Thursday, October 9, 2014

GOP AND Hillary 2016: Get Serious Or Step Aside, Middle Class Is Fed Up

Updates 10,11 Oct 2014.
From Denny:  Voters for the Democrats, and Republicans alike, are looking all around for a political leader who will, well, lead.  Fourteen years of unadulterated insensitivity and outright political inaction geared toward the majority of the country have all combined to create a ground swell of bitter resentment and grousing that hasn't been seen in decades in this country against both political parties, especially the Republicans.  

The Middle Class is fed up with insincere speeches on economic progress, the drumbeat to go to war with ground troops yet again in the Middle East and lame political platitudes on every domestic issue.  The Pentagon is like a drunken sailor on holiday, spending huge money like there's no tomorrow on outrageously bad decisions because it's public money.  Let's see that money come out of their pensions and personal wallets.  Will they still spend so foolishly?

The Middle Class is disgusted and angry with Wall Street hand holding.  Voters of both political parties are angry with the gentle wrist slapping of cheap fines for business crimes instead of jail time.  Most of all The Middle Class is furious at the overt Good Ol' Boy Winks of government collusion that continues to create an environment of a stagnant U. S. economy and the constant evaporation of well paying jobs in favor of feeding The Beast of Greedy Corporate Profits while starving the people...

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Political manipulations of the Republicans to destroy, deny and prevent literally millions of people from exercising their Constitutional right to vote in this country is downright appalling.

During the Obama years the middle class has had to endure a number of abuses from both political parties: garnishing the Social Security of old ladies for debt collectors, denial of voting rights, warrantless searches promoted and legalized by this DOJ even at traffic stops, liberal abuse of police powers like killing non-violent citizens with choke holds and excessive use of stun guns.  Since terrorism entered our lives, the Pentagon has told police across the nation it's up to them to stop terrorism, literally amping up to higher volume the fear of the police about every citizen - even those who jay walk, like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri who was shot dead while unarmed and surrendered.

NSA Snooping, Blackmailing of Business and Political Leaders and Selling Off Our Private Data to Anyone Who Pays

Then there is the Obama stupid and stubborn refusal to "reign in" ("rein in" actually but couldn't resist the pun of the NSA's king mentality) the NSA snooping on regular Americans that never were or are involved in any form of domestic or foreign terrorism or helping to fund it.  We all know the real reason for the snooping is to sell off private data for profit.  Getting plenty of information to use as blackmail against world leaders and business leaders is also useful and personally profitable when an NSA Director leaves the agency.  And President Obama and the crooked former NSA Directors Hayden and Alexander have the nerve to accuse NSA Leaker Snowden of being the crook and traitor to this country?  Seriously???

Well, with all that has transpired the past decade the voters are left wondering just who the hell is running their government, their military and intelligence communities.  It is unprecedented the amount of predatory behavior that continues at unprecedented levels this government has allowed upon its citizens.  

Military Rape Unresolved

We have a military leadership that simply is not serious about rooting out the rotten highest leadership who are serial rapists and gang rapists.  That attitude alone should have caused President Obama to fire Gen. Dempsey and the other Pentagon leadership who refused to get serious and deal with the offenders.  With 26,000 sexual assaults reported for last year, about 80 percent can be prosecuted.  Yet this Pentagon chooses to drag its feet to maybe go after only two percent.  We have a President who wonders why women don't trust him on women's issues when he agrees with the Pentagon leadership to continue to decide if the military leadership wants to put a known rapist on trial, and, if they do he just receives a slap on the wrist, a wink and a smile.

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Middle East War Again - Against ISIS in pick up trucks and other rag tag groups?

