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Maybe Kudos Watch: U.S., Germany Finally Convince Iran To Face North And Smell The Nuclear Coffee?

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From Denny:  Everyone who is fed up with the Middle East Sunni-Shia 1400 Year Idiot Religious War raise their hands.  What?  The whole world is disgusted with Iran's current Proxy Wars, spreading terrorism across the globe, destabilizing the Middle East?  Imagine that.  How about "Imagine Peace" for a change.  

Well, this initial framework for a nuclear agreement among the U. S., Germany and other countries with Iran goes a long way toward creating a peaceful relationship for the global neighborhood.  As it is, if Iran decides to back up on any part of the agreement, their Sunni nation neighbors will also be procuring nukes to balance Iran's aggressiveness...

And, no, Russia, you cannot weasel your way into providing all the nuclear material for profit like you have a so-called missile defense system.  Russia seems content to play the petty thugs of the global neighborhood.  Well, their time is coming for a huge wakeup call via the globally agreed economic sanctions - among other more interesting surprises that Putin cannot evade.

Kudos go to President Obama and his team for pushing this heavy boulder of a deeply troubled U. S. - Iran relationship up the mountain to a quality decision.  It would have been faster had Obama included someone on his team with serious sales experience.  It isn't enough to have smart nuclear physicists and professors allied with a diplomatic team.  As usual, Team Obama is far too lop-sided with Ivy Leaguers.

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Nuclear physicists are nothing more than fancy engineers who are masters of a very small world and usually short on truly understanding people.  These guys are primarily analytical, rarely intuitive which is required for successful negotiations.  Professors practically live in a fantasy world as masters of their own small universe, their authority unopposed.  Professors and diplomats are rarely sales personalities.  Professors are accustomed to deference and diplomats are politically constrained and often excessive people pleasers.  

People skills have long been sorely lacking in the Obama administration as in the Republican Party - which is why a slew of issues take far too long to resolve if ever at all.  Hey, I've got a great idea:  I'll loan President Obama my husband - affectionately known as "Satan" because of his incredibly bad temper - as he is one helluva fierce negotiator who employs a competitive strategic finesse as much as he possesses people skills. After all, Iran is always accusing the U. S. of being the Great Satan.  Well, I can show them "Satan."

Even I would have cut short the Iran negotiations after the first 30 days, exacting harsh penalties until Iran came to the table as a good faith partner.  My husband would have been more patient while he continued hammering a tough bargain.  I would have not have wasted my time hammering them at that point, but, instead, would have given them the cold shoulder, swiftly walking away from the table until they got serious - then starting the real negotiations when their common sense finally decided to show up. Both of us approach negotiation differently - which is nothing but a sale - and both of us end up with the prize.  Can you imagine marital fights at our house?  Fighting "Satan" is most entertaining and certainly not for the faint of heart.  The reality is that Life - and Love - are nothing but ongoing, albeit most interesting, negotiations.

Add a Seasoned Sales Negotiator to Team Obama (not political operatives) for Negotiations

In my book, if you have never waited tables or been on a sales force and dealt with how squirrelly and unpredictable the public can be sometimes, you haven't learned much in the people skills department.  Real people skills involves working without a net like a circus performer at times, without much of a predetermined organized structure to dictate the hoped for outcome behavior and an ever shifting strategy, hopefully equipped with a slew of well laid out plans that can adapt.

OK, Team Obama, here is some future referencing for you in the people skills and sales department - which is why I would have walked away from the table with Iran after only 30 days of negotiations because I saw these developments in your process:

* Pay close attention to both body language and words to know when the customer is really not ready to buy.  Iran's leaders desperately need to buy this deal but are simply not emotionally ready to accept the inevitable.

* Pay close attention to the customer to understand why he is still talking to you:  is he trying to impress the person accompanying him yet never intending to buy?  (in Iran's case it would be the hardliner clerics) Is he trying to manipulate you to make you the fool for his own gratification? (yes, on that count too as hardliner Irani clerics are forever obnoxious.)

* Does the customer trust the salesman and the quality of the product being sold?  Is there a hidden agenda?  (In Iran's case, the hardliner clerics risk losing prestige, political power and their hate message if this deal goes through.  After all, those same hardliner clerics have been making a boat load of money on the black market and really don't want to give it up, squeezing their own people down into extreme poverty.  Not exactly the example of quality leadership or the evidence of doing God's Will.)

* Are you selling the wrong product?

* Are you willing to ask for the sale repeatedly and in different forms?

* Do you know when to walk away - permanently or temporarily - because you are not making the sale?  Do you have the courage to do it?

Obama Froze Out The Media When He Could Have Turned It To His Advantage

Nor did Obama make good use of the U. S. press.  No one said he had to give out excruciating details at every turn but the U. S. did allow Iran to highlight on the U. S. when it could have been answered appropriately rather than with dead silence.  All that accomplished was to convince Iran they were "stronger" - at least in their own fantasy world.  Of course, that's just the problem with Iran: for 30 years they have constructed this unlivable fantasy world that is fast crumbling all around them.  

By ignoring the U. S. press, Obama missed his opportunity - in real time during the talks -  to reflect back to Iran how resolutely determined and hard-nosed he could be to prevent a nuclear Iran.  It seems Team Obama has yet to achieve balance with the press, not knowing when to talk and when to keep silent, not knowing just how much or how little to say and when.  After six years in office it doesn't appear they will ever figure it out.

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Republicans Back Obama Negotiations with Iran But Try to Act Like They Are Not Supportive

Republicans act like they are trying to blow up this deal.  Reality?  They are supporting President Obama by giving him cover if the deal actually does blow up.  So, Mr. President, go out and thank the Republicans publicly for supporting you in this Iran deal and quit wasting valuable time trying to convince them to back off the legislation.  That legislation is a good thing to protect your negotiating power.  

Yeah, I know, you are personally a lousy negotiator.  But I'm not and that's why I would demand a 50-year deal with a gradual easing or outright lifting of sanctions as they meet the benchmarks.  A 50-year deal would go a long way to calming tension in the Middle East with all of Iran's Sunni neighbors and Israel.  Otherwise we will be viewing a nukes race.

I would also expect all American and Western hostages to be released by Iran if they ever want their economy to see daylight.  The Iranian people are poised to turn against the hardliner clerics if the people don't get this deal.  So, if they decide to reject the deal then the clock is ticking as to how much longer their regime can last.  It's in the Iranian regime's interest to accept any deal.  They just want to look important doing it while they know they have to eat humble pie.  

The fate of world security, whether Iran descends into final economic ruin, and these hostages held in Iran weigh in the balance.  It's all about the sanctions.  He who controls the sanctions controls this deal.  

Hold Iran's feet to the fire for as long as it takes - even if you have to walk away from the negotiating table temporarily.  Trust me; Iran is far more desperate than they let on; they need this deal far more than we do.  But if we are going to make this deal, make it a 50-year deal that satisfies everyone.  And, if no hostage release, no deal at all.  If you don't have the stones to hammer this deal, just call me.  I'll let my "Satan" loose on Iran.  Now that should be most entertaining.  

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