Monday, August 23, 2010

Funny Video: Stewart Rips Fox News Lies About Ground Zero Mosque

*** Comics have endless material ripped from true headlines, like Fox News creating controversy to keep from sinking lower in the news ratings.

From Denny: Fox News has been on a desperate mission to pump up their news ratings as they are an abysmal last, trailing far behind the big networks. So, what to do? Well, start spouting racist garbage in an effort to galvanize what's left of their crazed base before they get exiled to retirement homes as far away from their kids as their kids can send them.

Stewart enjoys demonstrating to Fox News opining pundits just how contradictory they truly are by pulling their own news clips. Ridiculous is as ridiculous does. Stewart visited the bizarre debate in this country about the planned mosque building that is near not on Ground Zero.

Of course, Stewart's favorite to lampoon is really odd Glenn Beck who worries about Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man spearheading the project: "We don't know what he's planning to do in that cultural center." Roll tape and there is Imam Rauf actually sitting on the Fox News couch saying the same thing.

Stewart turns to British comic John Oliver to get his take on the controversial construction. Oliver pointed out that it's not a question of "right" or "wrong," but of "can" and "should." For example, "You can build a Catholic church next to a playground - but should you?"

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Funny Video: Colbert on America as The Straight Meat in a Big Gay Sandwich

*** Outrageous Colbert labels America as the straight meat filling of a gay sandwich since Canada and Mexico legalized gay marriage.

From Denny: Just when you think Colbert can't get any more outrageous, well, here he is with his usual grinning ridiculous. He does so love to lampoon any sacred cow a society even thinks it might get to venerate. In this case that's the Republican conservative idea of marriage is only meant for men and women, not men and men or women and women.

So, what does a self-respecting comic do with controversial taboo subjects in a culture? Why lampoon them from every angle, like the newly legalized gay marriage laws in Canada and Mexico.

America is still struggling with the notion of affording gays full human status. It is amazing how less than one percent of the population can actually be a wedge issue politically but the Republicans keep beating the drum to keep their base engaged. That base has now dwindled down to the range of 17 to 20 percent of the country, from a high of 48 percent.

"Invasion Of The Country Snatchers," is where Colbert lays out his concerns about the "invasion" of our country by immigrants, saying "This land has not seen this big a foreign invasion since the May Flower landed."

However, Colbert admitted he's "more concerned about our own gay citizens fleeing to Mexico or Canada where gay marriage is legal. This makes America the straight meat in a big, gay sandwich." Such is the funny Colbert logic.

Colbert asks: "Who will we turn to when we need a second class group of citizens to marginalize? This mosque thing isn't going to last forever."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Economy, Afghan War, America, World Politics Cartoons - 21 Aug 2010

*** This week's political opinion delivered through the national cartoonists.

From Denny: Collecting these cartoons every week really demonstrates the national mindset on an issue. I post the pros and the cons from the cartoonists - unless the opinion expressed is an obvious lie of propaganda manipulation or just plain hate. An honest opinion is acceptable even if a negative one.

In the end, opinion is contingent upon all the facts getting delivered. Much of what passes for opinion in America is actually manufactured by political strategists working overtime to confuse Americans away from solving the problems in this great country. For, if Americans quit fighting each other - like over this wedge issue of the mosque building near not on Ground Zero in New York City - we would clearly see who is manipulating us against ourselves and what they have to gain by doing so.

So, people like me plod on trying to get the weak minds in this country to stop screaming long enough to see how they are being manipulated against their own best interests. I'll let you know when - if ever - we get a "break through" in the uphill process. :)

As to the Iraq War supposedly is over, well, it sure does not look like it. Just because 50,000 or so combat troops were pulled out and sent over to Afghanistan doesn't look like mission accomplished. It is simply not convincing when generals go before the media cameras to announce how they will be ready to rush back into Iraq if the Iraqis botch their own security.

Either we are in or we are out, make a decision, Mr. President and stick to one side of the decision line. It's this kind of continual "hedging your bets" that Democrats do in public that hurts our party with the American people, making us easy targets for the Republican strategists to strike a bulls eye.

