Saturday, September 27, 2014

Funny Whiner Russia To UN: "You Are Not The Boss Of Me!"

Vladimir Putin and Dobby.
Fellow WHINERS: Russia's Putin and Harry Potter's Dobby The House Elf

From Denny:  The Russians are so amusing, forever entertaining us.  The Russians are so desperate to be taken seriously on the world stage yet are failing miserably every time they open their noisy lying mouths, whether Putin speaks directly or sends out pathetic surrogates.

Russia continues to behave like the naughtiest child in the global family, content to receive negative attention, harsh discipline like sanctions and head-shaking disapproving dirty looks.  Yeah, read that as the world community is collectively giving Russia "The Stink Eye..."

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Russia's latest antics in their bid to win world respect and approval?  You won't believe how incredibly stupid their most recent crazy stunt.  But, hey, that's why they call them "people," and, in this case:  Crazy Russians.  Zoom researching a lot of news daily, there isn't much that can slow me down long enough to literally laugh out loud but today's story of Russian antics at the United Nations General Assembly sure did.

 President Putin trots out his latest surrogate, fully aware that no one takes him seriously any more.  World leaders and the public are terribly disgusted with how much Putin has lied to them at every turn and about every issue discussed.  Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov received the unenviable task of delivering Putin's latest temper tantrum.  Lavrov actually whined, complaining that the U. S. and its allies "are not the boss of me!" like he was delivering a comedy act on The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert.  Of course, being Russian, Lavrov was totally dead pan in delivery.  Seriously?

You see, Putin has now decided to define "good and evil," well, according to Putin.  Russia is attempting to sell the U. S. and European allies as evil, and, you guessed it, Russia is good.  Wait for it yet again ... seriously?  This really is just too humorous.  Can't wait until next week to see if Jon Stewart on The Daily Show decides to mock this funny news story.

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These Russian statements are as incredulous as they are ridiculous considering their own culpability:

Russia:  "The U.S.-led Western alliance that portrays itself as a champion of democracy, rule of law and human rights within individual countries ... (is) rejecting the democratic principle of sovereign equality of states enshrined in the U.N. Charter and trying to decide for everyone what is good or evil."
Denny:  Let me share a sane and reasoned thought with you, Putin, here's the real definition of evil:  it's the perversion of goodness.  That is correct:  it's a perversion, just as Russia has perverted all that is good in business, national governance, and international relationships.  In short, Russia, you are a Scuzzy Whining Boy Friend.  You don't quite rise to the Girl Friend From Hell just yet but I'll leave that in my bag of writing treasures for later comment.  Can't wait for when you qualify for that category.

Only an evil leader steals from his own people as Putin and his Gang of Fools running Russia have done by stealing from the Russian national treasury.  Putin and his Gang of Fools have stolen from Russian entrepreneurs, literally stealing those businesses and throwing the owners in jail for ridiculous trumped up charges that are lies.  Putin rose to the top of Russian government during the past decade by using this thieving strategy.  Putin labels that stealing thieving lying behavior as "good"?

Putin refuses to hear the Truth, especially from fellow Russians.  Putin's human rights record is abysmal, especially when it comes to women who disagree with him, like the mothers of young children who are unhappy with his policies of how he runs the government.  Men who disagree with him receive equal vicious treatment, trumped up charges and rape in prison to the point that a raped man in prison is called a "rooster."  Those are fighting words for any Russian man - to be called a "rooster" - as it denotes weakness,  vulnerability and shame.  Putin labels that despicable behavior of bearing false witness, imprisoning and raping innocent people as "good"?

About the only place Putin ever hears the Truth is when his intelligence crowd come read this writer and when the international community tries to reason with him.  Yet Putin stubbornly continues on down his crooked path, determined to self-destruct - and take the Russian people with him.
Russia:  "Washington has openly declared its right to unilateral use of force anywhere to uphold its own interests.  Military interference has become a norm - even despite the dismal outcome of all power operations that the U.S. has carried out over the recent years."
Denny:  When the U. S. invades a foreign county it's expressly to chase down terrorists, succeed or fail.  Then the U. S. eventually leaves, never stealing the country's treasure or resources.  If anything it's those countries that gain a healthy portion of billions of dollars out of the U. S. Treasury for decades to come.  [See:  foreign aid]

Does Russia chase global terrorists and then leave the country?  Well, of course not.  Russia invaded Georgia and other former satellite countries and neighbors, violating their sovereignty, stealing from their treasuries, killing thousands in the past decade.  According to the international law of which Russia is so fond of quoting, Russia has illegally invaded Ukraine's sovereignty this past year and illegally annexed the southern part of the country, Crimea.  Russia invades and then Russia takes the land and the country's treasure like when it spirited out of Ukraine $85 billion after their puppet leader was toppled by the locals.  Before that Putin was stealing billions of dollars out of the Ukraine economy on a regular basis.

Of course, Russia does not want the U. S. and the EU to deal with the Islamic State (IS) terrorists.  Why?  Well, that interrupts all the Russian arms shipments to Syria and other terrorist states for profit, of course, among other dubious business dealings like drugs, human trafficking and selling chemical weapons.  Besides, it's the Russians who have been arming Islamic terrorists for decades, encouraging the killing.  More killing = more Russian profits.

Russia has the temerity to go before the United Nations General Assembly, a body of nations who are held together by the tacit agreement not to invade each other to grab lands, businesses or natural resources like oil fields (as Russia has stolen Ukraine oil fields), and then Russia accuses the U. S. and its allies of being the world's bullies?

Yes, Entertaining Russia, it sure sounds like you need to hire Denny Lyon to teach you some manners because it definitely looks like you were raised by mindless wolves.  Hmmm... how many billions of dollars should be charged for that fun contract of teaching them what they should have learned in kindergarten:  how to play nice with others?  Well, at least I would be most amused while swinging my Louisiana baseball bat to whack the stupid out of them.  Come on, have the Russians lost their minds or are they just too freaking stupid to know when to STFU?

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