Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fiscal Follies: What Everyone Is Ignoring For The Cure

Corporate welfare corrupts democracy
Corporate welfare corrupts democracy (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)
From Denny:  Here we go again with the Great Republican Distraction.  This time it's the smoke and mirrors about whacking away at Social Security and Medicare and now Obamacare.

Most especially Social Security had nothing to do with running up the precious deficit but to hear the Republicans tell it all "those 47 percent moochers" are running up the deficit with all these villainous entitlements which said moochers have paid into that fund part of their paychecks for years.  If Big Business and sloppy politicians had quit slipping their greedy hands into big accounts like Social Security over the past few decades none of us would be having this discussion.

Will the Democrats allow the lies to stand?  What will they do about this constant shell game from the opposition party?  Definitely it's time for a bold stand and bold thinking to get the job done.  After all, the business community is stressing and hand-wringing about driving over the fiscal cliff.  This from the same guys who refuse to pay taxes into the system but enjoy corporate welfare taking gobs of money out of the country's collective treasury.  Yes, in case you missed it - that is the imagery of really bad sex. :)

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Embattled UN Amb. Susan Rice: Why Are GOP and Russians United Against Her?

From Denny:  Whoever thought the GOP and the Russians could ally together politically?  What an international scandal. :) Yes, the Republicans and the Russians both hate U.N. Amb. Susan Rice as the president's choice for replacing Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.  Hey, if the Russians don't want Rice then there is only one thing to do:  hire her immediately.

Whoever heard of the Russians weighing in on who America decides to put in as Sec. of State?  That is a serious red flag in my book.  It's unprecedented.  Of course, the fact Putin felt he had to "voice his wishes" signals Putin is afraid of a strong woman capable of outmaneuvering him.  Like I said, hire her immediately.  It's clear she is capable of pushing back hard against the dictators of the world - and wins.  It's wonderful she gives them all headaches.  Geaux, girl!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Petraeus Scandal: Funny Colbert Weighs In Why America Is In Financial Ruin

From Denny:  Yeah, we all need a score card to keep up with the constantly unfolding Petraeus Affair of former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and his also married girlfriend, whom he has "known and mentored" for many years, Paula Broadwell.

Enter in the conniving loose cannon on deck, Jill Kelley, as former girlfriend to Petraeus and current girlfriend to Gen. John Allen, author of thousands of emails, and you have a real mess.  It makes you wonder if Central Command is full of generals and chippies playing musical beds.

Both Broadwell and Kelley were busy girls.  They were busy sleeping their way to the top of Central Command (CENTCOM) and possibly (strong probability) selling classified information.  There is some compelling reason all involved have hired criminal lawyers, the best in the country.  Of course, Petraeus is busy employing a public relations firm to rehab his name before the story ends.  Who else commissions a Pew Poll to find out how much the public now hates you?  Bizarre.

Oh, and he's dropped 15 points to date. My media friends seem to believe that means he's holding his own on likability.  Really?  This is the pew poll before all the really dirty laundry comes out and the lawyers point them all at each other in a circular firing squad to get the best deals.  Hey, nothing like establishing a base line for future polls, right?

Now, of course, enter in Stephen Colbert, the man of the hour with the craziest opinions and proud of it.  He basically blows holes in all their silly stories - and keeps us all laughing.  Check it out.  And Happy Thanksgiving to you too!  Enjoy your feast and be thankful the Petraeus mess isn't your mess.  Sometimes, it really is the little things in life that matter so much...  :)

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Comfort Food From Louisiana: 8 Roast Turkey Recipes: Thanksgiving and Christmas

Photo provided by Campbell Soup Co.Create a memorable holiday menu with Roast Turkey With Mushroom Stuffing.

Comfort Food From Louisiana: 8 Roast Turkey Recipes: Thanksgiving and Christmas: From Denny:  Looking for an interesting recipe twist to the holiday dinner?  Want a modern version of a classic turkey recipe?  Whether it's Thanksgiving or Christmas good cooks everywhere like to try a new recipe for the holidays every now and then.

Now matter how much we love tradition there are those times when a new recipe is the hit of the season and the family says, "This one is a winner; make it for next year too!"  And that's how many food traditions start.

I'm one of those cooks that likes to compare a pack of recipes against each other to determine which I like best.  Sometimes, I'm just searching for a good tweak on what I'm already making for the feast.  Other years I'm just so bored making the same ol' thing I have to have a change somewhere in the menu.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

CIA Petraeus Scandal: What New Lies Is He Telling About His Affair?

