Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How Democrats Can Win Midterm Elections? If Women Ain't Happy Then Country Ain't Happy

President Barack Obama delivers remarks during a campaign rally.
Evan Vucci/Associated Press

From Denny:  Women voters are furious at not having our issues taken seriously by either national political party.

Women voters are the foundation of the Democrat Party yet do not get the time of day to get any serious legislation passed that could actually be effective to improve the lives of all women: equal pay, higher minimum wage, dealing with abuse online and in the work place, and, let's not forget the outrageous refusal of Military Rape Rights and justice for rape victims.  Congress arrogantly rejected to renew legislation against abusing women that had been passed by former Senator, now current Vice President Joe Biden.  

Why should that kind of legislation have to be renewed in the first place?  We don't see that type of temporary odious legislation imposed upon gays or African-Americans.  Why do women get kicked around on these issues of abuse and rape?

If the Democrats want to win, and win big for the midterm elections, then it's time for the Democrats - and this President - to get decisive and make a big very public show of real action. And you know I'm gonna tell you how to achieve this...

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

GOP AND Hillary 2016: Get Serious Or Step Aside, Middle Class Is Fed Up

Updates 10,11 Oct 2014.
From Denny:  Voters for the Democrats, and Republicans alike, are looking all around for a political leader who will, well, lead.  Fourteen years of unadulterated insensitivity and outright political inaction geared toward the majority of the country have all combined to create a ground swell of bitter resentment and grousing that hasn't been seen in decades in this country against both political parties, especially the Republicans.  

The Middle Class is fed up with insincere speeches on economic progress, the drumbeat to go to war with ground troops yet again in the Middle East and lame political platitudes on every domestic issue.  The Pentagon is like a drunken sailor on holiday, spending huge money like there's no tomorrow on outrageously bad decisions because it's public money.  Let's see that money come out of their pensions and personal wallets.  Will they still spend so foolishly?

The Middle Class is disgusted and angry with Wall Street hand holding.  Voters of both political parties are angry with the gentle wrist slapping of cheap fines for business crimes instead of jail time.  Most of all The Middle Class is furious at the overt Good Ol' Boy Winks of government collusion that continues to create an environment of a stagnant U. S. economy and the constant evaporation of well paying jobs in favor of feeding The Beast of Greedy Corporate Profits while starving the people...

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