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CIA Petraeus Affair: How Much Partying Is Going On With Jill Kelley At Pentagon Central Command?

Scott Kelley, Jill Kelley

From Denny:  What the hell is going on at the Pentagon's Central Command and Special Operations Commands (CENTCOM) in Tampa, Florida?  Is this a collection of party hardy long-married generals acting like fools over much younger ambitious women seeking status, power and information?

Can you imagine Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey calling from Washington down to Florida and cussing out the top command after CIA Director Petraeus resigned so suddenly - and then Gen. Allen's email mess surfaced?  That had to be choice.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that blessing out.

At the center of the storm is Tampa socialite - and self-appointed diplomat or ambassador, take your pick - Jill Kelley, wife of a local surgeon.  Up until this week she was busy at Central Command "volunteering" to help military families.  Just what was she really "volunteering" at MacDill Air Force base anyway?

Apparently, she was known for leveraging her relationships.  Can you imagine how many generals' wives feel they were used by Kelley to gain inappropriate access to their husbands?  Why is Kelley emailing their husbands when she should have worked with the wives who were stateside on those charitable endeavors?

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Since this story broke Kelley has been found to have emailed then Gen. Petraeus daily when he was commander in Afghanistan.  Then she emails daily Gen. Allen to the tune of at least 20 thousand emails over the past two years while he is commander in Afghanistan.  What is going on here?

Who emails anybody 27 times a day for two years?  Doesn't that sound just a bit obsessive?  And don't those generals have a war to run?  How did they find the time for this emailing business?  Were they equally obsessive?  Today the FBI amended the voluminous number of emails down to supposedly hundreds.  As this story keeps shifting you wonder who to believe and what is true fact.  When do the lewd nude photos pop up?  It's about that time for something lurid like this to emerge.

Instead of circling the wagons around Gen. Allen, another question has to be asked:  What would a psychologist have to say about all this emailing and daily stress in a war zone?  Did it ever occur to national leadership that Gen. Allen just might be unraveling emotionally and mentally?  The Pentagon needs to get serious about ending this philosophy of perpetual war as there are too many long-term stress consequences as this situation proves.

Fortunately, today Jill Kelley finally had her base pass revoked.  What we all envision is an angry mob of outraged generals' wives going to the top commander at the base demanding Kelley's base access get pulled.  Of course, I would have skipped that guy and practically robo-called Dempsey in Washington until he answered back out of pure frustration.  Lucky Dempsey I'm not married to a military man.  Guess he dodged that one though a lot of women across America are mighty tempted to mail scores of baseball bats to the generals' wives so they can take a few healthy whacks. :)

As to Jill Kelley, the latest is that she is not a diplomat or sanctioned by the U. S. State Department.  However, her much photographed car license tag of honorary consul-general came from the Koreans.  Now what did she do for that privilege?  Why would the Koreans be interested in hearing what she has to say about anything?  What did she "volunteer"?  Are they gleaning information from a real bimbo that may not even understand fully what she does know or had access to in the first place?

I guess the real question when it comes to Jill Kelley and Paula Broadwell is this:  Who did they not sleep with at Central Command?  What a mess.

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Another update on Kelley is that she has hired a famous criminal lawyer, Abbe Lowell.  Now, if none of this rises to the criminal level as the FBI keeps telling the press, then why would Kelley need a criminal lawyer?

Update on Paula Broadwell:  she is in hiding, staying at her brother's house out of state.  No word if her husband and children are with her.  Her security clearance has been suspended today since classified information was found on her computer.  The FBI is attempting to find out how she came by this classified information.  It is against the law to have classified information on your personal computer.

What the FBI and the CIA have not answered to any one's satisfaction is just how much did these two women leverage any information they were told or overheard?  Were they blackmailing any of these generals?

Were Kelley and Broadwell selling information to the Koreans or any other foreign governments?  Or are they giving away sensitive information for free through gossip, trying to be self-important?  The Koreans must be laughing in their sleeves at how little money they had to throw around.  Was the sex worth it, boys?

Let's get all the players together:  Jill Kelley, Gen. Allen, Gen. Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, shirtless FBI agent, Rep. Eric Cantor.  Circular firing squad can now commence.  If any new players want to join the circle, bring your own lawyer.  If any of the wronged spouses want divorce evidence, just turn on the TV and start recording.  Every judge in the land will give you total custody and all the money.  I'm Just Saying...

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