Thursday, March 14, 2013

XL Keystone Pipeline: Why Should America Take All The Risks and No Benefits?

XL Pipeline Protest
XL Pipeline Protest (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

From Denny:  Once again greedy Big Business seeks to hang the American taxpayers with all the liabilities - while they make billions in profits, free to walk away when it goes bad.

The XL Keystone Pipeline is a huge boondoggle that comes out of Canada.  Apparently, the Canadian firm, TransCanada, along with some American energy partners sum up their business mantra in one chant, "Let the Americans pay for it!"

Our State Department has been on a fool's errand writing up a study on the impact on America's environment, concluding it would not be a problem, in order to act like they are satisfying the environment folks.  As usual, everyone rivets their focus upon the distraction, taking their eye off the obvious.


Check out the luck of the American Irish!

So, what is obvious?  The negatives are endless that outnumber and drastically outweigh the positives.  The only positives are a few hundred temporary jobs - not the thousands permanent ones touted - that feed the mob run unions - and the American energy companies get to refine this dirty business for healthy profits.

What do the American taxpayers get out of this?  Absolutely nothing.  Worse, what we get are billions of dollars in clean-up when the project goes bad, and go bad it will eventually.  Huge projects like this never turn out like their boosters claim.  It is inevitable that serious issues will arise and on a huge scale.

These oil sands are noxious to the environment and difficult to clean up when things go wrong.  The Canadians want to dirty America but not dirty Canada.  Why don't they nasty up their own damn environment and leave America out of it?

Minority House Speaker Pelosi has the answer to that question as to why the pipeline isn't going through Canada and Canada wants it to go through America:  "I met with some legislators from Canada the other day and I said, 'You have two coasts, actually three [coasts].  Why aren't you taking this oil out through your own country?'  Well, [the answer from them was] because the Canadians don't want the pipeline in their own country."  If the Canadians don't want it why should America?

Worse, the refined oil sands will not benefit American taxpayers to lower our energy bills or gas at the pump one wit.  It all goes overseas.  So, again, how does America benefit from it?  This pipeline will not make us energy independent and that's where we should be placing our resources and attention.

The biggest nightmare is how the XL Keystone Pipeline is to be built tunneling under America's only underground fresh water glacier in the middle of the country.  It is the only fresh water source for our farmlands in the Midwest and drinking water for a huge part of the country.  Considering how the West is still facing a 50-year drought what they hell are we doing risking another part of the country, especially farmland, for potable water?

What none of these greedy businessmen and idiot politicians are paying attention to is the concern of what happens when the pipeline develops structural problems?  What happens if it gets blown up by terrorists?  What happens when it starts deteriorating, then what?  How do these geniuses plan to fix it?  These are the same energy company geniuses that almost blew up the entire Gulf Coast, creating a tsunami effect, when trying to cap the BP Oil Spill.

And yet one more sharp point:  America has thousands of infrastructure issues deteriorating rapidly - bridges, roads, ports, energy grid - and 29,000 oil wells just in the Gulf of Mexico that are 60 years old and leaking.  No one wants to address these major issues in need of trillions of dollars in attention and yet we are willing to build yet another risky project where the taxpayers do not receive any benefit?  Come on.  The President has been talking and talking about getting on the same page to deal with infrastructure issues,  then let's do it.  Fix the old and make a profit - and get some jobs out of it along the way.

But fuhgetaboutit on this idiot XL Keystone Pipeline.  Why should America pay for environmental clean-up next year or decades from now?  The tiny claims account that was promised to the Nebraska governor in the event something negative happened is far too small to deal with the issue.  This pipeline will cut an ugly line clear across America from Canada down to Houston.

If President Obama goes along with this pipeline it is something which will stain his legacy for all time.  This pipeline is a huge mistake, an environmental mess waiting in line, and, of absolutely no benefit to America.  Let the Canadians screw up their own country and stay out of America.

Americans are fed up with how our Presidents seem far too eager to give away our sovereignty and individual rights.  President Bush 43 had the audacity to sell off our American ports to the Saudis.  Will President Obama follow suit and force landowners off their land throughout the rest of the pipeline path as has already happened in Texas?

Will President Obama saddle future generations with ridiculous expenses for environmental clean-up and maintenance and then make this country thirsty for water?  We had better think long and hard about this XL Keystone Pipeline.  The entire Earth only contains three percent drinking water - and the majority of that water is tied up in Russia's Lake Baikal.  That's right; it's that precious.

Risking this underground fresh water glacier is hubris.  We have to get serious and get tough and finally say "No!" to these greedy businessmen.  Enough is enough. Besides, considering just how nasty the Koch Brothers have been to President Obama you would think he would use this opportunity to tell them to fuhgetaboutit.


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