His Innocence, Drops Charges

From Denny:  The word is with several investigations launched - and from many different quarters - breathing down their necks, the DOJ decided to clear their desk and end the political vendetta against former Senator John Edwards.  Are they trying to bury any evidence that would place them in danger of being put in jail for witness and jury tampering?

Law experts all believed it would be months or a couple of years before Edwards could breathe a sigh of relief, anticipating whether or not the DOJ would file a second trial against him after the mistrial on five counts but an acquittal on the major count.

After all, this is one seriously vicious political year and Obama must turn his attention away from savaging fellow Democrats to savaging his contender, Romney.  Romney sure won't spare Obama any slack on the vicious front.  He's a Republican with truckloads of cash suddenly pouring in from Wall Street to help deluge Obama with negative ads.  Democrat donors are fed up with the Obama-Axelrod coalition and the money is just not there for his reelection.

It was a good decision by the DOJ to walk away from more of Stupid.  This was a bad case that was not winnable from anyone's corner.  But then it never was about winning the case; it was about dragging Edwards through the mud to destroy any future chances of running for office or being popular inside the party.  How petty can you get?  Apparently, with this White House the answer is yes, very petty.

The response from Edwards' attorneys, Abbe Lowell, Allison Van Laningham and Alan W. Duncan, about the DOJ decision to dismiss the remaining charges was they were pleased with the decision.  They believed a second trial would have created the same outcome.

They said, "While John has repeatedly admitted to his sins, he has also consistently asserted, as we demonstrated at the trial, that he did not violate any campaign law nor even imagined that any campaign laws could apply.  We are very glad that, after living under this cloud for over three years, John and his family can have their lives back and enjoy the peace they deserve."

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poll: Obama Steadily Losing Disenfranchised White Voters

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 25:   U.S. President Bara...
WASHINGTON - JANUARY 25: U.S. President Barack Obama makes a statement following a meeting of the Middle Class Task Force at the White House January 25, 2010 in Washington, DC. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden announced their support for an expansion of the child- and dependent-care tax credit for families that make less than $85,000 a year as well as other initiatives designed to help the middle class. Obama's State of the Union address will be on January 27. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

From Denny:  People like me are walking away from the Democratic Party to join the fast growing third alternative, finding a place in the Independent/Unaffiliated column.

Democrats - and Republicans - are so fed up with Bought Government ruining our lives we are leaving the dominant national political parties in droves.  This 2012 election will prove to be a stampede of voters away from the mainstream - and now highly corporate money corrupted - politics.  In fact, 52 percent of America wants a third party because the two national parties do such a poor job.

This presidential election, predicted by all the official prognosticators, will be won by a razor thin margin.  The pollsters are beginning to bring home the obvious all the rest of us already know:  the voters no longer want to vote this president into a second term.

President Obama's support has dropped steadily since his fast track 2008 election.  Perhaps too much was expected of him.  Perhaps the country is so irrevocably screwed up by Wall Street and corporate puppet politicians that no one can fix it now.  One thing is for sure, President Obama had many forks in the road where he could have defended the Middle Class against the rapacious Republicans and Big Business, choosing to do little or nothing.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Im Just Saying: How To Protect Your Vote

Puppet Strings 25/365
From Denny:  Middle Class America watches the national political scene play out and we have all come to the same conclusion.  Yes, both political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, are so ridiculously compromised by corporate money they are morally rotten to the core.

Neither party listens to their base.  Neither party seriously considers doing anything for their base to improve their lives for such obvious areas like the outrageous cost of health insurance or equal pay in the work place.

Don't believe the moral rot to be true?  There was a time, like the 2008 election, when $100 million won the campaign.  Consider this:  President Obama bragged about how he and Team Obama were collecting $1 billion for his reelection campaign.

The Republicans' Bragging Rights?  They are collecting their own $1 billion - via the Karl Rove machine - and adding to it as we speak.  Over $300 million alone has been donated from The Koch Brothers in this election cycle, the ultra conservative billionaires that hate unions and the unemployed.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Im Just Saying: Funny Way 4 U.S. Govt 2 Handle Mexican Drug Smugglers

Images of Strauss-Kahn's perp walk were condem...
Grubby Creepy French Old Guy:  Images of Strauss-Kahn's PERP WALK were condemned in France, where it is illegal to publish such photos before the subject is convicted. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  Take a peek inside a living room as Middle Class America watches the news, offering up outrageous solutions to the nation's ills.

For decades, Mexican drug smugglers have been devising all kinds of effective methods to penetrate the American coastline.  The news anchor seems to think the various government agencies have proven effective at containing the Mexican drug smugglers on land.

Lately - yes, this is a real news story - the smugglers have turned to retrofitting simple Mexican fishing boats with multiple engines to skim across the water so fast you might blink your eyes and miss them.

Apparently, the Coast Guard and other government agencies working in unison, are on watch every night, seeking out the more than several dozen runs by the smugglers all along the California coastline.

This news clip shows how the law enforcement agencies are successful, and arresting all kinds of smugglers, all lined up for The Perp Walk.

Yeah, Middle America is sitting on the couch taking it all in, fidgeting with the remote, when a stellar idea pops into their heads.  All that arrest business sure is a lot of unnecessary work.  We have a more effective solution of how to deal with these cheesy Mexican smugglers.