From Denny:   Gen. David Petraeus has been found to have gamed the time line of his affair.  He claims the affair ended four months ago in the summer.  If that is true then why is he seen with Paula Broadwell at the premier status and very close knit intelligence community dinner of the OSS Society?

The only people invited to that event are former or current CIA directors, top level military and those with ties to the WWII era predecessor of the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

Paula Broadwell is not and never has been a top level military commander, has zero ties to WWII,  the French Resistance, the OSS or even the CIA - except for sleeping with the CIA Director Petraeus.  Oh wait, she is guilty of shameless social climbing, home wrecking, name dropping, getting kicked out of Harvard's doctoral program and gossiping in public speeches sensitive and classified information.  Yes, that.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

CIA Petraeus Affair: How Much Partying Is Going On With Jill Kelley At Pentagon Central Command?

Scott Kelley, Jill Kelley

From Denny:  What the hell is going on at the Pentagon's Central Command and Special Operations Commands (CENTCOM) in Tampa, Florida?  Is this a collection of party hardy long-married generals acting like fools over much younger ambitious women seeking status, power and information?

Can you imagine Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey calling from Washington down to Florida and cussing out the top command after CIA Director Petraeus resigned so suddenly - and then Gen. Allen's email mess surfaced?  That had to be choice.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that blessing out.

At the center of the storm is Tampa socialite - and self-appointed diplomat or ambassador, take your pick - Jill Kelley, wife of a local surgeon.  Up until this week she was busy at Central Command "volunteering" to help military families.  Just what was she really "volunteering" at MacDill Air Force base anyway?

Apparently, she was known for leveraging her relationships.  Can you imagine how many generals' wives feel they were used by Kelley to gain inappropriate access to their husbands?  Why is Kelley emailing their husbands when she should have worked with the wives who were stateside on those charitable endeavors?

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Monday, November 12, 2012

CIA Petraeus' Affair: What Questions Still Need Answering In Spite of BS Story Lines?

updated 14 Nov 2012

From Denny:  Any time we witness a fall from grace of a very public figure we all wince.  Maybe it's a case of TMI.

Maybe it's because our thoughts swiftly fly to the embarrassed wife and children in sympathetic support.  Maybe we have been betrayed in a similar fashion and don't enjoy the reminder.  Or just maybe we were the thoughtless wonders who did the hurting.

Whatever the case this is always a sad event.  When you add the intelligence community component it could too easily evolve into a national security disaster.  Move over, Wiki Leaks, the old-fashioned honeypot trap works in any century as an easy way to extract sensitive information.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Corrupt Billionaires Denied: Obama Gets 2nd Term Mandate, More Firsts Too

Barack Obama Mitt Romney us electoral map

From Denny:  Kiss off, billionaire Koch Brothers - and park your XL Pipeline where the sun doesn't shine.  President Obama's back in town. And he has a lot of female company.  Even though this was primarily an election to protect the status quo, rejecting a societal return to the set of Mad Men, there were some "firsts."

There are five new female senators, completing a 20 group, the largest amount ever in the Senate. Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren is the first woman senator elected from the state of Massachusetts in its history.  Col. Tammy Duckworth, a disabled Iraq War vet, won her Illinois House seat after getting trashed by the Republicans as not patriotic enough.  She only lost both her legs in service to her country.  Wisconsin's Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin is the first openly gay woman elected too.

And the territory of Puerto Rico voted for the first time by 54 percent to decide to become America's 51st state.  It is a non-binding resolution which means Congress has to approve it.  Puerto Rico has done a lot of soul-searching for decades on this issue.  To date, as a territory, they are not allowed to vote - yet are American citizens.  How will their vote, if granted, change the political process?  Can you imagine just how much the Republicans will fight to stop that possibility?  It's their worst nightmare.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Will Your Kids' Mock Election Vote Influence Your Vote?

From Denny:   As a way to teach students the election process mock elections occurred across the country last week.  Right here in Louisiana, involving 88,600 students across the state from 280 public, private and home schooling, they voted President Obama into a second term.  Louisiana broke for Obama by a margin of 51.29 percent to Romney's 48.71 percent.

From Angie Franklin, the gifted program teacher at Peabody Montessori in Alexandria, Louisiana,  "Our objective was to make sure the kids here in the school knew what the election process was.  And why it's so important, every four years, to vote."

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