Monday, April 14, 2014

Funny Late Nite Jokes: About Putin and Russia Attacking Ukraine

From Denny: While Putin lies to the world about his storming Russian military doing land grabs and killing innocent people in Ukraine, well, we might as well see what the comics have to say about the situation - and this weird guy, otherwise known at our house as Prancing Putin.

President Obama has basically told him to screw off many times.  Kudos to Obama.  Of course, Putin is living in the delusion that by constantly phoning and engaging Obama, he can delay the sanctions or military action.  Putin actually believes Obama won't dare engage militarily.  I wouldn't make that bet, Putin.  At the rate Putin is going, taunting every country with fly-overs, it is the entire world that will be marching to his doorstep to put his country to the torch.  Me?  I would have already dropped a strafing bomb set to his tanks on the Ukraine border - just to warm up the troops for some future fun.  Truly, no one is in the mood for world domination a la Putin style.  Ugh.

Not to worry, dear world.  At the end of this tragic story, Putin dies as horribly as he lived, much like the character of the child king on Game Of Thrones most recent episode:  unexpectedly and from a corner of his hell he never saw coming.  Stay tuned.

Keep Calm, Really? Potholder

Keep Calm, Really? Potholder

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ukraine Occupation: Putin Rejects Peace, Release Crippling Sanctions

Vladimir Putin - Caricature
Vladimir Putin - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

From Denny:  While Russia's government is held hostage by the Russian crime syndicate, it's the head crime boss thug, Putin, who continues to threaten weaker countries like Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia and Bulgaria.

World leaders actually believe they are negotiating with another head of state - when nothing could be farther from the truth.  What world leaders are negotiating with is a crime boss whose wealth profits come from the misery of the vilest of newer more potent drugs, arms dealing that enables genocide like in Syria, prostitution of little children and the slavery of human trafficking.  Yes, the Russian crime syndicate's human trafficking is operating in your home town right here in America and around the world.

Putin's strategy is to rely upon the greed of Big Business to defy their countries' leaders, and, in this U. S. case, he is accurate.  JP Morgan heartily zoomed on past President Obama's sanctions imposed upon Russian transactions and did it anyway.  Their greed for huge profit outweighed their patriotism and good sense.  You see, this is exactly why Putin has not removed his thousands of troops from the Ukraine eastern border.  Like any determined feral yard cat he is waiting patiently for his prey to grow tired and make mistakes, and, it's then he will run in and make his kill...

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