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Hillary Clinton: Favorite Chew Toy of Press, Political Enemies? Deleted Emails: Asked, Answered, FBI Investigated

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From Denny:  The FBI Director said that only three out of 30,000 deleted emails were classified, devoid of the appropriate markings labeling them as classified.  Later that was revised to 100 emails not properly labeled as classified.  After she was out of office those emails were later classified.  Well, if she did not know they were going to be classified in the future how was she responsible for them before their classification?

As Clinton stated: If you  have worked in the federal government and an email is classified it usually has a huge warning heading at the top of the email to let the recipient know the obvious. None of these emails mentioned by the FBI Director contained such a warning heading about classification.

The FBI Director, a staunch Republican, who you know received tremendous pressure from his party to put Hillary in jail, had to admit she did nothing criminally wrong.  Well, at least he had the good character to put the Truth where it belonged.  Did he think her unwise?  Sure. She took responsibility for using two servers in order to preserve her family's privacy both from the press and political enemies hell bent on crucifying her.  She gets it now.

Of course, the irony here is that her server was never hacked or compromised by a foreign state like Russia or China.  Guess who was? ...

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The very people hell bent on trying to jail her were all hacked and seriously compromised:  the Republican Party headquarters was hacked as was the Democrat Party.  The FBI, the State Department, the Pentagon, the White House, various federal government agencies like the hack that took records of over 40 million former and current federal personnel were all perpetrated by foreign actors, notably Russia and China.

Now why should we be all terrified and shaking in our boots at the horrific thought that Hillary's server might have been hacked when the reality is that her accusers were all compromised to a person?

For thirty years the press and the determined political enemies have tried to make something out of virtually nothing when it comes to Hillary Clinton.  We all know that the Republican predecessors of Hillary, Gen. Colin Powell and Condi Rice, did the same thing, had private servers.  Yet when the FBI came knocking on their doors they were blown off and so the investigators did not persist.  Clearly, Republicans get preferential treatment as opposed to Democrats in investigations with this FBI Director.

When you stop to think about this Republican political vendetta of thirty years and more you really have to ask what the hell is going on here to keep up this hate - and so vociferously, stirred up and perpetuated by the press?  Isn't it time for this style of vicious unfounded politics to end?  Isn't it time for the press to quit contributing to it just to sell market share?  How depraved is that attitude?  Is it really worthy of our country when there are so very many issues that need media attention and proper scrutiny?

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Let me share a thought with you.  Well, you got this far into this article, didn't you?  You didn't think I'd just leave you hanging?  I'm fed up with various members of the press behaving in such a self-important and smug manner, as if they were appointed God to judge people like Hillary Clinton.  Who?  Plenty of them, notably today on Morning Joe was that guy Michael Wolff, from the Hollywood Reporter, a self-appointed expert and Howard Fineman, from the Huffington Post, as smug and obnoxious as ever.  Their ability for critical thinking is so very limited, yet they couch everything in this emotional expert attitude, hoping they can fool enough people to swallow their drivel.  Why anyone keeps either of them is beyond me.  They are both dinosaurs.

The Enemies of Hillary Clinton and Their "Accomplishments"

For over thirty years, the Republicans have successfully held down wages in this country in order to please their billionaire donor class that keeps them in office.  For thirty years, the Republicans have denied the average American a living wage on the minimum wage.  How ridiculous is it that people have to work several jobs just to put a roof over their heads and pay minimum bills?

It's the Republicans that like to wreck the American economy.  How?  Too quick to wage war.  Their famous Iraq and Afghan Wars just about broke this economy, sending it into a tail spin.  The Republicans broke the Middle East, lit it on fire, and then said, "Who me?  I didn't do that.  That's Obama and Hillary's fault."  Seriously?  Obama has spent the past eight years trying to clean up that Republican hot mess decision to lie to the American people about why they went to war and then spend trillions of dollars waging war all to please their defense contractor class who keep them in office.

For decades Republicans have denied civil rights to the LGBT community, arguing they know best, selling religion as their excuse for their cultural discomfort for someone else's dire need.  Really?  Let me share yet another thought with you.  It's smarter to help culturally fringed minority communities know they are accepted instead of the alternative.

What is the alternative?  When a group or marginalized individual does not feel accepted they enter into the deepest of dark inner conflict.  That conflict often spills out onto the stage of violence, impacting the greater community.  You saw that with the Orlando shooter, a gay Muslim, who was culturally in conflict, not accepted, unable to reconcile his reality with his religion, his culture.  So, he lashed out violently, trying to feel better by attacking others.  Twisted thinking, true enough, but that is what happens when people are pressed into a dark small lonely place of pressured inner conflict.  Sooner or later they feel compelled to do something to relieve that awful pressure.

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Republicans have repeatedly refused to accept and legislate wage equality for women for over 40 years, denying every bill the Democrats put up.  Is it any wonder this country is seething with so much anger in this presidential election year?  When is anything positive going to get down for  mainstream America and the middle class instead of the wealthy and corporations?

Don't even get me started on justice reform for the black community.  Republicans have refused extra funding for proper community policing that is far less confrontational than this generation's police training of Dirty Harry tactics that are simply not funny.

So, fellow journalists, you need to do some serious soul searching, those of you who still have possession of your souls and haven't sold out just for money and fame.  What is your proper focus?  Is it on trying to prove a decent person like Hillary Clinton is guilty of nefarious acts and deserves jail?  Is it on truly informing the public and the voter of what they need to know to carry on their daily business and be well informed enough to vote well?

The press should be focused upon what the voters want, not political enemies who are clearly incensed that Hillary Clinton's decades of good deeds and challenging the negative status quo just make them look bad in comparison.  That's the real truth here.  Fellow journalists, you look really really really bad doing the bidding of petty political enemies that will come and go when it is the truth that remains.  Stick to the whole truth and you just might even look good doing it.

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