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Embattled UN Amb. Susan Rice: Why Are GOP and Russians United Against Her?

From Denny:  Whoever thought the GOP and the Russians could ally together politically?  What an international scandal. :) Yes, the Republicans and the Russians both hate U.N. Amb. Susan Rice as the president's choice for replacing Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.  Hey, if the Russians don't want Rice then there is only one thing to do:  hire her immediately.

Whoever heard of the Russians weighing in on who America decides to put in as Sec. of State?  That is a serious red flag in my book.  It's unprecedented.  Of course, the fact Putin felt he had to "voice his wishes" signals Putin is afraid of a strong woman capable of outmaneuvering him.  Like I said, hire her immediately.  It's clear she is capable of pushing back hard against the dictators of the world - and wins.  It's wonderful she gives them all headaches.  Geaux, girl!

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The vociferous Republicans - again - shot themselves in the foot by attacking her so viciously for weeks.  They have since quieted down - probably after polling revealed they looked like a Klan pack that despise the rise of blacks and women to high offices in the land.  What a bunch of Bozos, especially senators Graham and McCain that came across as sounding like they were at a racist rally every time they went in front of the cameras.

Even 97 House Republicans thought it was their duty to unite against Rice's nomination.  As usual, it was smoke and mirrors time.  The House has absolutely zero role in approving the presidential nominations like for Sec. of State.  Who did they think they were fooling?  An unsuspecting public who didn't know this little government factoid?  All it did was cement the racist woman-hating image in the minds of the general public.

When President Obama came out and defended Amb. Rice so strongly it sure shocked the media who were caught off guard.  Our house found it refreshing to see a passionate Obama who was decisive and ready to fight for one of his people, a personal friend.  That sure beats his last term of throwing everyone under the bus per the advice of his fawning political hacks.

Hopefully, this also signals Obama is taking charge of his presidency and directing it, pushing aside the political people to get some real governing done effectively.  After all, why allow the Great Republican Distraction - like attacking Rice - to veer America off course yet again when we should be paying attention to serious world issues and dangerous global developments?

But what about the criticism of Rice?  Is any of it truthful or does it matter?  The Republicans seized upon only one incident as a reason to dump her out of the running:  the talk show visits explaining what was happening in Libya when the American ambassador was tragically killed.

Her dilemma was two-fold:  she looked like she was lying for her president just as Gen. Powell was sent out to lie for President Bush.  The reality was that there is classified and public information and all she could relate to the media was what was not classified.

In a statement to the press at the United Nations, Rice said, "I relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community.  I made clear that the information provided to me was preliminary and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers."

Funny thing here:  Has anyone noticed how all roads lead back to CIA Director Petraeus who recently resigned in disgrace?  He's a psy-ops "expert" and it's clear he's been working the press, the President and Congress, convincing them he is something he never was:  honest.  He threw both his President and Rice under the bus, claiming they lied to the public about Libya.

Petraeus backpedaled in the hearings claiming he gave Rice those talking points of how it was just "a spontaneous" event against an anti-Islamic movie so as to not tip off terrorist groups of how America was aware of terrorists in Libya.

"Do ya think?" that Petraeus could have at least coordinated all the news stories depicting it was so obvious they were coordinated attacks of terrorism so as to not look so stupid for such a bungled attempt at misdirection?  Come on; who brings rocket launchers to a spontaneous fuss and cuss event?  Petraeus fooled no one.  Yet another one of Petraeus' messes.

So what's all the fuss about Rice?  Are the Republicans just sore losers and looking for a way to lash out at President Obama winning a second term?  Are they trying to win points with their base for reelection when their House and Senate terms come up like senators McCain and Graham?

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What is it about Susan Rice that so ticks off the world?  It would appear she made few friends in the diplomatic world on her fast rise to the top, even though she was mentored since the age of four by former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright.  Rice is known for being harsh, sharp-tongued, arrogant, dismissive and prideful.  Those are hardly the attributes of what create a successful diplomat.

Those diplomats who also serve on the 15-nation U.N. Security Council complain of Rice's aggressive negotiating tactics.  Labeled as undiplomatic and quite rude they don't appreciate her blunt language like that of a political blogger:  "This is crap.  Let's kill this.  This is bullshit."  She sounds more like a hungover sailor than a classy diplomat representing the United States.  Clearly, she has a style problem in some quarters.

Rice is said to possess a George Bush type cowboy-ish attitude, treating the representatives of other countries with a dismissive attitude.  Those countries take her arrogant attitude toward them to mean they are to be content and accepting to behave as mere U.S. subsidiaries.  Ouch.

She is also known for being hard-headed and prickly - and that's what her few friends say about her.  Double ouch.

Wait, finally, there is something positive said about her from former Clinton administration who is still intimidated by her, co-worker David Rothkopf:  "... she is extraordinarily hard-working, dedicated, ethical, and intelligent. As it happens, she can also be exceptionally funny and warm."

Rothkopf is editor-at-large of Foreign Policy magazine, commenting:  "She's not easy.  I'm not sure I'd want to take her on a picnic with my family, but if the president wants her to be secretary of state, she'll work hard."

Rothkopf also adds:  "It is not who he [President Obama] picks [for his national security team] so much as how he chooses to work with them that will determine the success or failure of his team. In our system, the most important national security position by far is that of the commander-in-chief. He can have a great team and fail to empower it, or set the wrong priorities, or fail to put his shoulder into the implementation of policy initiatives - and nothing will work."

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If President Obama still wants Susan Rice as his Sec. of State it's clear this tough woman needs to take a few classes in finesse and how to win friends - and make fewer enemies.  From what I've observed she looks a bit haggard and emotionally burned out.  Maybe it's time for her to think about applying herself beyond her impressive intellectual intelligence and resume credentials.

It isn't always enough to be groomed for a lifetime for that one perfect moment.  In Susan Rice's case it's ascending to the position of Sec. of State.  It isn't always healthy to want something so much a person forgets   - or sets aside - as unimportant to develop other areas of their life.  Sometimes you must step outside of your comfort zone in order to truly succeed.  Rice needs to truthfully ask herself as to why she thinks she wants this position.  Is it just to fill out the perfect resume?  Is there another agenda?  How will the time in this job affect her personally?

It would be a good idea for Rice to spend some time recharging and refreshing herself spiritually. Then it's time to get serious about growing her emotional intelligence to loftier heights.  Read that as a Charm Offensive.  If the Republicans can pass that off occasionally she's capable of doing so as well.

To be a high quality diplomat with a lasting legacy Rice is going to have to grow another facet to her personality:  finesse and charm.  Currently, she does not appear to possess those necessary people skills.  I'm not in the mood to give up the Sec. of State to yet another white man and prefer it remain with a woman filling the slot. But Susan Rice?

Only she can prove she is more than just a hard worker, a pal of the president, and accomplished at slamming people to the pavement.  Those qualities are half of the equation but America expects their diplomats to possess patience, kindness and a less prideful approach to international relationships - along with tough negotiating ability.  We want a classy style.  Someone tell the President to put her in personality rehab and let's hope she emerges a huge success.

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