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More Than Hillary Clinton: Is The Media Ever Going to Get It About How They Promote Fascist Politics in America?

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From Denny:  The past few months even I just can't watch Morning Joe, usually a pretty good political show - representing both major parties and views - for which I have much forbearance watching Joe go off and jump up on his usual soapbox for a too long of a monologue. The entire round table are now myopic, living in an echo chamber of gloom and doom, too grumpy, too negative for not good enough reasons, and just plain cranky old men - and one cranky women too influenced by their negativity.  Not very attractive, guys.  They have gotten lost in the weeds with far too much naval gazing on minutiae that the voters have no use for at all.  Grabbed the remote and changed the channel.

Been changing the channel on Hardball, though not as often.  All these shows want to do is show Donald Trump screaming yet some other stupid statement and then talk it to death, beat it back alive enough to catch a few breaths before expiring, and then beat it yet again.  I'll tell you what:  I'll walk on to your sets and gift you with a dead horse so the viewers get a better visual of how stupid this all looks...

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It's never smart to promote constant hate programming.  That's exactly what today's generation of media is promoting.  Oh, they are fine on not hating gays, Muslims, blacks or cute little kids.  But when it comes to challenging this constant stream of BS about Hillary Clinton it's downright alarming.  For years the drum beat has been:  "Hate Hillary! Lock her up! Hang the bitch!" as chanted often, loud and long at the Trump rallies.  Even young children are screaming the same sentiments.  You really have to ask yourself about this fascism going on in the Republican Party.

Fast forward to any Republican commentator:  "I hate Hillary Clinton and always will!"  Talk about never getting a fair hearing, a fair hearing, mind you, that she would be respectful and give to them.

When any Republican politician or Republican voter is asked: "Why do you hate Hillary Clinton?"
The answer is always, "I don't trust her."
"Why don't you trust her?"
"She lies."
"Can you prove it?"
"She's a big liar, that's it!" comes the reply.

Yet when you look at Donald Trump, he has literally lied about every subject he has talked about since he started his campaign.  How can they distrust Hillary Clinton but trust Donald Trump based upon who they have been told is the liar?  It's bizarre.  Not much critical thinking going on here, that's for sure, even among journalists.

It's like a mass hysteria with these Republican folks.  It's the exact same sales talk.  Even their eyes glaze over like they've been hypnotized.  I live in Louisiana, traditionally, a so-called "red" state.  It's possible Louisiana may go blue this season.  We have already elected a Democrat as Governor after the dismal mess a Republican Governor left our state financially.  Hillary might want to spend some time campaigning here by early October.  People here love to see a candidate come visit often to check on them and hear a candidate respect them enough to ask for their vote just as often.

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Fascism and Hate:  The average Republican voter has no cogent facts to back up the brainwashing programming they've been getting out of the Republican strategists and leadership for the past 30 years.  It's ridiculous.

Now that a crazy and crass candidate like Trump has emerged at the top of the Republican ticket, all the fascist tendencies the Republican Party has hidden so well for decades is finally exposed.

Trump told his rally crowd of "Second Amendment people" to go out and kill Hillary Clinton.  "You know what to do!  You know what I'm talking about of what it will take to stop Hillary Clinton from taking your guns.  Don't let her.  Don't let her do it!"

Trump also instructed his people, like Nazi brown shirts, to go the polls on election day to protect their vote.  Really?  "You know you need to go there, along with the police and sheriffs to protect the vote so we don't get a rigged election."  That statement was code to all the black people and perhaps Hispanics too.  It was code for the police are going to harass you and check out if you have any outstanding warrants and arrest you.  Trump is promoting fear and voter intimidation against people of color in order to win.  

And then there is just the usual violence at the Trump rallies that he refuses to stop.  There are always fist fights.  As Trump himself says when he is vexed with a protester, "Sometimes I'd just like to hit them in the mouth, you know, bam!"

Let's not forget his thug, mafia style lawyer, who threatened to kill a journalist.  That was priceless.  There's also another mob guy in Trump's campaign that held a gun to the knee of a campaign worker while driving in the car, threatening him too.  That now former worker is suing.

Trump is also fond of inciting the rally crowd to hate journalists, always pointing to the press area.  It gets so bad many of these journalists felt the crowd was about to turn on them.  At one rally, a female journalist was escorted out by a Secret Service guy on Trump's team.  He thought it ridiculous what Trump had done and offered her safety.

Trump tries to use the press as his go-to scapegoat in case he doesn't like anything written about him that is not dropping down and worshiping at his feet like his hypnotized supporters.  He also says the press lies when the press finds out his latest lies have no truth to back them up.  Trump's strategy to destroy the credibility of the press is so he can finger point and say, "See! I told you it's a rigged election!"

Manipulating people's minds like this is cruel indeed.  It also does nothing constructive for the country to move us forward dealing with serious issues.  While 110,000 people were flooded out in our homes and small businesses here in Baton Rouge, my fellow journalists knocked this scary, odd disaster off the front page nationally to chase after the latest lie from Donald Trump.  It seriously delayed the help thousands needed.  You looked ridiculous and certainly insensitive.  People lost everything they knew in one short day.  People here lost their entire homes, all their cars and ran out of food waiting for the flood waters to go down.  I'll say that again:  You looked absolutely freaking ridiculous!

Quit promoting the hate agenda, like hating in politics is a good occupation.  It isn't.  It promotes so much discord that eventually turns to violence and more hating.  Quit promoting this fascism that Trump and his campaign are wallowing in with great delight.  It's one thing to highlight it from time to time in the news as counterproductive to the voting process.  It's quit another when all you do is repeat it to the point of annoyance that has the effect to help hold the brainwashing propaganda in place.

Free the American soul from this negativity.  The voters have told the press in every election cycle for more than 30 years, "I don't want to hear all this negativity!  Stop!"  And yet you keep delivering it.  When are you going to wake up and realize you are promoting hate and a fascist agenda to take over American politics?  The world looks to us for reason, steadfastness and a commitment to truth.  You are scaring them all.

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