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Election 2016 GOP Convention Disasters: Plagiarized Melania Speech, Rejecting Rule of Law. Trump Truly Not Ready To Be President?

                                                  MELANIA TRUMP, LEFT, AT REPUBLICAN 2016 CONVENTION  

From Denny:  Two major disasters for the Republican Party just on day one of their much touted Trump style showbiz convention.  First up?  The political party that lays claim to - and totally brain washes their followers into believing with such conviction - is that they are the party of "the rule of law."  Well, until that "rule of law" no longer serves their immediate political purposes and grab for power so they blow on past that "rule of law" like a winter north wind on a subzero cold day....

How the GOP Foiled the Never Trump Movement

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Everyone was wondering how the establishment part of the GOP was going to find a way to quash the populist grassroots Never Trump movement.  We all saw it play out on day one of the convention.  Eleven states had enough signatures to force a vote at the convention.  They wanted to unbind their delegates to voting for Trump on the first ballot which happened on day two.

What did the establishment GOP do?  They hid the secretary for two hours so the vote could not occur.  Are the Republicans still stuck in fourth grade or what?  Meanwhile, calls went out to those various states to reduce their numbers, threatening calls no less.  At the end of the two hour pause, there were seven states remaining in the Never Trump column.  The interesting thing is that this group still had enough to force the vote, according to the party's "rule of law" for the convention.  The establishment GOP claimed the vote failed.  Well, the vote never occurred so how could it fail?

Many on the convention floor accused the establishment GOP of Nazi "brown shirt fascist" tactics.  Others called them liars and knew the establishment GOP broke their own "rule of law."  Basically, the establishment GOP bullied their way through the convention, totally disrespectful of their grassroots' voices.  All these people wanted was to be heard.  The establishment GOP was as deaf to their own grassroots Republicans as they are tone deaf to the American public.

With all these machinations, Trump was "elected" as the nominee on day two.  What a surprise.

How A Possible Republican First Lady Sold the Democrat's First Lady Michelle Obama's 2008 Convention Speech As Republican Values

Better yet was that a possible Republican First Lady decides to lift current First Lady Michelle Obama's 2008 Democrat Convention speech and deliver it as her own.  Plagiarism?  Oh, yeah, totally.  The thing about plagiarism is that just changing around a few words isn't enough to say it wasn't copycatting.  As a writer, I know that the most important way to catch plagiarism is by writing voice.  Nothing annoys me more than a copy and paste job that too many people actually think is professional and acceptable.  Use your own words, people, your own words.  You can discuss the same themes and ideas but they must be in your own voice, your own style of speaking and thinking.

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Melania failed the test and so did the campaign.  When the press discovered the plagiarism a mere two hours after she triumphantly left the stage thinking all was good in her world, all hell broke loose. People were shocked the Trump campaign could be so sloppy and really bad at details.  This is why many are wondering how a Trump White House could operate in a sane manner, let alone efficiently and in a trustworthy way.

And then there was the campaign messaging.  Not a surprise to me but it was to the rest of the media.  This campaign is a collection of misogynists and lobbyists and political flunkies left over from the Sarah Palin campaign.  The campaign manager is a lobbyist and was not about to admit he screwed up.  Instead, in the immediate hours following the plagiarism discovery, he blamed Melania as the culprit.  Seriously?  That's like Politics 101:  Never blame the candidate's spouse because it's really bad form.  Stupid.  Her speech didn't deliver much in the way of TV ratings either.

Trump was furious that what was supposed to be Melania's triumph made a fool of her.  He wanted it fixed.  So what did the campaign do?  They found a woman to take the fall, Meredith McIver, who made a public apology, hoping the media would move on.  Seriously?  I'm sure Trump paid her handsomely to be the public face of this political disaster.  But who really believes that a former ballet dancer who was an English major didn't know the speech was plagiarized?  Come on; a college freshman knows not to plagiarize.  Anyone involved in any kind of writing knows you must source or quote when passages are not your own words.  

Supposedly, McIver offered to resign over the disaster.  Does anyone really believe there really was that offer?  Come on.  This was just a ruse to  help Donald Trump look magnanimous by refusing her resignation.  Suddenly, the guy who is famous on TV for "You're fired!" decides not to fire such an epic screw up?  Gee, "do ya think?" it has something to do with the fact that she probably never actually wrote the speech in the first place?  Obviously, the Truth is still "out there" waiting to land at a safe port in this political storm.

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