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Prez Gingrich? Why Not And 2nd Wife Tells All 2

From Denny:  Fresh off a primary win from South Carolina it's clear that the conservative block of the Republican Party and the Moral Majority are as amoral as their favorite candidate, Newt Gingrich.  Newt enjoys a mean-spirited reputation among conservatives and they are lapping it up.

Watch Newtie chastise the debate press for daring to speak the truth or ask him about the truth of who he truly is. The bully is hard-charging, defying and terrorizing all in his way.

Vett Newtie?  Are you kidding?  He is bullying the media - and his supporters are screaming for more.  Perversion and cruelty are now celebrated as wonderful, embodied in the person of Newt Gingrich.

His second wife Marianne is speaking out about what it was like to be married to such a Drama King and cruel person.  She says he demanded "an open marriage," and he complained saying, "she wanted me all to herself."  Callista, now his third wife, "let's me do whatever I want."

Yeah, well, I've been following Newtie's rise to power since he came from Ohio into Georgia when I was living in Atlanta.  Back then, the local newspaper published all the tawdry details of how shamefully he treated his first wife.

newt's marriages

Gingrich in 1976 running for Congress, pictured with first wife Jackie and daughters Jackie and Kathy.  He lost the races in 1974 and 1976 but finally won in 1978. (Calvin Cruce/Atlanta Journal Constitution/AP Photo)

Get this:  with his current mistress and future second wife in hand, he walks into the recovery room of where his first wife was waking up from surgery.  She just had both breasts cut off and he slaps down onto her bandaged chest a heavy wad of legal papers for divorce, demanding she sign while still groggy from anesthetic.  Yeah, he's a real prince.  

newt's marriages

Second wife Marianne wed Gingrich in 1981, pictured here in Hawaii in 1990.

And what made Marianne, the then mistress who became the second wife, think that he would not eventually treat her just as cruelly?  Well, he did.  As soon as Marianne developed MS he dropped her for Callista with whom he had been sexually involved for six years.  

What most other women find amazing is that there were actually as many as three women willing to sleep with Newtie - and actually marry him.  Though, I strongly suspect - that when Newtie is most comfortable and thinks he is on top of the mountain - it will be Callista that will pull the rug out from under him.  Stay tuned for that drama to come.  

newt's marriages

Third wife Callista wed Gingrich in 2000, her first, his third marriage.  This is just after the South Carolina primary win in 2012.  Notice the lack of enthusiasm of the two clapping women in the background.

Callista enjoys a reputation for being even more conniving and manipulative than Newtie and the karmic backlash will be his just desserts.  Don't waste your energy being angry with him;  his time will come and it will be as harsh as he has dealt others.

Gingrich is the shining example of all that's wrong with American politics and government.  He is selfish and self-serving, forgetting he is supposed to serve the American people.  He takes money from the government, has government health care and a government pension yet turns around and tells his supporters how bad government is and it should basically be abolished.  

Well, he knows he is talking nonsense and that the government will never stop sending his pension checks and paying his health bills - but he does it anyway.  He is so close to actually getting elected to the Oval Office, he can practically taste it - or so he believes.

Any way you look at it, Newt gets a lot more cash into his pocket for the presidential run - and can walk away with said cash.  Or he can parlay that cash into strong-arming the rest of the Republican Party into promoting him and his wants.  

After all, he is a student of political history and is aware of the former Democratic Speaker, later turned President through assassination of John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson model of how to control his party through cash and political favors.

Winning in South Carolina now gives Newtie bragging rights if only for a while, much to the annoyance of the Republican Party that so mistrusts and despises him.  Of course, they despise him for different reasons.  

They know he has no personal discipline and will shoot his mouth off with any ludicrous brain diarrhea.  Said undisciplined craziness will stop his candidacy in its tracks for a national consideration from voters who are moderates or just plain smart enough to realize what a piggy attitude he displays.  

The GOP voters know he is a lobbyist that has taken loads of money from Freddie Mac, a much maligned former government entity Republicans love to hate as much as they hate a black man in their "White" House. But that's the real reason conservatives chose Newtie, to get rid of the black guy.  Their hate is that palpable it ripples across the nation.  Even Santorum tried to tap into that racist hate.

If Obama does not get a second term it will be for other reasons than racism.  The real reason he will not get a second chance is because he has foolishly squandered the past three years.  By his own admission, Obama says "he is lazy," claiming to dislike that part of his character.  

Yeah?  Well, the country sure doesn't see any movement to correct said laziness.  George Bush was also lazy and it cost the country dearly as much as Obama's laziness to allow others - political hacks like Axelrod and Plouffe - to make his decisions has done.  Good and effective government cannot be run by willy nilly short-term political opinions.

Obama did nothing to build his network among Democrats, whether Super Delegates or voters.  He stiff-armed the entire liberal agenda on every front, not even trying to modify any of it to get it to pass Congress.  Worst of all, he literally did nothing to create or bring back 31 million lost jobs to jump start the economy and prevent half of the middle class from descending down into low income, poverty or outright homelessness.

Instead, Obama has chased after Republican leaders and voters like cold-shouldered lovers who want nothing to do with him.  Obama has also chased after Big Business, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Insurance campaign cash to the tune of now $250 million in his reelection chest.  Just a few months ago, Obama and his campaign were bragging how they would collect $1 billion.  Now that smacks of corruption in any one's book.  

After Obama is out of office it will be interesting to see the financials on him and his Team Obama to see just how much they enriched themselves while in office.  And, I'm sure, the Republicans will be more than happy to investigate him and trash what little legacy he might possess at that point.  

After the GOP gets through throwing Obama and his team into jail it will be their turn for investigation, starting with the Bush, Cheney, Rove years.  Expect the next 20 years to be politically litigious.

"What goes around, comes around," as the proverb goes.  Obama should have known better than to make up lies, construct new laws without Congressional approval and invent false witnesses to prosecute former Senator John Edwards, a loyal Democrat.  Political hacks Axelrod, Plouffe and Messina all feared Edwards would run in 2012 in spite of his marital mess and successfully challenge Obama since Edwards is still well liked in the Democratic Party. 

So, Obama decided to run a political vendetta to keep Edwards out of the race.  What idiots.  Edwards had no intention of running anyway.  Nor is this the first time Obama has pulled one of these stunts, just not so publicly and stone cold obvious.  

His brand of dirty politics is to tie up possible challengers - like Gen. Petraeus placed as CIA Director - by giving them jobs inside the administration where he - Axelrod - can control them.  As a result, they get the jobs on their resumes but are not allowed access to the President or allowed to do their jobs as they see fit.  Everything and everyone gets filtered through the political hacks Axelrod and Plouffe.

So, the moral of this political story - and blog post - is this:  Be careful who you choose as a candidate, whether it's Shameful Amoral Newtie or Useless Obama.  What we all should be looking at is, "Just who are the campaign managers?"  Once a candidate gets into office it's the political hacks that control the Congress and control America through the office of the President.  Political hacks control the President.   Karl Rove controlled President Bush.  Axelrod controls Obama.  And none of us voted for any of them.

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