Friday, November 16, 2012

CIA Petraeus Scandal: What New Lies Is He Telling About His Affair?

From Denny:   Gen. David Petraeus has been found to have gamed the time line of his affair.  He claims the affair ended four months ago in the summer.  If that is true then why is he seen with Paula Broadwell at the premier status and very close knit intelligence community dinner of the OSS Society?

The only people invited to that event are former or current CIA directors, top level military and those with ties to the WWII era predecessor of the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

Paula Broadwell is not and never has been a top level military commander, has zero ties to WWII,  the French Resistance, the OSS or even the CIA - except for sleeping with the CIA Director Petraeus.  Oh wait, she is guilty of shameless social climbing, home wrecking, name dropping, getting kicked out of Harvard's doctoral program and gossiping in public speeches sensitive and classified information.  Yes, that.

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How else could Paula Broadwell get in to this top tier of government people unless she was on the arm of Petraeus?  Her experience and resume credentials were far too thin to qualify on her own.  Some anonymous sources from the event are trying to give Petraeus and Broadwell cover.  They are claiming Broadwell and Petraeus arrived separately and sat at different tables.  Oh, who believes that childish high school story line?  And "the dog ate my homework" too.  Burp.

Besides, Petraeus and Broadwell were walking around as a couple at the VIP reception, according to other sources (see top photo where her back is to the camera - the man she is directly speaking to is Petraeus).  So who were they fooling?  Especially when she did not arrive back home until after 2:30 AM?

Where was Broadwell's husband and Petraeus' wife that night?  Why did they not attend with their spouses?  Broadwell and Petraeus were still hooking up as late as 27 October 2012 on that night of the OSS Society dinner right before their affair went totally public beyond the intelligence community.  Petraeus lied about ending his association with her four months ago because it sure looks like it's still going strong as of two weeks ago.  Their appearance together at the OSS Society dinner came after being recently questioned yet again by the FBI.

"Dumb and dumber" as Roger Simon comments over at the New York Times.  He says Broadwell and Petraeus actually emailed each other on public gmail accounts.  Broadwell's was shared by her husband.  Is that guy clueless?  Why was Petraeus avoiding his agency's security protocols?

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Check out this link for the story of the early formation of the early CIA, the OSS - a most interesting website for students of history and spy craft.  My father was one of those recruited by the WWII OSS as he was an ROTC chemical engineering college student that learned German and enough high level math to crack codes.

He would cuss like a drunken sailor and yet could be formal and charming in a social situation.  His generation was known as "First Generation CIA."  He was a lousy liar but thought himself good at it.  He also liked to drink - a lot - and could hold his own in a bar fight; he continued drinking and moved out of the way while the other guys did the fighting.

The OSS did a country-wide sweep for this profile and then swept my father, and other college students like him, up to Yale University for training where they all graduated.  

Oh, yeah, and most of the children of career First Generation CIA officers had no use for how badly they treated everyone unlucky enough to spend any time around them.  Divorces were often and high in number.  Late in life a high percentage died of cancer or heart disease.  The cause of deteriorating health might have been due to all those almost daily three gin martini lunches with their bosses during the 50's and 60's.  That about sums up the typical employee of the early CIA.

Another note of spy trivia:  The French Resistance originated from my family's ancestral town of Lyon, France.  The French Resistance later morphed into Interpol.  I have so got to visit Lyon, a place of medieval silk merchants and ancient Rome.  What interesting stories might still be found to tell again!

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