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TPP Trade Deal: What Is It With Obamas Shady Controversial Trade Deal That Can Destroy The U. S. Economy?

President Obama delivers remarks on trade at Nike corporate headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., 12 May 2015. Obama pressed fellow Democrats to support his push for the TPP trade deal with Asian countries.Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
Updates at end of post From Denny:  Well, it's certainly understandable why a lame duck President is so interested in acquiring somewhere to bank his legacy in the history books.  This 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal is reported to corral a good 40 percent of the world's trade.  Sounds good, but is it really that good for America?  In most large trade deals it's the American worker that always loses out and it really doesn't do much to move the needle on the U. S. economy.  Most Democrats in Congress don't think so because of all this outrageous secrecy and insufficient worker protections.

President Obama has been far too secretive about this deal.  He has refused for Congress to even read it but demanded they vote upon it quickly.  Obama finally allowed the Senate to read it but did not allow them to publicly discuss it.  Has the House even read it?  Of course, Obama never wanted the press to get a hold of it because we would have torn it to bits, finding every hole in it that exposes the American worker to financial ruin...

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The people structuring and "negotiating" the trade deal were Big Business lobbyists, primarily for large defense contractors like Boeing.  Labor lobbyists tried to sit at the table and Obama prevented it.  U. S. Labor reps tried to reason with Obama to help U. S. workers and Obama elbowed them out of the room, denying them a seat at the table, rejecting every reasonable suggestion.

Then we find President Obama, with total sleaze tells slathered on his face because he just could not hide how clever he thinks he is for deceiving the American public, he finally announces that China is "suddenly" going to join the trade deal.  Like none of us saw that coming.  Seriously?

Now why would Obama choose to accept America's worst enemy?  China is the country that constantly cyber attacks our government computers.  China specializes in industrial espionage to steal copyrighted and trademarked secrets from U. S. companies.  China is currently nationalizing - or forcing to sell at half of their worth like HP's assets - American computer and auto manufacturing companies' businesses built in China after the understanding that American companies were supposed to have access to China's market.

What a joke.  China shut down that market, demanding their citizens only buy Chinese and reject American cars and products.  That trade deal was nothing but a deception to lure U. S. companies in to finance, build and teach the Chinese how to take over the U. S. businesses foolish enough and greedy enough to take the Chinese up on their deceptive offer.  And that's how "greed brings you to your knees."

Did I also mention that this ridiculous trade deal does nothing significant to deal with currency manipulation so well practiced by China employing their creative accounting methods?  The U. S. might as well as be doing trade with a global crime syndicate because nothing China agrees to will be honored.  This gigantic trade deal really does bring into question just how much U. S. Big Business and China are promising future jobs or outright financially bribing President Obama and his political people like Axelrod to push through this deal?

Well, it only gets worse.  Now the latest is that Obama and his trade pals were planning to screw over old people on Medicare to steal the money necessary to supposedly "help" to pay as an offset for displaced workers because of the trade deal.  So, "trust me; this trade deal is good for America" from President Obama is a total lie.  If it's so good for American workers, why the need to steal from the middle and former working classes in their old age to give to other poor people screwed over by their own President just because he wants to be making money and be back-slapping pals on some defense contractors' and Wall Street's boards?  Of course, once out of office all those offers will dry up and Obama and Axelrod will be sidelined to the corner, ignored and considered useless.  Obama doesn't believe that's what will happen but it will.   That's how ruthless user types roll in the real world.

This outrageous trade deal - and, most especially, the despicable way in which it has been done behind closed doors, is wrong - and disappointing - on so many levels.  If passed this trade deal will only backfire on President Obama, eventually get dissolved by the next President, and Obama will be ranked with the least popular presidents in American history.   Why?  Because of how he sold the American worker down the road to greed - the greed of Big Business and his own greed for both glory and yet more financial gain from this office.

Beau Biden would never have done this to America.  Mr. President, measure yourself and this trade deal against the integrity of Beau Biden to realize none of this measures up.  Think again; repair this mess, even if you have to start over.  

This time do it right, and, with honor.

Update:  Thursday, 11 June 2015 - Well, the supporters of this dirty trade deal saw political suicide in voting for Medicare cuts so they tore it out of the trade deal.

Update:  Friday, 12 June 2015 - The humiliating vote went against President Obama and his pals the Republicans.  Voting for trade assistance to displaced workers tells you it's a bad deal for the average American worker.  The count was 102 for the trade deal and with 302 against the trade deal in the House.  Democrat Minority House Speaker Nancy Pelosi informed the President a few hours before the vote that she was against the deal as was most of the Democrat Party.

The Republicans are giving President Obama until Tuesday, 16 June 2015 for another vote, hoping he can continue lying to Democrats promoting the worst trade deal for the middle class on America's historical record, still phoning and annoying Democrats over the weekend into voting for this unfavorable trade deal.  If you had voted against this trade deal would you take his call?  

The TPP trade deal is dead, dead, dead.  Good riddance.

Update: Tuesday, 16 June 2015 - Well, there is no way forward on this bill at the moment.  Read that as "No Bright Ideas" out of the White House, the Republicans or their business groups pushing this lousy trade deal that steam rolls over average Americans.  So, when Congress has no clue what to do they do what they always do:  kick the can down the road, this time until 30 July 2015 for another vote, hoping Obama can change some minds to vote to destroy what's left of America's middle class.  Yeah, that sounds promising.  Consider this tabling of the trade deal to be a face-saving measure for the President and Congress.

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