Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ukraine Occupation: Putin Rejects Peace, Release Crippling Sanctions

Vladimir Putin - Caricature
Vladimir Putin - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

From Denny:  While Russia's government is held hostage by the Russian crime syndicate, it's the head crime boss thug, Putin, who continues to threaten weaker countries like Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia and Bulgaria.

World leaders actually believe they are negotiating with another head of state - when nothing could be farther from the truth.  What world leaders are negotiating with is a crime boss whose wealth profits come from the misery of the vilest of newer more potent drugs, arms dealing that enables genocide like in Syria, prostitution of little children and the slavery of human trafficking.  Yes, the Russian crime syndicate's human trafficking is operating in your home town right here in America and around the world.

Putin's strategy is to rely upon the greed of Big Business to defy their countries' leaders, and, in this U. S. case, he is accurate.  JP Morgan heartily zoomed on past President Obama's sanctions imposed upon Russian transactions and did it anyway.  Their greed for huge profit outweighed their patriotism and good sense.  You see, this is exactly why Putin has not removed his thousands of troops from the Ukraine eastern border.  Like any determined feral yard cat he is waiting patiently for his prey to grow tired and make mistakes, and, it's then he will run in and make his kill...

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It's obvious that Big Business would whine and cry about their profit losses, twisting the arms of the U. S. and EU leaders to go easy on Russia.  Germany's businesses are the loudest whiners.  It's obvious that given enough time that the U. S. and EU would weaken on their resolve to discipline Russia, and, finally appease Putin completely, allowing him to take whatever he desired and get to keep it all.  After all, in Putin's mind, if there is any real push back he can offer to give up some of his land grabs in exchange to keep the richest in resources he covets the most.  Then Putin's crime syndicate is that much wealthier - and becomes that much more entrenched and powerful - for the effort.  At the rate the world governments are going they are playing to this strategy.

This Russian crime syndicate has its tentacles far-reaching into all the world:  throughout Asia, Europe, North America and now infiltrating South America and Central America.  In many situations the Russians are supplanting the local crime bosses (read that as killing off) or making temporary alliances with other groups until they gain a stronghold to kill them off too.  The Russian crime syndicate has long infiltrated global financial markets in order to launder their money.  U. S. and EU banks are complicit in this endeavor - which is why the U.S. and EU are so slow to enact deeper sanctions.

The Russian crime syndicate has also infiltrated the highest levels of world government through their purchasing of lobbyists willing to advocate against their own countries, basically committing treason.  They have also infiltrated world governments through alliances with Big Business, unwilling to lose money, therefore, assuring Russian crime syndicate interests move smoothly through all channels, circumnavigating all the laws of every country.

The Russian Crime Syndicate's latest venture?  Now that their global empire is in place they are in need of more money and soldiers.  After all, the drug culture they so carefully cultivated in Russia and surrounding countries has taken quite a toll upon the Russian youth, destroying their fertility, creating terrible birth defects, as well as killing them off if they managed to make it to young adulthood.

With so many levels of a parallel world government in place the Russian crime syndicate now seeks to control all governments directly.  Looks like they are doing a pretty effective job considering how weak the U. S. and EU leaders are responding to this Ukraine crisis.  World leaders actually believe this Ukraine situation is about ethnic Russians returning home to Mother Russia.  How clueless are they?  It never was about ethnic Russians.  That's just Putin's cover story.  The real story is about absolute world government domination.  Yeah, Putin is really that crazy - and determined.

How else do you explain why Putin stole $85 billion from the Ukraine treasury?  Why are world leaders not demanding the return of those funds?  Putin knew if he wiped out the Ukraine treasury the government would fall and he could easily step in to fill the void.  Well, the one thing the U. S. and EU got right was to shore up Ukraine's government with fast track loans.  But that cannot go on forever.

Even now, Putin is threatening the countries around him that are members of NATO like Turkey and Bulgaria.  He is forcing Bulgarian planes to match his fly-overs in the hope of bankrupting their meager funds to keep those planes in the air.  Perhaps the U. S., EU and NATO should send some air support for Bulgaria immediately as they are for other new NATO Baltic countries.  The old Soviet era planes they are flying are not going to last forever at the rate Putin is pushing them.  Again, Putin plans to bankrupt Bulgaria so he can take over that country as well.

So, to date, Putin has accused the West of being "provocative" as Putin stands accused as the New Hitler 2.0 bullying Europe.  The evidence is clear to prove Putin is carrying out this century's version of Hitler's "conquer and crush weaker countries" strategy.

Putin has stolen a good $85 billion from the Ukraine national treasury and refuses to restore it to Ukraine.  Is it any wonder that Ukraine refuses to pay a $2.2 billion energy bill to Russia?  Russia owes them free energy for at least a decade considering how Putin plundered their treasury.

Putin has so far illegally annexed part of another country, the Ukraine's Crimea region, breaking international law.  Using the same exact tactics of sending in agitators who illegally declare for Russia, attempting to topple the current legal government.  Putin is pursuing that tactic in eastern Ukraine to take the next chunk of Ukraine, carving up the country into smaller bits, hoping to force the government to implode.  He is acting out just as badly in Moldova and Estonia.

Appeasement:  Why the UK has not fired their defense chief is beyond belief.  This is the same guy that proposes appeasement like the fools in the UK government did during the lead up to WWII.  The UK defense chief actually believes that Putin will deescalate on his own?  Does this guy down LSD for breakfast every morning?

Putin is greedy like the typical Russian crime boss that he truly is.  Forgot about thinking this guy will ever develop into a true government leader.  Even I have moved past that hope.  He's a thug, and hell bent on destroying himself, the Russian people and absorbing the rest of Europe in huge land and resource grabs.

For years the Russian people have attempted to inform the world that the Russian crime syndicate has infiltrated their government down to the deepest levels.  It does not function as a true government any more, not in over a decade.  Putin is such a tyrant that he imprisons his people, squashes even minor dissent and beats up women for sport, sending out his goon squads to harm and maim.

If the U.S., the EU, the UN want to do more than send a diplomatic message, then begin the process of destroying a huge crime network that has a stranglehold globally:  release the deeper sanctions.  Putin is at the head of the crime pyramid that is literally sucking the life out of millions of souls on this planet.

It's time to put Putin on the clock.  Make it a three day clock.  Don't allow him to keep Crimea or any other land he carves away from other countries, claiming it as his own.  Don't allow him to create a false narrative of how ethnic Russians are in danger away from Mother Russia and must be rescued.  Yeah?  How about Putin give those thousands of ethnic Russians thousands of citizenship papers and invite them to move back inside the Russian borders?

Put Putin and his Russian crime syndicate on the clock immediately.  It's the only way to start the domino effect of toppling this vile global crime empire.  The deeper sanctions will act like a computer virus, seeking out all the tributaries of Putin's vast network, revealing where to strike next.

Putin has already invaded eastern Ukraine, beginning with his agitators.  Putin has already crossed that line of which the world has warned him not to cross.  Do not back up and give him a second chance by drawing a new line not to cross.  Putin has crossed the line by illegally annexing Crimea.

Do not delay.  Release the deeper sanctions and do it NOW.

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