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Boston Marathon Bombing: What Latest BS Stories From Growing Number of Suspects?

left, surviving suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and right, dead suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev

From Denny:  Slow dogged investigation from the FBI, the CIA and the rest of the intelligence community (IC), Homeland Security, the Boston police, along with international groups like America's sudden new BFF:  Russia, have yielded a fuller picture of how these two brothers became radicalized and found it so easy to carry out their vile bombing plan.

A twice wounded Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured after a day long manhunt in the city of Boston.  Unable to speak because of a serious gunshot neck wound, he wrote his answers to questions from investigators.  These answers came before getting advised of his rights since there was the exception for public safety.  Tsarnaev tried to convince investigators this bombing was only created by he and his brother - and that no one else was involved or had any knowledge of their plan.  Of course, no self-respecting police officer or investigator would believe such a statement and continued investigating.


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Now that three other people are in the custody of Boston police it is evident that others were involved.  These three people are suspected of aiding the Tsarnaev brothers in crime clean-up after the Tsarnaev brothers fled their residences: Dias Kadyrbayev, 19, Azamat Tazhayakov, 19, and Robel Phillipos, 19. The FBI witnessed evidence getting carried out and disposed of by these three suspects.

The three friends ended up removing from his dorm room Tsarnaev's computer, Vaseline used for bomb making and his backpack containing fireworks emptied of gunpowder.  All three are not in agreement as to the timeline for their actions, telling changing stories to investigators.  Come on; no average person knows that Vaseline is used in bomb making but these three did know.  Did they help Dzhokhar build or gather materials for those bombs?  And investigators still believe their bungling friends story?

Tsarnaev claimed no one else was involved yet here are three of his closest friends found to be texting him on the night of the manhunt asking if he was one of the bombers.  Tsarnaev replied, "lol" and "better not text me" and "go to my room and take whatever you want."

Did that texting not look like typical teenager code talk for something prearranged for his friends to carry out in the event the bombing succeeded but Tsarnaev might get killed or caught?  Who believes these three  suspects who are zooming the investigators, admitting to being just bungling friends?  How does the FBI exclude them as co-conspirators?  Because of their lame story - or have they not yet found the linking evidence?

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Kadyrbayev, Taxhayakov and Phillipos all tell investigators that in February Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is seen with fireworks.  Then in March Dzhokhar brags to them he knows how to make bombs.  Then in April he carried it out, showing one smug mocking face on the FBI video just moments before he dropped one of the bombs secreted in a backpack.

The perceived reality is they were co-conspirators with a job to do as soon as the bombing occurred.  These friends did not turn in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to the FBI or Boston police during the very long manhunt when the entire city of Boston was in lockdown.  They had plenty of time to do so yet choose not to turn him in to authorities even though they were perfectly aware of the death and destruction their friend had done.  Instead they were busy texting him?  Really?  Maybe they should be indicted for Generally Depraved Stupidity and jailed for a lifetime just on that count.

Now get this:  Kadyrbayev's defense attorney, Robert Stahl, states his client denies the allegation that he instantly recognized Tsarnaev’s photo or realized that the items in the backpack were “of any interest” in the bombing investigation.  Really?  Who is zooming who here?

Currently, if no other charges are added as this case continues to unfold, Kadybayev and Taxhayakov are each looking at up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for knowingly impeding the investigation.  Phillipos faces up to eight years in prison and a $250,000 fine for lying to investigators.

The Boston marathon twin bombings took place on 15 April killing three and wounding up to 284, many resulting in amputations.  On 20 April Kadybayev and Taxhayakov were detained on immigration charges.  

Today more news came out where the bombs were constructed:  at Tamerlan Tsarnaev's house.  So, is the public now supposed to believe that Tamerlan's wife, Katherine Russell, did not witness said bomb making or the materials accumulated in her home?  Come on.  Russell has not been arrested to date.

Were the Tsarnaev brothers' parents also involved in the plot to do harm to Americans?  The mother in particular is a real piece of artwork claiming everyone is trying "to frame her son and probably her too."  Yeah, nothing like trying to get out in front of the obvious, hoping to distract investigators away from her guilt.  Who talks like that?  It's one thing if you say it about your son - but suddenly inject your own claimed innocence?  She's a manipulative histrionic BS artist and it is doubtful investigators believe any of what she has told them.

Tsarnaev's mother has been found to be involved in the thick of terrorism in Russian Chechnya where the most violent groups of conservative Islam exist.  She was also heard on a wiretap talking to her son discussing jihad that the Russians provided.  She was heard on another wiretap goodie talking to someone in Russia in another separate investigation. Just how many terrorists does she know?

The Tsarnaev brothers make a phone call to their parents just after the 15 April bombings to let them know it was done according to plan.  Both parents must be lying about their involvement.

This mother in particular is in deep.  She is still an American citizen and maybe it's time we extradite her sorry ass. To think that America gave her and her family political asylum and they turn around and bite the hand that fed them?  That asylum was wasted on them and could have been extended to someone else more deserving.

What about all the people at the mosque where these two brothers attended?  Is America supposed to believe none of them recognized either Tsarnaev brother?  They knew yet did not come forward.  It was not until the Tsarnaev brothers were identified and the surviving one cornered that the mosque suddenly stepped up with an offer to talk to him to get him to surrender.  How are these people involved?  What did they suspect?  What did they know?  Why did they not act on their suspicions or knowledge?  Are there more suspects being protected by a wall of silence in this mosque?


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America can choose to carry out the typical and take the time to try all those involved.  Or, we can call up the Russians and say, "Hey, Putin, we got a present for ya!"  It sure would save us all a lot of time and money on years of appeals.

But if America decides we should prosecute this case let's at least threaten to turn them over to the Russians for their part of the investigation and prosecution.  That should do the job to flush out the whole truth.  Life in an American prison would be a cake walk compared to what the Russians would do to all of them.  And, right about now the way America is fed up with terrorists, the Russians are starting to look like our new BFFs.  "Hey, Putin, you are so going to like what we have for you!"


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