Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama Political Hacks Screwing Up Over Libya Ambassador Assassination?

English: White House Oval Office during the ad...
English: White House Oval Office during the administration of Bill Clinton Français : Le bureau ovale à la Maison Blanche sous la présidence de Bill Clinton. Le bureau est le Resolute desk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny: Oh, what a political mess is this warring rhetoric from the Republican and Democratic camps over the perception of what happened in the killing of our ambassador to Libya. After all, it's an election year, two parties battling for control of the White House.

The Republicans are looking to gain points by bashing President Obama. The President? His side is trying to not look like they fumbled the intelligence football so they listened to their political hacks - when they now wish they had not.  Meanwhile, the FBI is waiting to get into the embassy zone when it's fully secured to complete their investigation.

Ambassador Susan Rice disgraced by White House

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was trotted out to the news outlets as an Obama loyalist to claim the Libyan killing was really the result of a "spontaneous uprising" when clearly the evidence on the ground and in the news said otherwise.

Susan Rice gave her best Colin Powell moment, lying for her president. Obama should be ashamed of himself for even asking her to do this. Obviously, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton had enough sense to say no to this political suicide and strip search of her integrity.

Campy Satans Calling Note Cards (Pk of 10)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney-Ryan: Stupid On Steroids, Insults American Voters

Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

From Denny:  Can the Romney campaign get any worse?  Apparently so, considering the latest gaffe of an open mike recording of Romney speaking to a pack of like-minded empty-minded folks at a Florida fundraiser and barfed up online, courtesy of President Jimmy Carter's grandson.

It went viral.  Clearly, Mr. Romney has zero respect for half of America that are voters.  He basically said that everyone is stupid but him.  What an arrogant self-righteous ass.

Yeah, Romney, that's a plan.  Go ahead.  Insult the very people you are attempting to influence to vote for you.  Wow, what a smart guy, fresh from the Wall Street board room.

Romney has painted millions of Americans (his claim as 47 percent of the country) as "stupid, co-dependent upon federal government, thinking they are supposed to receive entitlements like health care, jobs, housing.  They think of themselves as victims and that it is not his job to worry about those people."  Romney says, "he cannot convince these people to take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

What is the Romney-RNC-Republican Party response?  They have doubled-down and agreed with him to classify half of America as subhuman.  This is exactly what is wrong with the kind of hard-hearted nasty people that promote the Republican Party.

Romney Stupid on Steroids Yard Sign

Romney-Ryan: Stupid on Steroids. Open mouth; insert foot. Lose election. It really is that simple.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Traitor Romney Plays Political Opportunist During National Crisis

Ambassador Chris Stevens, a great friend to Libyan rebels,
killed by religious extremists - Ben Curtis/AP photo

From Denny:  Yesterday, even I knew some of our diplomats and an ambassador (Chris Stevens) were killed in Libya on the anniversary of September 11th.  That's why I put up a new Denny Lyon Design for the September 11th anniversary, my quiet code to let all concerned know I was thinking of them: the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon.

Rather than report it before the families had a chance to hear about their loved ones and the White House had a chance to verify and organize a response I - and a lot of smart journalists - remained mute.  It's called respect for a national crisis and the families of the loved ones lost in the line of duty.  It's also known as integrity.

Apparently, Republican challenger Mitt Romney has no integrity.  He is not a real American and nothing but a traitor.  Why should we expect anything better out of this rotten Republican campaign?  He is the typical businessman who engages in war profiteering - campaigning to keep wars going on for years - while our troops give their blood.  This is as wrong as what Romney just did.

Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 DNC Speech: President Bill Clinton Sets The Base On Fire

English: Official Presidential Portrait of Uni...
English: Official Presidential Portrait of United States President Bill Clinton commissioned by the United States government for display in the White House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:   Former President and senior statesman, Bill Clinton, rocked the house!  The new polls are out and it looks like Bill Clinton did a better job of framing the Obama message than Obama's political people did in four years.

