Sunday, December 5, 2010

17 Funny WikiLeaks Cartoons

WikiLeaks never fails to entertain and outrage the world. Check out the cartoonists lampooning with glee.

From Denny:  I figured since WikiLeaks is busy gathering up interesting government information around the world I might as well round up the best of the funny WikiLeaks cartoons. You know I used to be of the opinion that WikiLeaks founder Assange was just a very odd guy with an arrogance complex who enjoyed dealing in espionage and making a helluva profit at it. After all, all he does is sell the sizzle to his willing wide-eyed followers who believe his scam about justice and morality in the world. Meanwhile, Assange is selling secret information to various governments and stuffing his pockets full of wads of cash.  After he makes his profit he releases the rest of the docs, some in public domain, some not as important as he claims.

Like any "secret agent" who decides to become a double or triple agent he is now discovering the scam is getting more and more difficult to maintain. The wear and tear on him has begun to show visibly. He is increasingly more paranoid and disheveled. He is currently running from an Interpol arrest for rape charges in Sweden. His latest act of hubris is to think he can hold the world hostage. Yeah, that's right. This crazy man says he will release even more docs if he is arrested.  So, "How dare you arrest me?" is his taunt. Since when did world criminals dictate to anyone?

Assange is nothing but a glossy version of an old-fashioned mercenary-style spy who is loyal to no one or no country. He is up for sale to the highest bidder. Clearly, he is losing it mentally of late and his mind is unravelling at a rapid pace as evidenced by recent interviews in his "underground bunker." How dramatic.

While there are still fools dumb enough to support his meglomaniac efforts like some new Hitler rave, they don't realize his self-styled reign is coming to an end. Of course, they are also too stupid to see that he leaves his volunteers risking arrest and prison - not him. They risk their lives and freedom while Assange gets all the money. What's wrong with that picture?

And, frankly, after releasing so very many docs meant to embarrass or outrage world governments, Assange has pushed the adrenaline button one too many times. People are beginning to yawn at his efforts to bully the world. Besides, most people in the world are a lot more concerned about how to get a job and put food on the table.  We really don't have the time to baby-sit some eccentric billionaire playing at world spy and throwing temper tantrums. Assange gets nominated for the 2010 Bozo Sapien of the Year Award.  Check out the fun the cartoonists had with lampooning WikiLeaks and world leaders.

Jerry Holbert

John Sherffius

Bill Day

Rob Rogers

Steve Benson

Bruce Beattie

Drew Sheneman

Signe Wilkinson

Nick Anderson

Gary Varvel

Rob Rogers

Steve Kelley

Jeff Stahler

Steve Sack

Jeff Stahler

Lisa Benson

Jerry Holbert

*** Bozo Sapien photo by I'm Fantastic @ flickr

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