This ambivalence is unacceptable. It's this constant wavering and uncertainty that has all of America so uncomfortable in the first place: the economy, jobs, excessively high unemployment to the tune of 20 percent in some large cities and now this war that is only "half over." The only way for leaders to calm a large country in chaotic times is to be definite, be certain and act decisively.

Economy and Politics of Voting:

Scott Stantis

Friday, August 13, 2010

Obama Sends Thousands More Jobs Out of America: Mexico

*** Prez Obama tricked by GM to send thousands of jobs out of America and to Mexico.

New GM CEO Dan Akersan is from the Carlyle Group, famous for sending American jobs overseas

From Denny: Here's what is really happening and how the President got snookered by Big Business, namely the auto makers and, in particular, General Motors.

GM just reported their best quarterly profit in six years: $33 billion. Yet they are suddenly changing out their CEO to a guy who is with the Carlyle Group. What is the reputation of the Carlyle Group? These guys are a bunch of snakes. They are known for shipping jobs overseas.

As soon as this new GM CEO, Dan Akerson, was announced GM made a move to create a new plant in Mexico to the tune of a $500 million investment. Those are American jobs getting shipped out of the country yet again by Big Business.

Team Obama did a lousy job and did sloppy negotiations nor did they hold Big Business to the fire to do more than save jobs. They did not get any commitments from the auto industry, namely General Motors and Chrysler, to create jobs. And, so, the American taxpayers who footed the bill for all these bailouts gets the reward of thousands of their jobs getting sent out of the country.

It's time for Team Obama to step up and defend the American worker and take back those jobs - and those tax breaks for American Big Business who stiff arm us. As it is, the jobs that need to be created to get us back to a stable economy is huge: the astounding number of 22 million.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is Obama A Lame Duck Already? Fire Team Obama to Survive

Oh, how times have changed since this post of 12 Aug 2010.  Team Obama got up to speed and Obama slide successfully into a second term presidency.

*** Team Obama is floundering. Time to create a new White House team that is serious about good governing in tough economic times.

Obama presidency becoming a lame duck at a fast pace

From Denny: It looks like Prez Obama is at a crossroads for decision crunch time. Many Presidents find themselves in this uncomfortable position about two years into office when the midterm elections are looming large and look unfavorable. The team that helped get Obama into the White House is not the team who can keep him in the White House. It's clear to everyone in the Democratic Party - and the opposition party as well.

Wrong White House team thinks small and local - not national and international

This presidency looks to be shaping up negatively much like the Carter presidency in one glaring respect: he has hometown people with a small local political mindset trying to run an international government. It isn't working. The Chicago mindset doesn't work any better than the Georgia mindset did decades ago. Mr. President, you and I both know that God Himself has had a "Come to Jesus Meeting" with you for the past week and a half about firing most of your team. Write it on a rock and take it to the bank: if God is keeping you awake at nights telling you what to do and how to do it then get serious and act upon His recommendations. It's called your conscience.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Roundup of Late Night Funnies - 9 Aug 2010

*** Catch up on the latest from cartoonists and the late night comedy jokes from this week slamming American culture and the news. Wait a minute, those are the same things!

Funny Videos Featured:

Funny Video: Colbert Reveals Master Plan to Ruin Gay Marriage

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Comments on Gay Marriage - Californigaytion

Bill Day

From Jay Leno:

I thought this guy (Levi Johnston) was a weasel. Did you hear the latest? He's now offering to sell a tell-all interview about himself, the latest break-up, and inside information about Sarah Palin for $20,000. Looking back, the problem isn't that he refused to wear a condom. The problem is his father didn't wear a condom.

A federal judge in California struck down Proposition 8, saying it was unconstitutional. Gay couples can now get married in the state of California. Remember when women used to say the best ones were either gay or married? Now they can be both.

People are trying to understand the judge's thinking on this. Well, I think it's pretty clear. After seeing straight couples like Bristol and Levi, Larry King and his wives, Charlie Sheen and his wives, gays couldn't screw it up any worse than that, right? So what the heck, go for it.

The Senate has confirmed Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. She now has a job for life. Just like Lindsay Lohan's probation officer.