Clinton has also convinced people to basically forget about what Obama has or has not done and instead pay attention to what the Republicans will take away from you.  As a result there are not many undecided voters left after Bill Clinton got a hold of them. :)

Of course, the Obama political hack, David Axelrod, actually tried to take credit for the Clinton speech.  Oh, come on; Bill Clinton is notorious for handing in prepared speeches to the press and then spends half his delivered speech off the cuff.  Bill Clinton did just that. Someone go tell Axelrod to go stand in the corner.  What a putz.

This is the complete rousing speech from C-SPAN.  This version contains plenty of footage of the crowd to gauge a better take on the atmosphere for the speaker.  Take a listen as there are not too many orators that come along like this in one lifetime:
Fat Cat Stats Mousepad

I had some fun with this design:

Fat Cat Stats Mousepad

Fat Cat Stats helps inform the voters as to his qualifications for the White House

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Funny Satan's Calling iPhone Snap Case
Funny Satan's Calling iPhone Snap Case
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Hurricane Adventure: Cooking by Candlelight on the Bayou

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So, of course, darling Satan just had to help in the making of this design.  After all, it's his alter ego - and we all know what a pride problem Satan possesses.  It's also fun to mock The Biggest Historical Scumbag of all time.  Definitely a win-win in my book!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 DNC Complete Speech: First Lady Michelle Obama, Hard Work More Important Than Income

Michelle Obama, official White House portrait.
Michelle Obama, official White House portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  This is the speech touted by analysts as flawlessly and passionately delivered.  Michelle Obama is definitely President Obama's best asset in this close election.  Her popularity soars higher than his by a long shot.

She is also known as the Hugger In Chief, slowing down receiving lines and event visits to stop and hug everyone who wants that close and kindly connection.  Kids love her.

Of course, her aides all groan as she takes far too long (their estimation) to make it down the way to start an event.  Awesome Hugging is quickly becoming her signature.  I find it delightful in a time when society is always too much in a hurry to stop and really notice one person at a time.

It will be interesting to see, decades from now, how her hugging visits affected and inspired some of those kids to go into politics or public service.  Remember, it was President Bill Clinton that met President John Kennedy in person when he was a teen.  That meeting inspired Clinton to go into public service.

Philosopher Wise Owl Women's Dark T-Shirt

Philosopher Wise Owl says: Create your niche, forget about what the other guy gets, be happy!

What was notable about this excellent speech was how Michelle drew the contrast between Republican challenger Romney and her husband, both in temperament and politics.  She did it all quite cleverly by never mentioning Romney by name.  Great speech writing on that point! :)

This speech kept her above the political fighting fray, maintaining a seeming non-partisan approach and a classy status.  A lofty position that keeps the public happy as Americans are not keen on fussy critical women in politics.

Take a listen:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hurricane Adventure: Cooking by Candlelight on the Bayou

Hurricane Vampire Survivor Mousepad

From Denny:  Have you ever noticed that when you go off the grid your mind turns to comedy?  OK, during a hurricane the mind often slides on down toward dark humor.

After all, your brain is geared up to engage with technology and suddenly finds itself in total withdrawal.  And, it's a good thing that humor was created.  It's the best weapon in the human arsenal for survival.

I went off the grid for three days - and hot sweaty nights - during the very long week of Hurricane Isaac.  Over a million homes lost power in Louisiana during the storm.  Our house was fortunate and did not experience flooding or damage during the high humidity and 90 plus temperatures - pure misery.

The power and the air conditioning blissfully came back on late Friday night - and then lost it again on Sunday for half a day in a blistering 95-degree heat before it was restored.  The American energy grid is a sorry patchwork of aging infrastructure.  No matter how much Congress gets yelled at from our house they still sit on their hands, refusing to rebuild a smarter vision across the nation - and bring the technology into this century.