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Obama Political Hacks Screwing Up Over Libya Ambassador Assassination?

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From Denny: Oh, what a political mess is this warring rhetoric from the Republican and Democratic camps over the perception of what happened in the killing of our ambassador to Libya. After all, it's an election year, two parties battling for control of the White House.

The Republicans are looking to gain points by bashing President Obama. The President? His side is trying to not look like they fumbled the intelligence football so they listened to their political hacks - when they now wish they had not.  Meanwhile, the FBI is waiting to get into the embassy zone when it's fully secured to complete their investigation.

Ambassador Susan Rice disgraced by White House

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was trotted out to the news outlets as an Obama loyalist to claim the Libyan killing was really the result of a "spontaneous uprising" when clearly the evidence on the ground and in the news said otherwise.

Susan Rice gave her best Colin Powell moment, lying for her president. Obama should be ashamed of himself for even asking her to do this. Obviously, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton had enough sense to say no to this political suicide and strip search of her integrity.

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Political Hacks create policy and news havoc

And this is exactly the reason why you don't allow political hacks around the clock access to the President, the State Department, the Pentagon and sport high security clearances. Kick the so-called "senior advisers" David Axelrod and David Plouffe out of this White House immediately. These guys are serious fuck-ups.

It's long been obvious that candidates and their political staffs who have no previous experience in the military and intelligence communities make these kinds of serious mistakes. They are so narrowly focused on just the political perception.  The truth - and the wisdom of how to handle the truth - gets swept into a dirty corner and forgotten.  And the Obama White House has been doing this now going on four years.  Have they learned nothing in all this time?  Are they that bad at being students of the world and government?

Of course, the word is that senior adviser Axelrod has it in his inner fantasy world that he is actually ambassador material.  Seriously?  What drugs is he taking?  This is the guy without any people skills who uses ego massaging to manipulate this president, pushing his weak points to direct him much like political hack Rove did to President Bush.  It's shameful on both counts.

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Why manipulators don't belong close to a President in any White House

Let me share a thought with you.  People who manipulate possess zero true people skills and are seriously deficient in the emotional intelligence department.  The sad thing?  These political hacks sell their candidates as empty suits.  Take a look at Romney as a classic example of The Empty Suit.  His political hack neo-cons trot him out to say the most contradictory and insane statements.  He is the poster child of Wall Street Greed and The Political Fool.

Obama brings up a close second as an empty suit after four years drenched in what should be real world experience.  He could have done 100 times more to help the middle class, the uninsured, the growing legions of the poor and the economy.  Obama allowed idiots like Axelrod to talk him out of what he knew were the right things to do, believing their BS, too busy self-protecting.

When Obama wins a second term the real question is this:  Will he finally take off the training wheels and cut loose these foolish and depraved thinking political hacks who could care less about their fellow Americans?  The public is hungry for real government instead of contrived political perception and incessant political wrangling.

What should America have done in Libya to avoid the atmosphere for assassination?

Now let's move on the Libyan ambassador killing since this blog is more about solving problems than just taking naughty callous politicians and their handlers to the wood shed.  What could America have done differently to avoid this outcome?

First and foremost, we all have to acknowledge this new Libyan independence is also new territory on so many levels. That involves the State Department that is in need of changing protocols and policies.  The Pentagon needs some serious flexible thinking as well.  And the political hacks need to be locked out of the room when serious crises like this ambassador assassination arise.

Think about it.  The newly emerging democracy in Libya is a highly dangerous atmosphere.  The old established ways of diplomatic thinking need an overhaul.  The thinking is that America can't keep 1,000 troops around their ambassador to protect him or her.  Yeah?  Why not?  In each incident of our American embassies getting stormed by either armed rabble or well-planned terrorists the few protectors were overwhelmed.

Unusual situations require unusual policies

Libya is an unusual situation at the present and requires unusual policies.  No one said the policies had to be permanent.  The Middle East is changing for the better in the long term.  But in the short term there is a high level of danger and America needs to re-think how we do things for a while until things shake out to an established level of balance and calm.  It could take about three generations to establish this better atmosphere.

Addressing the notion this ambassador assassination was an intelligence failure:  It takes a good decade to cultivate people on the ground and in the government to get that kind of human intelligence all agencies need to make complete, timely and individual assessments.  Broad, sweeping assessments are easily made and kept in mind by anyone going into these hot spots.

It's ludicrous for the Republicans to make claims this was a failure of the intelligence community.  The country of Libya just opened up this past year.  Think about the obvious:  It's far too early to have created a proper gossip and fact network in this area of the world that has been shut down for decades.

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A radical new idea for an American embassy in political hot zones

Here's a radical idea for this White House and State Department to try on for size:  fore go the traditional perception of  the American Embassy as a detached building.  Put yourself in the shoes of an ambassador going into this kind of danger zone, knowing they have a Bulls Eye painted on their backs.

What would you do?  Here's a thought:  The American ambassador should have an office in the same building and next door to the Libyan President.  That way America has a guarantee there are a sizable number of troops on the premises to protect our ambassador just as much as to protect the Libyan president.  It's overlap and consolidation as a mindset, including convenience and frugal spending.  Yeah, that's right, we women are practical types.

And I had better not hear political hack Axelrod on the news shows crowing about how he has solved the Libyan situation by hijacking credit for good ideas like this one.  He really is too sleazy for public viewing and the Democrats should keep him out of the limelight.  Send out other surrogates who are more acceptable - especially to women.

Remember when Axelrod actually was stupid enough to take credit for President Bill Clinton's popular DNC speech for Obama?  Unbelievable.  This week Bill Clinton gave credit to the aides that worked with him on the research.  He cleverly avoided mentioning Axelrod.  The moral of the story directed at the political hacks?  Do your own damn work.  Bill Clinton so rocks! :)

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