Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fiscal Follies: What Everyone Is Ignoring For The Cure

Corporate welfare corrupts democracy
Corporate welfare corrupts democracy (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)
From Denny:  Here we go again with the Great Republican Distraction.  This time it's the smoke and mirrors about whacking away at Social Security and Medicare and now Obamacare.

Most especially Social Security had nothing to do with running up the precious deficit but to hear the Republicans tell it all "those 47 percent moochers" are running up the deficit with all these villainous entitlements which said moochers have paid into that fund part of their paychecks for years.  If Big Business and sloppy politicians had quit slipping their greedy hands into big accounts like Social Security over the past few decades none of us would be having this discussion.

Will the Democrats allow the lies to stand?  What will they do about this constant shell game from the opposition party?  Definitely it's time for a bold stand and bold thinking to get the job done.  After all, the business community is stressing and hand-wringing about driving over the fiscal cliff.  This from the same guys who refuse to pay taxes into the system but enjoy corporate welfare taking gobs of money out of the country's collective treasury.  Yes, in case you missed it - that is the imagery of really bad sex. :)

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As usual when the bickering Congress is "hard at work" confusing the public instead of doing their jobs they miss the obvious of what they should be doing to solve the problem.  Of course, neither party is listening to the public, especially women.  Both are too busy trying to "look good" as the party that made the best deal.  Meanwhile, the middle class, women and minorities - the majority of the country - may get sold down the road, perhaps for generations, if this stupid focus is allowed to stand.


Want to get the economy going again?  Want to make millions of people, women and families happy in an instant?  Want to inject over $200 billion annually into the economy without much effort?  Yes, that's right, $200 billion.  Pass a national law that applies to the private sector as well the public that ensures all women receive equal pay.  There would be dancing in the streets when each female wage earner in every American household suddenly received anywhere from a 30 percent to 75 percent raise in earnings.

How else would real equal pay for women affect the future of entitlements?  That's easy; just think on the low side you would be pumping into Social Security an additional 30 to 40 percent more.  Could it be possible that women might not starve in old age because of an additional somewhat decent payout because their earnings were finally equalized?  While the majority of the Baby Boomers have yet to retire that could give Social Security and other programs a good decade toward stronger solvency.

Another benefit of truly equal pay for women?  Besides, the impromptu neighborhood block parties from the suburbs to the urban neighborhoods, there would be a whole lot of mall shopping boosting the economy.  Shop on! would be the new slogan.  American consumers are the economic engine.  The majority of shoppers are women, both online and at brick and mortar stores.  You want a strong economy?  Then equal pay for women will be the stimulus and magic happy pill both business and Congress have been desperately seeking.

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