Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Russia to Daddy France: Help! Send Money. I'm Overdrawn at the Bank
The original photo source: Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with his French counterpart Francois Hollande during a meeting in Yerevan, Armenia, April 24, 2015.  REUTERS/ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/RIA NOVOSTI/KREMLIN

From Denny:  The Russians are always as entertaining as they are annoying.  Besides, slamming - and taking to task - a violent global bully is even more entertaining.  One of their latest foibles?  Wrangling with France over a suspended contract on a $1.2 billion euro Mistral helicopter carrier deal not delivered after Russia invaded Ukraine and seized the Crimea region, annexing it to Russian territory.
Of course, to hear the Russians tell it they whine how they are the injured party on this Mistral deal because of those unfair sanctions.  They also use that same line about invading Ukraine, "Oh, how those awful Ukrainians have started a war against Russia!"  Putin should get the Big Fat Ass Trophy for Global BS Artist.

What Russia wants Daddy France to do is cancel the contract because France has no intention of delivering since Russia started military aggression against Ukraine. The last thing France or the EU should be doing is selling military ships to Russia when Russia is in hostile aggression mode, trying to march across Europe in the most naked land grab in centuries...

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Since the U. S. and the EU imposed fierce financial sanctions upon Russia, Russia's economy has been reeling.  Russia can't get financing from the West any more and it is severely affecting Putin's ability to do business globally and to accomplish the huge military expansion dream he has been touting for years.  Russia's credit rating has taken a terrible blow and has been downgraded to junk status.  The only way Russia can go now is up it's so far down in the financial cellar.  

So, to see Russia playing the game of magnanimously telling France there will be no penalties for not delivering on the frozen Mistral contract tells the world a lot.  Yes, those sanctions are working better than waging a war with boots on the ground.  Russia is in the financial hurt locker and desperate for Daddy France to reimburse them on that Mistral contract.  Putin is desperate to recover cash wherever he can since the price of oil dropped drastically.  Russia's economy is basically a One Trick Pony:  oil.

When Putin is touting how great is the Russian economy, how great is the Russian economy, how great is the Russian economy, well, you can bet on the just the opposite:  the Russian economy is sucking wind.  What has occurred is a sharp decline in foreign investment and capital flight since the onset of the global sanctions.  Read that as anyone with a bank account left town.

France might want to consider not returning the money until Russia pulls out of Ukraine, promising never to invade again.  Of course, Russia's promises - in the form of Putin or his puppets - are as empty as air, completely unreliable in the world community.  France should hold on to the money for as long as it takes.  It's the only leverage France has at the moment over Russia to force Putin to conform to international standards concerning military aggression and invasion.

Of course, here in America we have a wonderful irate Baltimore mother who could slap Putin into line.  I love this woman in this news video that went viral.  Talk about hands on parenting.  Trust me; she saved her 16-year-old son's life that day as the rioting situation had reached dangerous proportions at the time she recognized him in the crowd, and proceeded to scold and discipline his butt back home.  How about our State Department hire her to slap Putin into his box?  Now we're talking progress with a world tyrant!

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