Then, at a Senate hearing the voters get to view Gen. Dempsey, Chairman Joint Chiefs, winking and smiling in collusion with Sen. John McCain as McCain sends him easy lobs over the net.  Wow, that was too obvious what those two have going on behind President Obama's back, or should I say, "backstabbing."  Sen. McCain has been working the Pentagon leadership since he bitterly lost the election to Obama in 2008, slowly gaining control of key Pentagon leaders to go against Obama.  What has happened is that McCain is the de facto President by using the Pentagon leadership to direct and control Obama - who, apparently, has yet to catch on to this long term manipulation game.

How?  McCain and his fellow conservatives are hell bent on destroying the Obama Presidency no matter the costs to the American people, including the blood of their sons and daughters.  Now Gen. Dempsey, and his foolish followers at the Pentagon, are demanding this President send in U. S. troops on the ground back again into the Middle East.  We are using million dollar missiles to kill ISIS mosquitoes.  How ridiculous is that?

This Pentagon likes to ignore that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, UAE, Egypt and more all have competent air forces and soldiers to handle this ISIS issue.  I guarantee if the U. S. withdrew to allow ISIS to coalesce and attack these countries, they would suddenly get off their lazy cheap butts and start fighting just to stay alive.  Not until then should the U. S. engage to assist in a minor role.  If the U. S. does not allow the internal pressure to build, then none of these countries will get serious about fighting to destroy ISIS.  This idiot region created this terrorism so it's up to them to take it down and destroy it once and for all.

This President knows damn well the American public is fed up with the Middle East and long term war, the Perpetual War this Pentagon leadership and their puppeteer shadowy defense contractors push.  But hey, the Pentagon's Gen. Dempsey and his pal, Sen. McCain, keep beating those war drums.  They know the public would turn on Obama if he was stupid enough to succumb to the "advice" of the Pentagon leadership.  After all, President Bush 43 gave the Pentagon a blank check to make decisions for him.  Congress rolled over too, abdicating the national discussion in favor of "let the generals decide."  You don't really think that this Pentagon wants to relinquish that juicy power role, now do you?

Immigration Reform Ignored and Unresolved

Just how long does Congress and this President think is appropriate to leave millions of people in legal limbo?  It's peculiar since so many in Congress and this White House are attorneys.

Health Care: Obamacare

We have 38 states of frustrated voters who cannot get on to the new health care program, denied by Republican governors, intentionally causing Obamacare to be too expensive for older Americans.  Those governors are too stupid to take the damn federal money to help their states transition.  Why?  Because they are all wannabees to run for President 2016 or wannabees to be in a Republican cabinet.  The American public is apoplectic they cannot believe this political depravity severely affecting the lives of literally millions of people in this country.

Social Security

Don't even get me started on the idiot ideas of this Republican Party about dipping into our personal savings accounts, closing said accounts, and denying us our money.  That's right; what the Republicans call "entitlements" is really your own savings account built up over decades that the government is supposed to be safeguarding for your old age help.  What it boils down to is the Republicans want to steal your money.  As a voter, are you going to let them?

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2016 Candidates

Well, the current slate of Presidential candidates simply don't inspire much enthusiasm among the voting base of either party.  That's right; not even Hillary Clinton is considered thrilling, though she tends to poll better among Democrats.  But it's past due time that Hillary declare if she is serious about running for President or not.  The public is bored and disgusted with the cat and mouse game.  It sure sounds like she is serious about running because a Time article listed the 32 years of Clinton political fund raising that added up to about $1.4 billion.  Not too shabby considering so much of it was in small checks.

If Hillary does run she needs to accept how unhappy is the public with the Big Banks with which she is considered far too cozy.  People expect a lot from her as the first woman president so she had better think about what it's going to take to deliver.  Right now we are not seeing any fire in the belly, any passion about making change.  What we are seeing is the prospect of a caretaker presidency.  Well, girl friend, this is so not the time for yet another caretaker presidency, following the lead of the Pentagon and Big Business pals while the country wants another direction.

