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John Edwards Trial: Bizarre Alternate Jury Antics

Four Trials by John Edwards
Four Trials by John Edwards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  For the past couple of days the four alternate jurors have been acting out in the courtroom during the wait for the jury deliberation.  Talk about strange.

Yesterday, the four alternate jurors all wore yellow shirts in solidarity.  Solidarity for what?  Today they all wore red.  Just what are these people up to and who paid them to do it - and why now?

The past couple of days there has been more odd behavior.  Of the four jurors, three are men and one is a woman.  The woman has been seen giggling and tittering when entering the courtroom, flirtatious with Edwards constantly.

Talk about inappropriate.  Why has the judge not dismissed this woman?  Why is this alternate juror just now doing this after weeks of testimony?  What's going on here?

Something is really odd.  Has someone paid this woman to bait Edwards in the courtroom in order to make him look bad?  What can the man do?  He is on trial for 30 years in prison, the rest of his life that is a death sentence.

Here is his dilemma:  If his acknowledges her kindly in a friendly nod or smile he is seen as a cad by some observers.  If he cold shoulders her, then she would interpret it wrongly, and, if she ends up serving on the jury deliberations because another juror suddenly turns up ill, then Edwards has an angry juror wanting to bury him.  Not an easy situation.  Hello, awkward.

Today the judge, Catherine Eagles, kept the public and press out of the courtroom.  She wanted to discuss "a jury matter" privately with attorneys on both sides.  When court resumed today, the judge immediately dismissed the deliberating jury for the day and Memorial Day holiday.

OK, so what has happened here?  Of course, the judge is not yet revealing the particulars so we can only speculate.  Is she addressing the weird behavior of the alternate jurors?  Better yet, is it because it has come to her attention there is "jury tampering"?  My money is on the GOP, Fox News or some other gossip rag approaching the jury to reveal details of the trial.

Stay tuned until after the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Court resumes Tuesday morning where the judge says she may still be addressing the "jury matter."  The reality is that this judge has also become aware she is under investigation from several quarters and may be seeking a quick way to unwind this mess or declare a mistrial.

I still expect Edwards to be acquitted on all six bogus counts from this Kangaroo Court.

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