Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Kudos to Prez Obama For Fast Efficient Govt Responses

Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano

From Denny:  As a resident of  Louisiana, viewing the widespread and horrific devastation to New Jersey and New York From Hurricane Sandy on endless streaming news is a stark reminder of what we face each hurricane season, six months out of the year.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone experiencing difficulty and loss from the appropriately named "Frankenstorm."  It's the rebuilding that can prove testing to the human spirit.

On the Martin Bashir show (we like him at our house as he spares no unclear opinion carefully considered), he ran clips of Prez Obama with New Jersey Gov. Christie.  Kudos go out to Prez Obama setting aside the campaign and truly governing.  A cheer went up at our house when Obama announced he had "instituted the 15 Minute Rule for returning phone calls" from the politicians and officials in the devastated states.

Obama is hands on, demanding all agencies to abandon the usually frustrating red tape and give immediate help.  Obama even has the military rounding up huge cargo planes to transport supplies and power trucks from the West Coast to get to New Jersey in a timely fashion.  Normally, it would take about three days just to drive from California to the affected areas.  See how much you can learn when you watch the afternoon news cycle? :)

Now THIS is government at its best!  What took so long?  America has to suffer a terrible disaster - a second time - before politicians decide to act human and do the right thing for the greater good?  Where is this attitude in the day to day of our government and politics?  What is their excuse for not doing so?

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Dennys World of Quotes: 73 Funny Halloween Quotes and Famous Poems

Dennys World of Quotes: 73 Funny Halloween Quotes and Famous Poems: From Denny:  Everyone have a fun Halloween night!  Attended our local symphony this week (awesome performance of complex Russian music) and didn't you know there was a middle-aged woman with the fun Halloween spirit.  (The kids in attendance sure enjoyed it.) She did her makeup like a zombie and quickly woke up the old guys snoring in the back row.  There is nothing more enjoyable than the unexpected just when you thought something would be oh, too predictable. :)

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 Presidential Debate Jokes, 18 Funny Photos, 3 Videos

From Denny:  "Can you hear me now?"  Watch the Romney campaign in slow motion implode just in time to lose the election. (Oh, thank you, there is a God.)  Stupid on Steroids GOP Senate candidates keep talking about rape in ways to legitimize it.  The constant GOP rape talk does start you wondering if all of these men were actually once guilty of rape. Are these politicians trying to find ways to rationalize rape as no big deal to absolve them of their nagging conscience?

Colbert wipes the floor with these fools in clip after clip after he lists idiot comment after idiot comment in one long GOP brain diarrhea stream:  Team Rape.  There really should be an intelligence test - and a sanity test - for any one desiring to run for office.  We know who could not pass it.

These conservative GOP candidates and talking heads are so intelligence and sanity challenged we all might want to think about taking them to the vet to be put down.  They think nothing of putting bulls eye targets on the backs - and Senate office doors - of Democrats. The perfect answer to that is to deal with these rabid dogs that are so improperly socialized.  

Sarah Palin should be first in line at the vet for her latest nasty line about "President Obama shuckin' and jivin'" - though she used it as a racial slur it actually means just folks cleaning corn cobs and talking to pass the time of day.  The GOP keep up the Klan talk hoping to whip up the masses and get them to the polls in this close race.  

Collected here are all the late night jokes about the debates from the late night comics.

Of course, any post on the latest political jokes about the campaign and debates would not be complete without Jon Stewart and the The Daily Show comics weighing in with their funny thoughts.  "John Oliver argues that Mitt Romney is a six-foot shaft with tiny balls for feet, while Aasif Mandvi assures voters that Romney's closing pitch is whatever they want it to be."

To round out this comedy dinner is Jon Stewart slamming his favorite target: Fox "Liar" News.  It doesn't get

any better than this!  Enjoy the hilarious photos about Mr. Romnesia himself and his women in binders.  

There are some folks out there with very creative license of those debate photos.  You won't be 

disappointed.  My favorites are Hillary Clinton's sarcastic remarks about Romney as she is texting.  Warn 

your dog ahead of time not to yelp because you will fall off the couch laughing!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

3rd Prez Debate, Jon Stewart Video: Choose Caretaker Big Biz Status Quo or Middle Class Destroyer?

