Monday, December 31, 2012

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations: New Years: Funny Quotes, Resolutions Tips, Poems

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations: New Years: Funny Quotes, Resolutions Tips, Poems: From Denny: Before you stay up all night to ring in the New Year, swill some good champagne and watch the fireworks on TV, catch a laugh here. I rounded up the best and funniest quotes about the New Year. Enjoy some New Year's poems too.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Post: True Christmas Story: Funny Christmas Conversations

Le Père Noël en chair et en barbe !

A Christmas Post: True Christmas Story: Funny Christmas Conversations: From Denny:  Think back. How much can you remember about the things your parents used to tell you about Santa? This Christmas Eve my husband and I started that conversation. Though we have been married many years there were still some things we did not know about each other.

We laughed about the incredible stories our parents told us on Christmas Eve. It was becoming a contest between whose parents were the most outrageous storytellers.

Do you remember the funny and downright lame excuses your parents used to give you when talking about Santa coming to visit on Christmas Eve? 3 videos.

Peace Christmas Star Round Ornament

Enjoy the profound Peace of the Christmas season!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Will America Pull Together, Take Action For Gun Control After 20 Children Killed?

and more guns... December 14, 2012 01
and more guns... December 14, 2012 01 (Photo credit: Patrick Feller)
From Denny:  The horror that occurred last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was unthinkable.  The entire world was shocked at the killing of 20 six- and seven-year-olds and six of their teachers who valiantly tried to protect and shield their children.  The shooter also killed his own mother while she lay sleeping in the home they shared.

It was 20 years ago this style of mass killing in public places like schools began in Columbine, Colorado.  Just this year there was a mass shooting at a movie theater and again at a shopping mall.  Now a mass shooting at an elementary school.  All in America.

When will the horror stop?  When will the nation's politicians quit thinking only of themselves and their careers, living in fear of the powerful gun lobby like the NRA and other Republican groups, and get serious about doing the right thing?  Yet the number of guns sold in America without background checks continues to soar.  To date there are over 200 million guns owned in America.

3 video clips:  Sen. Diane Feinstein, Sen. Joe Manchin, former Rep. Joe Scarborough

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Warning: Danger Ahead If Proceed To Susan Rice Sec. of State Nomination

English: This map shows the extent of the oil ...
English: This map shows the extent of the oil sands in Alberta, Canada. The three oil sand deposits are known as the Athabasca Oil Sands, the Cold Lake Oil Sands, and the Peace River Oil Sands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Keystone XL demonstration, White House,8-23-20...
Keystone XL demonstration, White House,8-23-2011 Photo Credit: Josh Lopez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  Sadly, Susan Rice is not winning friends on either side of the political aisle the past week.  The GOP has tried to hang the ambassador killing in Libya on her though it isn't sticking because she had nothing to do with it. 

Now progressives are unhappy with her.  Why? Because of her strong ties to the $7 billion XL Pipeline project to deliver filthy oil tar sands clear across America to the Texas oil refineries.  That mega-project tunnels under a precious underground aquifer - the only fresh water source for up to half of the entire country.  

Turns out Amb. Rice owns a huge amount of stock in TransCanada Corp. - up to $600,000.  She also has millions of dollars of stock in other energy companies that invest in oil tar sands like Royal Dutch Shell and Suncor.

Then there are the investments in the Canadian banks that provide loans for these energy company projects.  Think someone has a vested interest in making her Sec. of State?

Why is this a big deal?  Well, for one thing, it's about ethics.  If she was ethical she would have sold off those stocks before attempting to be nominated for the Secretary of State position and stirring up all this controversy.  

Keeping those stocks sure looks like an unwise bungling politician at best that disqualifies her as competent for the State position.  At worst she looks like a greedy manipulator. 

Why does she look greedy and manipulative?  Here's how it looks:  TransCanada and the other energy companies gave her those stocks in exchange for getting the billion dollar XL Pipeline the green light.

What would she have to do with getting the final OK?

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