This week in 1861, the first federal income tax was instituted to pay for the Civil War. These days, we don't worry about that kind of stuff. Our wars are paid for by our grandchildren.

It's been more than 24 hours since the court struck down California's ban on gay marriage, but celebrations in San Francisco have been postponed until Friday. Well, there was a rerun of 'Glee,' so they had to wait.

President Obama had dinner with Oprah and her friend Gayle on his birthday. Gayle said it was an honor to have dinner with the leader of the free world and President Obama.

In Portland, Oregon, a 7-year-old girl's lemonade stand was shut down by the police because she didn't get a $120 business license. On the bright side, by closing her business, she's now eligible for a $108,000 government bailout.

According to the National Enquirer, Bristol Palin has called of her engagement with Levi Johnston after finding out that he also got his ex-girlfriend Lanesia Garcia pregnant. Forget the oil spill, can someone put a cap on this guy.

Mike Luckovich

Happy birthday to President Obama. If you want to get him a present, he's registered at Bed, Bath, and Blame Bush.

They got him a huge cake. He didn't blow out the candles, he just taxed them until they gave up and went out on their own.

A California judge has overruled California's ban on gay marriage. Finally gay men can marry someone other than Liza Minelli. ... Wedding planners can now plan their own weddings.

Just a few weeks after they announced their engagement, Bristol Palin claims that she has officially broken things off with Levi Johnston after he told her he may have gotten another woman pregnant. That's always the deal breaker, isn't it? Apparently they agreed to be abstinent until they were married, Levi just thought it meant with Bristol.

How can we pull 130,000 men out of Iraq when we can't even get Levi to pull out of his own girlfriend.

The price of coffee has surged to a 12-year high. It's getting so expensive that BP is thinking about spilling some.

Billionaire Republican and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman says she has spent more 99 million of her own money to get elected of governor of California. I think she thinks it's like eBay, the office goes to the highest bidder.

How can she be governor of California You know, she has not been in one single 'Terminator' movie.

Congressman Charlie Rangel and Congresswoman Maxine Waters met this to work out their new number one issue: prison reform.

Congressman Rangel has been accused of 13 ethics violations, or as they call it in Washington, fund raising.

Raul Castro said that his government will ease controls on small businesses, will lay off unnecessary workers, and will allow more self-employment. Apparently, he sees how bad socialism is working in America, they don't want it o happen there.

It was announced that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have broken up. These two have called it quits more times than professional athlete Brett Favre.

Nancy Pelosi said that when it comes to cleaning up government, the Democrats have drained the swamp. The only problem with that is what's left after you drain the swamp: snakes everywhere.

Jerry Holbert

From David Letterman:

The Salahis, White House party crashers, have their own show now. On their show, they have a party and President Obama crashes it.

Sarah Palin is criticizing the president's visit to 'The View' as a cheap TV stunt. Then she went camping with Kate Gosselin.

President Obama is 49 years old today. He blew out all of his candles and wished for his old job back.

The president is 49 years old, but it's never a good sign when your age is higher than your political approval rating.

Bristol Palin broke up with Levi Johnston. You know the story, the kids were dating, and I mean really dating, and then it looked like they were going to get married. Then they didn’t get married, and he went off to do other things, like pose naked. And then it looked like they were going to patch things up. Turns out now they're not getting back together. Boy, I didn't see that coming.

David Letterman's "Top Ten Ways Barack Obama Celebrated His Birthday"

10. Sent troops to invade a Cold Stone Creamery
9. Read details of his surprise party on WikiLeaks
8. Got a new fake birth certificate he wanted
7. Read 'Eat Pray Love' and bawled his eyes out
6. Asked birthday party magician if he could make Sarah Palin disappear
5. Fist-bumped with Snooki and The Situation
4. Went to Pizzeria Uno for their 'Shrimp & Crab Fun-Doo' with the guys from NORAD
3. Flew Air Force One to Party Depot to buy helium balloons
2. Sat alone watching 'Real Housewives' marathon on Bravo
1. Stuffed Tony Hayward full of nickels and beat him like a pinata

Did you hear about the big Chelsea Clinton wedding? Chelsea Clinton got married in Rhinebeck, New York. It will be a big year for the community of Rhinebeck. First of all they had the Clinton wedding. They're also hosting the Al Gore divorce.