President Barack Obama and Vice President Jose...
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  This year voters don't see much choice to improve their lives for the next four year term.  President Obama subscribes to the philosophy of The Minimum Acceptable, a caretaker of the political status quo and hand-holding a petulant Big Business.

Gov. Romney is viewed as the guy who will finish off what's left of the middle class, taking away Social Security and getting rid of what affordable health care exists from Obama's minimal and very expensive legislation.  And, oh, yeah, Romney and his conservatives don't "believe" in the minimum wage; in fact, they want to completely abolish it.

Neither candidate is telling the voter what to expect the next four years on the economy, foreign policy, health care, equal pay in the private sector for women.  Romney thinks women live in binders like some abstract thought.  (That's the polite version.) Obama passed the Lilly Ledbetter Act to help women in the public sector but stopped short for helping women in the private sector.  It's that stopping short Obama is so famous for doing that ticks off the voters, especially the undecided.

Romney and Ryan are complete fools when it comes to foreign policy.  Their idea of America in the world is to "be strong" and start yet more wars, even nuke the enemy.  Who is going to pay for all these new war fronts?  It's the Bush era cowboy approach, totally disinterested in the difficult but long term more effective paths like diplomacy, negotiations and sanctions.  Romney and Ryan seem to forget that all that atomic fallout blows up into the upper atmosphere and blows over here to America, contaminating our farm lands and residences.  What are these guys thinking?  Romney and Ryan both have shit for brains.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Laugh: Jon Stewart Tells It Like It Is About VP Debate

Host Jon Stewart in the studio of The Daily Sh...
Host Jon Stewart in the studio of The Daily Show in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  Junkyard dog VP Joe Biden smacked down his snarky Republican opponent, Paul Ryan, in the first few nano seconds of the debate.

Then Biden picked up the dazed talking parrot and slammed him against the barn door for lying every time he opened his mouth with phony statistics and fantasy GOP sponsored "studies."  Debate done; Biden won hands down.  We were all cheering at our house as this was the best TV we had seen in years.

Just check out all the funny news clips Jon Stewart collected from the sore loser side, the Republicans.  These three video clips are hilarious; the truth revealed in fast time.  The best is how Stewart took my fellow journalists to task for some really childish reporting, something I've fussed about for years.

The journalistic surface thinking spent more time worrying about what Twitter tweets said than the substance of the debate.  Then the Fox News crowd, kept company by the many other Republican journalists on the mainstream networks, launched into how Joe Biden was over the top with his facial expressions and gestures.  To which all I can say is "Oh, shut the F up!"

Get ready to start laughing at the truth clips Stewart collected to summarize this debate.  Clearly, Ryan was way out of his league and nowhere near ready for prime time.  Even the Republicans admitted privately at how disappointed they were in him that he was not presidential material.  "Do ya think?"

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012 VP Debate: Who Will Secure The Womens Vote?

Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Ill...
Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Illinois, right after Biden was formerly introduced by Obama as his running mate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  After President Obama's passionless performance in the first presidential debate, the pressure has mounted in the Democrats' camp for Vice President Biden to recover serious losses, especially among women voters.  That's right; Obama went into the debate with a 14-point lead with women over Romney.  After the debate?  Obama lost that entire lead and is barely holding on in a dead heat.

Can VP Biden make up the difference tonight?  Democrats are hoping that is the case.  Joe Biden is as known for his passion as he is for his occasional gaffes of ill-chosen words to speak the truth.  My money is on Biden to make a great showing in tonight's debate in spite of Paul Ryan's aggressive attacks and attempts at feigned deference - and hollow courtesy like Romney pulled on Obama.

Paul Ryan is being touted by the Republican camp and their media enablers as a virile handsome challenger to Biden.  The Republicans are posting photos of Ryan pumping iron and planting stories in the media of how handsome women find him.  Well, that's not the opinion at this house where I am perfectly capable of doing my own thinking, thank you very much.  I do not need to be spoon fed how to think by the clueless manipulative Republicans.

The truth is that Ryan looks goofy and wimpy.  He is known for the reputation of The Agreeable Brown Noser.  Goofy and Brown Noser are not exactly the qualities voters want to see in a possible presidential candidate, even if he is a VP pick.  Why else would the Republicans feel so compelled to create a different persona for him?  "Do ya think?" it has anything to do as well with the fact that Ryan has declared his own War On Women to render us back to slave status if he could pass his idiot legislation?

