Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Traitor Romney Plays Political Opportunist During National Crisis

Ambassador Chris Stevens, a great friend to Libyan rebels,
killed by religious extremists - Ben Curtis/AP photo

From Denny:  Yesterday, even I knew some of our diplomats and an ambassador (Chris Stevens) were killed in Libya on the anniversary of September 11th.  That's why I put up a new Denny Lyon Design for the September 11th anniversary, my quiet code to let all concerned know I was thinking of them: the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon.

Rather than report it before the families had a chance to hear about their loved ones and the White House had a chance to verify and organize a response I - and a lot of smart journalists - remained mute.  It's called respect for a national crisis and the families of the loved ones lost in the line of duty.  It's also known as integrity.

Apparently, Republican challenger Mitt Romney has no integrity.  He is not a real American and nothing but a traitor.  Why should we expect anything better out of this rotten Republican campaign?  He is the typical businessman who engages in war profiteering - campaigning to keep wars going on for years - while our troops give their blood.  This is as wrong as what Romney just did.

Romney jumped out to talk to the press early this morning - hoping to be carried by the popular morning shows in order to reach millions of viewers.  He made sure he appeared before the President had a chance to talk to the nation.  The Republicans are always complaining how no one has respect for the presidency.  Yeah?  When are you guys going to follow your own rhetoric?  Not any time soon is clear for all to see.

Worse, Romney did not conduct himself in a solemn attitude.  Instead, this guy was grinning like a Cheshire cat, happy to be the center of attention.  After a statement about the Islamic extremists' incident, he launches off into trying to act like he's now the President.  What an opportunistic putz.

It was clear by his constant giddy smiling and energetic attitude he was thrilled to be involved in this tragic brutal incident.  Whatever gives him a leg up, goes his philosophy.  He should be ashamed of himself.  He really enjoyed taking a lot of questions from the press and talked at length as if he was giving a presidential news conference.

This is how nasty this political campaign has become.  It's time for those who vote Republican to see reality.  They claim to be great flag-waving patriots yet think nothing of displaying and supporting anti-American acts like this shameful Romney incident. Romney has cheapened the deaths of these four people who stood up for freedom and dignity and American values.

President Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton both spoke this morning.  Obama was very solemn and behaved truly presidential this morning, refusing to take questions from the press in the Rose Garden. It really was not appropriate.  Most of the press had enough sense not to ask questions. Obama and Clinton lost a close friend in Ambassador Chris Stevens.  This incident touched them personally and it is obvious they are grieving.

Note to Mitt Romney and his trashy campaign:  This 2012 election campaign is not a childish ego-driven boardroom fight.  This is real life where people died in service to their country, trying to help a Middle Eastern country rise and enter the modern century.  It's clear you don't respect that service or you never would have tried to grab the limelight in front of millions of viewers today.  Mitt Romney does not deserve to be dog catcher, let alone President.

Ambassador Chris Stevens in his own words about his love of working as a diplomat in Libya (video was posted in May 2012):

This is President Obama striking the correct tone for this solemn national crisis:

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Here's Mitt Romney grinning like a fool, thinking he's upstaged President Obama:

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September 11th Yard Sign

11 September 2001: Remember: the Fallen, Pray 4 those struggling to rise, Honor Freedom, Celebrate Life!

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