Thursday, May 14, 2015

Did You Enjoy Yesterday's Cyberattack Courtesy of BFFs Russia, China and Iran?


From Denny:  So much for the cyberattack no one is talking about - yet.  Yesterday all communications were down for several hours:  internet, cable, TV, cell and even the old school land line here in Louisiana.  Yeah, those all powerful NSA gremlins are ever so good at handling cyberattacks - not.  

The past two NSA Directors wasted years of development focused upon Stupid - mainly watching and annoying other Americans and American journalists, instead of preparing to defend against cyberattacks from America's real enemies:  Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Of course, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are terribly pleased with themselves, believing they accomplished a great feat.  Yet, yesterday's attack that caused parts of the U. S. to just shut down for hours anything not essential (read that as people like me) really didn't do much more than annoy the U. S. like a chomping mosquito on your butt.

The reality is that Russia, China, NK and Iran all taxed their resources to bring about that cyberattack.  And for what?  To register their usual petulance they are not respected and feared as The Great Leaders of the World?  Seriously?  These countries' leaders spend far too much time watching porn and reading fantasy comic books that they don't realize just how ridiculous they are perceived by the rest of the world.

What should be our response?  Counter cyberattacks?  Sure, we can do that too.  But the reckless behavior of Russia, China, NK and Iran all point to something deeper and darker that must be addressed.  If these countries are this annoying while sanctions exist against them, how much worse are they going to become if we are willing to lift any of those sanctions?...

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In addition, the subtext of this situation is that all these countries are spiraling out of control economically.  China has been hiding internal problems for years.  They have manipulated their currency for so long even they don't know which end is up.  Read that as they can no longer understand their own convoluted creative accounting to make any sense of it.  All the fools that joined China in their new international bank venture don't realize that China is planning to fleece them all because China is now the one that is cash strapped.

Of course, the most amusing thought here is that all of China's partners, especially Russia, are planning on fleecing China of what is perceived as a wealthy account.  In short, it's really a question of the long con of who is zooming whom.  Stay tuned, America and Europe, and definitely don't invest with them.

The stupid U. S. companies that are still in China should realize it would be wiser to get the hell out while you still can without losing your shirts.  China will do what it always does: steal from Western companies.  China will nationalize those auto plants and more, like steal their patents, using all they have learned from Western companies with outright impunity, thinking that will make them the global powerhouse they so desperately desire.  The problem with trying to create this perception is that first China has to overcome the Western perception that China follows after Russia's lead on everything.  Read that as China suffers from a condition known as Russian Brown Nose.

Iran's economy is imploding, hence, the arrogant demands to lift all sanctions at once.  Iran's navy has become far more aggressive, threatening war against various countries.  Iran's ruling government are all fools, arrogant and greedy to keep the status quo of how they gained their wealth in the first place:  the black market and cheating and stealing from their own people.  Yeah, God is so not thrilled with these men who dare to call themselves "clerics."  Their time of reckoning is rapidly approaching and it won't be pretty.

The Sunni nations have much to fear from an Iran loose on the world stage, free to do as it wills without consequences or checks and balances.  If you think the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, played out currently in poor Yemen, is bad then hold on to your hats because Iran has big plans.  One of those plans is to bomb the hell out of Russia, a country they hate more than the U. S.  Imagine that!

North Korea?  Oh, the West should just wait until he finally kills off the rest of his government and then let South Korea do whatever they deem best.  That country really is just a blip on the global radar.

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And then there's entertaining Russia.  Oh, Russia, where art thou?  Russia, namely Putin and his ex-KGB pals and Russian Crime Syndicate associates that have a suffocating grip upon the country, are terrified their many lucrative avenues have been walled up, cut off, blown up and otherwise denied them via the sanctions.  Putin goose steps his usual Whiner Dance, the latest about why the world didn't show up at his door to celebrate the 70th anniversary of WWII.  Yeah, like any smart world leaders would set foot in Russia.  They all know Putin would send his assassins to kill them.  That's his current mindset: lure world leaders into the country where it would be child's play to kill them off, all the while blaming the world leaders for dying in his country.

Russia.  What a mess on so many levels:  economically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The sanctions are taking their toll on Putin's inner circle that has now turned to squeezing money out of the common Russian person.  Even Putin knows that his game won't last long before another assassin comes hunting like one did a couple of months ago.  By the way, Putin, you didn't retaliate against the correct inner circle man.  Well, he was thinking about killing you but had yet to fully formulate a plan - let alone act upon it.  You see, it was another inner circle man who attempted to kill you.  You still don't know who he is.

But don't worry, you must know there are a multitude of assassination plots against you, so plenty to choose from for your personal amusement - and security detail to chase down.  There are nine assassination plots developing within your inner circle.  Interestingly enough, they are individually planned and not coordinated.  Quite amazing, don't you think?  Then, of course, there are another 17 individuals within your larger network that you pissed off by disrespecting them in front of their men.  Those grudges have grown out of proportion to the point of obsession to plot against you.  They too are planning assassination attacks so it might be a good idea for you to run and hide.  Better yet, it would really be smarter to resign if you want to live, Putin.

But wait, there's more!  Putin, your idiot strategy to go around threatening the entire world  with annihilation has backfired and now spawned so many assassination plots that the CIA is laughing so hard they are falling off their chairs.  Why?  Because this is the first time the CIA is actually not in the game to kill a foreign leader.  The CIA can't believe their good luck so they have popped some popcorn, dimmed the lights and turned on the movie.  The CIA only knows about a few of your insider pals' plots, having tripped over and accidentally intercepted their communications.  Oh, yeah, they are also taking bets as to which group kills you first.  Enjoy!

Oh, and a big shout out to Russia, Iran, NK and China.  Going unplugged yesterday was sheer bliss.    At our house we will rename it Cyberattack Hump Day.  Thank you for the holiday.  Come again soon.

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