Can anyone else challenge Hillary or fill her void if she decides not to run because she would rather play grandmother than President?  Well, there's one guy with some real fire in the belly:  Sen. Bernie Sanders.  He may be in his 70's but this man has a long resume of personally getting involved to help the elderly and the poor and the middle class in his state.  If he can fine tune his message in an articulate fashion he just might be capable of grabbing the public focus and interest.  Note:  If he guarantees to get rid of or severely limit lobbyists he would be a rousing populist favorite that the Obama campaign never materialized after taking office.

There is also Sen. Elizabeth Warren, another fire in the belly Democrat who wants to deal with the criminal acts of the Big Banks and their predatory lending practices.  Lots of donors want to run her if Hillary sits down.

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Not to be overlooked is current Vice President Joe Biden.  He is accurate "that being VP is a real bitch," unappreciated by the voters, the media and comedians.  If anyone has learned about the Presidency first hand it's Joe Biden who is involved in the day to day and a close advisor to President Obama.  Obama does not always listen to his sage advice, favoring his political hacks who do not seem to have very good people skills like Biden who definitely reads the tea leaves far more accurately.  Biden is usually proved right in the end but the public never hears about it.

An interesting unusual candidate for the U. S. House?  Former Gov. Edwin Edwards in Louisiana. In his day he did a lot for civil rights. This man is stirring up so much interest that he will be driving many groups of voters to the polls that will end up re-electing Sen. Mary Landrieu.  The man is 87 years old and a savvy politician.  This old guy really gets it.  You should hear his campaign robo-call.  The man actually informs you what he is going to do for you.  Imagine that!  A politician that has a common sense plan to actually do something useful instead of wasting our time talking down his opponent with lies and stupid stories that have nothing to do with running a national government. Besides, what a hero running for office at the age of 87.  Gives us all pause for thought of what to do with ourselves at that age instead of sitting around waiting to die.  Oh, yeah, I'm voting for him just because he has so much moxy and will actually push Congress to act.

Edwin Edwards is causing quite a stir here in Louisiana among The Quiet Majority and the African-American community.  I was at a local beignet and cafe au lait haunt, Coffee Call, when I noticed he and his family leaving only to be called over by a black man and his wife to shake his hand, informing Edwards they were voting for him.  You don't see a lot of that in Louisiana.  Edwards was surprised and it was obvious he was unsure if people would turn out for him.  Edwin Edwards had better put on his Congressman Hat because that man is going to get elected.

And let me share a thought with the national Democrat Party.  Don your running shoes and your hard hats because the Democrats are going to take this midterm election by a landslide.  You had better have your serious game plan ready and waiting to build immediately.  Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker again and had better develop an agenda now.  

What I've been noticing the past few weeks is that finally several groups have all gathered together at the same crossroads to bring about change.  The African-American community is finally willing to start voting in the midterms and start voting for a white candidate again.  Since the election of Obama, most quit voting and those that did vote refused to vote for any white candidate even if they had proved to help the community.  Well, that's gratitude.  I'm a woman and am willing to vote for men that help women's issues.  I don't turn down anyone who is a good person to advance important issues.

Another overlooked group?  The elderly are furious about the Social Security and health care plan threats from the Republicans.  Those that have been voting Republican the past 20 years are poised to reverse that counterproductive trend.  They have finally realized the Republicans really don't know what they are doing and how destructive they are to the country.  Yes, they are that disgusted with the Republican agenda, especially when it involves denying Social Security to the Millennial generation.  The elderly are also unhappy about the Republican refusal to offer a real national health care plan or help reduce costs for the health care plans currently available.

Women, the third pivotal group, are furious about sexual assaults not being taken seriously with pushback from college campuses and the military.  Women are also not happy about low wages, doing the same jobs as men for less pay.  Women are finally realizing it's time to get serious about showing up and "voting the bums out" in the midterm elections.

This midterm election is going to reveal a huge voter turnout tsunami.  Republicans will be thrown out unceremoniously.  The country has been waiting 14 years for a group of people to pay attention to what the voters want.  Voters will be expecting a lot from those who do get voted in - and they had better start delivering.  

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