Thursday, May 31, 2012

John Edwards Trial: Free At Last! Edwards Wins New Life

From Denny:  After nine days of deliberations, the jury found John Edwards not guilty on the central count, count three.  The jury found Edwards not guilty of receiving illegal campaign contributions.

There is no verdict on the other five counts because the 12-person jury could not come to a unanimous decision as is required under federal criminal law.  So, the judge was forced to declare a mistrial.

What was interesting today is how the judge received a note from the jury of the acquittal on one count, though she did not announce which way the verdict went.  Instead, she and the prosecutors insisted that the jury go back and reconsider changing their positions and keep working on all the counts.  Did the judge not like the acquittal on the one count and wanted the jury to change it?

The jury sent a second note about an hour later with the fact they were deadlocked for a unanimous decision on the remaining five counts under consideration.  Read that as a frustrated jury saying, "Screw you, judge, we're done and are going home."

Monday, May 28, 2012

John Edwards Trial: Dirty Judge Seeks Mistrial?

John Edwards on the TV show '.

From Denny:  Why would a judge abruptly stop jury deliberations as Judge Catherine Eagles did last week early Friday morning?  Have the U.S. Marshals guarding the jury been passing on information to the federal prosecutors and the judge about which way the jury is leaning for or against Edwards?

With the Political Fix Is In Crowd leaning on the judge and the prosecutors to get guilty verdicts and bury Edwards, are the prosecutors and the judge motivated to declare this trial a mistrial? It would appear they are strongly motivated at this point to save their careers since they are no longer confident they can deliver a conviction.

After three days of jury deliberations, and the particular requests from the jury, especially in regard to the Mellon exhibits and transcript testimony, it would appear the jury smells a rat.  The judge denied the Mellon transcript testimony and ordered the jury to rely upon their memories.  That's odd.  Since when does a judge deny a jury the trial testimony they have just heard?  How is she trying to influence the jury?

Friday, May 25, 2012

John Edwards Trial: Bizarre Alternate Jury Antics

Four Trials by John Edwards
Four Trials by John Edwards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  For the past couple of days the four alternate jurors have been acting out in the courtroom during the wait for the jury deliberation.  Talk about strange.

Yesterday, the four alternate jurors all wore yellow shirts in solidarity.  Solidarity for what?  Today they all wore red.  Just what are these people up to and who paid them to do it - and why now?

The past couple of days there has been more odd behavior.  Of the four jurors, three are men and one is a woman.  The woman has been seen giggling and tittering when entering the courtroom, flirtatious with Edwards constantly.

Talk about inappropriate.  Why has the judge not dismissed this woman?  Why is this alternate juror just now doing this after weeks of testimony?  What's going on here?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

John Edwards Trial: Kangaroo Court Seeks To Direct Jury Conviction

John Edwards on the TV show '.
John Edwards on the TV show '. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  Here's just a small snippet of how this Kangaroo Court breaks it down to cover their asses, both the judge's and the jury's should they enjoy convicting this man.

The judge is first baffling the jury with so much contradictory bullshit as to confuse and frustrate them into finding Edwards guilty out of sheer exasperation.  Judge Catherine Eagles basically informs the jury to find a way to hang Edwards and the court will give them cover.

Oh, and did I mention that the government never did specify where said crimes were committed and was not even sure when it was supposed to have happened?  How can you bring a case when you can't even nail down the specifics?  You want to send a man to jail for 30 years without any direct proof of said conspiracy?

What's interesting is just how convoluted is this so-called sham of a 45-page "jury instruction" clearly meant to direct the jury to a guilty verdict:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

John Edwards Trial: Smart Brave Move Today by Defense

Former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) with his parents at his trial today

From Denny:  In a bold and brave move today, Team Edwards shut down this case, resting their defense on the third day.  Why?  Could it be more obvious?  The prosecution never had a case.  Better yet, the jury is so turned off to the prosecution's "star" witness, the guy who came across as very scummy, Andrew Young, they will acquit Edwards quickly on all charges.

What shocked the jury - as well as the public - was to discover that Young stole the majority of the money given by the donor friends meant for the pregnant girl friend.  What surprised the jury is that Edwards was never involved in it.  Rather it was something his campaign donor friends wanted to do to spare him and Elizabeth further pain and embarrassment during such a bitter public campaign.

Look at it this way, the jury is probably thinking, if Edwards really was involved in the money trail to the girl friend, don't you think he would have done something about the money wrongly funneled to Young?  Don't you think he would have taken measures to personally give more money to Hunter in order to secure her silence?

If Edwards was really so keen to hide Hunter from the public don't you think he would be miffed to find out that 80 percent of the funds were diverted away from her?  It sure looked like Young was working the campaign donors, Hunter and Edwards all at once.  No wonder the man was drinking heavily and taking sleeping pills nightly.

Monday, May 14, 2012

John Edwards Trial: Prosecution Fail, Dirty Judge, Truth Denied

John Edwards on the TV show '.
John Edwards on the TV show '. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  For three weeks now all the prosecution has put on trial to show the jury is the ambitious political atmosphere of aides jockeying for personal power, the complete control of a candidate - and personal revenge.  What an ugly world.

In the aftermath of the 2008 political campaign and ensuing sexual scandal, aides also sought financial profit, many writing books years later.  Clearly, they have an agenda to join in the Destroy John Edwards Game of Obama and Axelrod.  This trial will become known historically as an infamous political vendetta played out on the national stage.

The Edwards Marriage

While our federal government was at it, they also decided to dissect the very sad and dramatically dying - and finally dead - Edwards' marriage.  This trial has been all about a forensic marriage audit.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Funny Jon Stewart: Obama Fail On Chinese Dissident

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart (Image via
From Denny:  Jon Stewart watched with horror, like the rest of us, when President Obama dumped one desperate Chinese dissident, Chen Guangcheng, in favor of "diplomatic relations" with communist China.  So much for America standing up for human rights and the little guy.

Could this international incident be more telling about the "real" Obama instead of the marketed hyped one?  Obama made America look dickhead bad to the international community.  "Oh, thank you, for egg on face."

Fast forward the blow back from the human rights community when Obama practically gave this dissident the bum's rush out of the embassy, eager to end the international tension with America's debt bankers.  Check out the blow back from the opportunistic Romney Republican political machine desperate to regain the White House this election year.  That got Obama's attention.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Funny Osama Bin Laden Posts, 1 Year Anniversary Dead

Jeff Stahler

From Denny:  Today President Obama took yet another victory lap while in Afghanistan, spiking the proverbial football and crowing about how he "got" America's Number One Terrorist Boogeyman a year ago, Osama bin Laden.  Never mind the rest of us find this political boasting in an election year as really bad form, including Arianna Huffington.

Actually, it was the Navy Seals that killed the fool.  Why would a president that regularly has a hard time making any decisions go around the world crowing about how he made one decision to kill one terrorist in the comfort of the White House and well protected by thousands of bodyguards from thousands of miles away from the gore?  Come on; it has the look of election year desperation and is a bit pathetic.  It looks like the presidential version of an Elmo Happy Dance.