Apparently Bill Clinton - you all remember Bubba - you know he was an emotional guy. He broke down twice at the wedding. Once during the wedding vows he broke down, started to cry. And then later when they ran out of buffalo wings.

Experts in the Gulf of Mexico say they are having trouble finding the oil and they think it's under water. They don't call them experts for nothing.

It's President Obama's birthday tomorrow. He'll be 49 years old. Yea right, if he had a birth certificate.

Rob Rogers

From Jimmy Fallon:

There's a new iPhone app that lets you call your Facebook friends from your phone. Of course, I only got on Facebook so I wouldn't have to call these people.

You know those controversial TSA full-body scanners? Well, they're coming to airports here in New York next month. Great. Normally I take a Xanax before I fly, now I have to take a Viagra.

A judge in California overturned the state's gay marriage ban yesterday. Don't get too excited, though — he doesn't plan on telling his parents until Thanksgiving.

The White House is planning a small belated birthday party for President Obama on Sunday, when Michelle and Sasha are back from Spain. It'll be a small intimate gathering. You know, just friends, family, the White House gate-crashing Salahis...

Today was President Obama's birthday. All the Democrats were like 'How old are you now,' while the Republicans were like 'And where were you born?'

President Obama announced his plan to remove all combat troops from Iraq by the end of August. So thank you to all the men and women serving in Iraq and 'Good luck in Afghanistan!'

Chip Bok

From Craig Ferguson:

It's a big week for gays. There's the gay conservatives thing happening, Prop 8 was overturned, and the movie 'Step Up 3-D' is coming out.

A federal judge struck down California's gay marriage ban. In West Hollywood, gay men were dancing in the streets with rainbow flags and playing techno music, and then they heard about the ruling and they went crazy.

Drew Sheneman

From Jimmy Kimmel:

Yesterday was President Obama's birthday. He turned 49 years old, if you believe the liberal media.

The president had dinner with Oprah in Chicago. Even Justin Bieber doesn't get to do that.

A federal judge overturned Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California, which came as great news for both gays and wedding planners. Although that might be redundant.

Opponents of gay marriage will now appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco - good luck there. You’d have better luck with a show of hands at a Lady Gaga concert.

Happy birthday to President Obama. Republicans tried to block his birthday but they didn't have enough votes, so it went through and the President was able to turn 49 today right on schedule.

Drew Sheneman

Ed Stein

BP says they've been able to seal the leak in the Gulf of Mexico. They were popping champagne to celebrate, but then they had trouble controlling the flow of the champagne and destroyed their entire office.

Wyclef Jean has announced that he will run for president of Haiti. He said he hopes the Haitian people will look past the fact that he has very little political experience and forgive him for that horrible remake of 'We Are the World.'

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have apparently broken up again, less than a month after announcing their engagement. Bristol called it off faster than you can say, 'Mom, put the gun down.'

I think with the right amount of love, patience, and a 12-episode guarantee from a reality show on VH1, those two can end up engaged again one day.

Sarah Palin today said she has mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, she was never a big fan of Levi in the first place, but on the other hand, she had already shot the polar bear to make her daughter’s wedding dress.

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Funny Video: Jon Stewart Comments on Gay Marriage - Californigaytion

*** Jon Stewart questions and lampoons the lame CNN news interview when the gay marriage ban was lifted by a federal ruling.

From Denny: Talk about awkward. Sometimes, when a story like the lifting of California's gay marriage ban from a federal judge is in the news - the reporter's reaction speaks more loudly than the news story. A CNN news reporter goes looking for somebody gay to ask about their reaction to California's Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage struck down by a federal judge.

So, the reporter gets the "brilliant" idea of going over to an Atlanta, Georgia "known gay bar of a twenty year standing" to interview someone. Uh, why didn't he just call any number of gay political action groups for their reaction and an interview? You know, people who are familiar with the legal wranglings on the subject - but a gay bar at three in the afternoon? How lame.

Of course, the amusing response from Jon Stewart about the odd - and very awkward - interview, "Was that an interview or a gay speed date gone horribly wrong?"