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Laugh: Colbert and Stewart Mock 1st Presidential Debate

Big Bird
Big Bird (Photo credit: LR_PTY)
From Denny:  Could President Obama get blasted any more by the entire country than he did after this first presidential debate?  Obama's poor and disinterested debate performance shocked the nation and stirred up the comics.  Of course, after the TV lights turned off it was Team Romney who was dancing in the streets with glee at having walked all over Obama, using him like an ass wipe just for good measure.

Romney stepped on his stupid on steroids tongue several times, especially when he announced to the world he was firing Big Bird and his pals on Sesame Street.  Dude, never mess with anyone's fond memories of childhood.  It will get you run out of town on a slippery banana peel.  Check out just how furious Colbert and Stewart were about the debate and Romney threatening Big Bird. 4 funny video clips!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 Election 1st Debate: High School Bully Pummels Nerdy Wimp

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 01:  Republican president...
DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 01: Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign rally on October 1, 2012 in Denver, Colorado.  (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
From Denny:  President Obama sat on his lead in the polls and lost this first debate.  What a stupid strategy.  He really looked bad.  Obama should have kicked Axelrod and his stupid strategies down the road years ago.

Again - senior adviser and campaign manager David Axelrod did not know how to handle yet another situation for Obama that ended up backfiring on the President.  The country has suffered for four years under the thumb of Axelrod's "last guy in the room" atrocious advice and half-baked policy strategies.

Axelrod blew it again, this time with terrible debate advice and lousy debate preparation.  It's bad enough Axelrod is inexperienced and utterly clueless about smart and effective foreign and domestic policies.  It's also glaringly evident he is not adept at what should by now be his own wheel house:  a national political campaign.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mocking The Romney Campaign: Late Nite Jokes, Funny Photos

From Denny:  Tomorrow night the big political match-up between the flip-flopping challenger Republican Mitt Romney and incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama will be nationally televised.  So far to date, Romney senior advisers have whined about the political polls incorrectly lean toward people identifying themselves as Democrats.  

What's the matter?  Find your Republican base eroding?  Even here in former red state Louisiana droves of people no longer identify with the Republican Party and now list themselves as Independents.  If the Democrats actually got serious about making their case more Independents would sign on into the Democrat camp permanently.

More weird in this odd campaign, Romney sends out his wife to whine to the press about "how hard it is" to run for President.  Oh, please, watch the millionaire's wife bitch about working for a few short interview stints and campaign rallies.  How about all the people bitching as to why their pension funds are sitting in the Romney personal account because of his corporate raider ways?  Last time we all checked that's called "ill gotten gains."

Then Romney decides to disrespect the entire half of America, much of his voter base.  Romney spurred new satirical t-shirts about Romney's labeling "the 47 percent" as co-dependent upon government and total users.  Never mind that the elderly, the disabled veterans, working class people struggling to survive and loads of children were found to be living in that 47 percent.  What a gaffe.

Now the two campaigns are sparring about preparing zingers for the first debate tomorrow night.  That should be rich.  Can all of you imagine excessively socially awkward Romney attempting sarcastic, or worse, comedic timing?  Does he really think President Obama will play his personal punching bag? 

Obama may be a lot of things but one thing he isn't is socially awkward.  He also thinks well on his feet most of the time, especially in a one-on-one competition.  Obama has also grown some in his four years in office.  Romney's campaign will under estimate Obama, only to regret it.  

Obama?  He would do well to figure out how to lip sync President Bill Clinton's 2012 DNC speech in summary form.  Why?  Because that's the only way to pull his butt out of the voter firing squad, angry about the economy and bad jobs situation.  The polls have tightened up so much it's time to remind the voters of the Clinton Big Brain's ability to reframe the facts and accomplishments.  Stay tuned.  This debate should be very entertaining.

Meanwhile, check out the late night comics' jokes about this 2012 election.  And these are just the collection of political jokes about what has happened in the month of September.  The photo shop guys had a field day with the Romney and Ryan gaffes.  Plenty of funny photos sure to give you a smile.  Oh, yeah, and I just had to add my own bumper sticker:
Romney-Ryan Stupid on Steroids Sticker (Bumper)

Romney-Ryan: Stupid on Steroids. Open mouth; insert foot. Lose election. It really is that simple.