CNN's best political team goes to a gay bar at three in the afternoon to cover reactions on a federal judge's decision to overturn Proposition 8.

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Funny Video: Colbert Reveals Master Plan to Ruin Gay Marriage

*** Enjoy Colbert's outrageous humor as he comments on American society and the new federal ruling striking down the ban on gay marriage.

From Denny: America's comics are having a field day with the news coverage about the federal ruling lifting the California Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage. Of course, Colbert is his usual funny mocking self who brings sanity to sometimes insane politics and American culture.

When a news story like this gets mocked it should stop the thought process of some who are stubborn and too judging of others who are gay. "But for the grace of God go I..." Come on; who the heck chooses a life like this on purpose? Who wants to be an extremely small percentage of the general population constantly getting pecked on - and bullied - by the all the "properly feathered" chickens in the barn yard? Better yet, and how is what one percent of America's population living going to negatively affect my life or marriage? That's my responsibility.

Colbert enjoys his usual play on words in his funny word games - like saying that gay marriage is just regular marriage that gays are now entitled to engage. Colbert amuses us by declaring the whole idea of marriage is "kinda gay anyway." So, Stephen goes on to state his silly long-winded plan to ruin same-sex marriages as a retaliation.

Yeah, Stephen thinks we all should spend lots of time in America's wine country to the tune of about ten years. Hmmm... he might have something there. Maybe if everyone sat down over a few glasses of wine they might figure out they have more in common than a few differences. It's called being human. Anyway, enjoy Colbert's usual non-stop outrageous humor.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What Is Prez Obama Really Thinking? Watch His Hands As He Talks

*** Our body language reveals much about our thoughts, telegraphing it to others if only we learn the language and how to read it.

President Obama's hand gestures

From Denny: Are you right or left hand dominant? President Obama is left hand dominant and when he wants to discuss his favorite things he favors using his left hand to gesture.

Left hand dominant people studied

Scientists have studied the left-hand dominant like the President. Researchers discovered that left-handers tend to favor their left hand when discussing any subject of which they feel positive. Left-handers use their right hand to gesture when they feel negative about a subject. Are you a right-hand dominant? Then the results are the opposite: you use your right hand to gesture when you feel positive and your left hand when you feel negative...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is The Oil Spill Really Gone in the Gulf, More Smoke And Mirrors From BP?

*** More bizarre reports from the BP and government corners trying to end the politics about the Gulf oil spill, when all they did was stir up a hornet's nest of criticism and anger.

White House tone deaf to the Gulf residents and Dems political survival

From Denny: Apparently, I'm not the only one who sees politics as the driving force behind the Gulf oil spill pie charts. The political guys at the White House - yet again - have made a really bad call, both on timing and substance. When tone deaf news reports like this barf out of the White House it always has Axelrod's fingerprints on it. What does the President see in this guy?

Oil spill report is bad science and just political posturing

On to the oil spill report trumpeting how there is hardly any oil left in the Gulf. This report is based on speculation "modeling and extrapolation and very generous assumptions" and that cannot be tested. People that ain't science; it's politics. How insensitive can this White House be to the Gulf residents?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Media For Sorry WikiLeaks Reaction

*** Check out Jon Stewart as he rips to shreds, in fine mocking style, the not so stealthy WikiLeaks leaker.

From Denny: The bland lack of reaction from most of the media about this WikiLeaks documents dump about the Afghan War is stunning in their nonchalant mediocrity.

Of course, most of the bored commentators are Republicans who know most of these documents harken back to the Bush years and are trying to downplay the documents, fearful of what those docs may eventually reveal for which they know their political party is responsible.

As usual, too many in America's media are clueless as to the true crass meaning of how those docs are causing hundreds, maybe thousands, of people to be killed because they cooperated with American and allied soldiers. Don't even get me started on America's enemies pouring over the docs to read our military and intelligence communities. WikiLeaks handed them a gift. The idiot Australian who owns WikiLeaks put his own countrymen at risk, as they are our allies. If the Pentagon has an ounce of smarts they will change all their systems and processes immediately because of this fiasco.