Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama Presidency: Dead On Arrival in 2012?

Obama faces a hostile Democratic Party for 2012 reelection.

From Denny:  A Presidency that held a lot of promise is now in its dying stages. The problem is this White House still does not realize it. How can this be true? Like what is the big deal that after the off-year 2010 midterm election the House switched into the hands of Republican control? Like "So, What!" That happens to almost every President after two years in office.

Well, sad to say, this year the attitude of the Democratic Party is vastly different. Democrats are ready to throw Obama from the train. Normally, you would think everyone would calm down after a shellacking election like this one and just accept the new reality. That is what usually happens.

Angry voters turn out good Democrats with the bad in favor of odious Republicans in order to teach Obama a lesson about ignoring what the voters want:

Steve Benson

Monday, November 29, 2010

Funny Situational Hunh?! Cartoons - 29 Nov 2010

Enjoy some simple humor courtesy of our national cartoonists owning some seriously cracked minds.

From Denny:  Oh, for bloggers to discover what funny posts are waiting in draft! Found this little cartoon post gem from October just waiting to bust out and get noticed. Get a grin for your work week.  It's like cartoonists have the best timing...

Social sites and tech:

Ballard Street

Sunday, November 28, 2010

North Korea Throws Dangerous Temper Tantrum: Why?

North Korea bombs its neighbor to get the attention of a weary, and increasingly indifferent, world.

Heir to North Korea Kim Jong un - AP photo

From Denny:  This week North Korea shelled a small island, Yeonpyeong Island, off South Korea for three hours.  After the relentless and merciless shelling, the islanders evacuated.  This weekend, North Korea shelled the island yet again - only this time there were no people left to harm.

Normally, South Korea takes the temper tantrums of "the crazy uncle from the North" in stride, not reacting. But there is a game changer these days, a new sheriff in town: the crazy out-of-control son has taken over the helm of the crazy uncle.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

American and World Politics Cartoons - 27 Nov 2010

Lots to lampoon this week for cartoonists as they poke fun at crazy North Korea, the buffoon of the world.

From Denny: Dark humor seems to be spreading around the world as everyone watches their own economies erode and slowly implode. To add to the Blow It All Up mindset along comes North Korea this week and they bomb the hell out of some hapless islanders off the coast of South Korea. "We want attention and we want it NOW!" screams North Korea to the world. Oh, please. What a bunch of Bozos.

Why does anyone give these guys money or food? Of course, North Korea does have the largest concentration of weapons in one small geographical location on the planet. What a sweet thought: As these Bozos fire off a missile, nuke or not, chances are high they have not properly maintained said accumulated weaponry and the end result is they blow up their own country.

Another scenario is they could end up sinking the whole island - along with South Korea as they blow up their entire arsenal. There would be a giant black hole created off China. Of course, China might figure out a way to make a profit off it as a tourist attraction.

Will someone please pay me to think up outrageous yet probable scenarios? What a gig. Oh, that's right, that job is already taken by the Pentagon and the CIA. No room for competition, ol' boys network? :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Lite: Best Of Funny TSA Cartoons - 26 Nov 2010

Check out what America is thinking about those TSA Pat Downs supposedly guarding us against terrorism.

From Denny: Ready to laugh? The cartoonists have had a field day with the missteps of our government and especially the TSA public insensitivity promoting their idiot policies. Americans are growing more and more uncomfortable and angry about these policies.

Just this month the Pilots Association declared the airport scanners as unsafe and got exemptions for their pilots and airline crews to completely bypass security checkpoints. Our government leaders also do not have to be subjected to the security protocols either. So now passengers have to wonder a lot more than about the people riding next to them. They have to wonder about whether or not the pilot, the crew and government leaders were compromised by terrorists.

Yeah, and these are the Bozos who are determining our national security. Sweet, huh? What kind of reasoning is this? If the airport scanners are unhealthy and unsafe then no one should be going through them.  Meanwhile, the nation's cartoonists are lampooning these idiot decisions and arrogant promotions of this unsafe technology - knowing there is someone is the shadows making wads of cash from the sale of these airport scanners to the government.  Big Business continues to run wild, unchecked by any restraints of reason or common sense.

The truth is that the TSA has never succeeded in catching any of the terrorists. Who did? Ordinary citizens keeping their eyes open and their minds thinking. Just to mention a couple of news items: The shoe bomber was stopped by a quick-thinking passenger who foiled the plot - as the airline attendant was still questioning the man while he attempted to strike the bomb. A street vendor in New York City spotted the suspicious van loaded with a bomb in front of Toys 'R' Us store for children and called police. The list goes on.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Funny Thanksgiving Presidential Pardon 4 Turkeys Apple and Cider

Check out some funny trivia about presidential turkey pardons.

From Denny: It's the American tradition every Thanksgiving to pardon a turkey - and now his understudy too. Can you imagine being a turkey understudy - wondering if you were going to get the axe for the dinner table?

President Obama petted Apple on the back of the neck and the bird clucked contentedly like he realized he was pardoned. As Obama walked away from Apple he told the turkey, "All right, have a good life, man."

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Lite: Late Night Jokes, Thanksgiving and TSA Cartoons - 22 Nov 2010

Check out the late night sarcasm about the TSA Pat Downs, Thanksgiving turkeys of the political kind like the Palin pride and Bush Who? 

From Denny:  Check out the cartoons documenting the national conversation about airport security that has the nation in an uproar about invasive Pat Downs right before the Thanksgiving holiday. The government and the TSA continue to sell it. The media continues to document it as well approved by the public. Yet those are old polls before people realized the fines involved if you refuse a pat down, how invasive these pat downs have become and the fact the scanner radiation has been declared dangerous by the Pilots Association. Quit zooming us, Mr. Obama and Co-President Axelrod.

Ed Stein

Saturday, November 20, 2010

American and World Politics Humor - 20 Nov 2010

Check out the national mind and the national conversation about politics and American culture this week from our favorite cartoonists.

From Denny:  Does it get any more surreal? First a strange midterm shellacking election where our White House has their head stuck in the sand refusing to hear the truth from everyday Americans. Team Obama continues to set this grand agenda on the world stage while ignoring the 800-pound gorilla in the room: the world economy and going about the hard business of creating jobs by the millions.

After Obama and my Democrats got their election shellacking Obama goes off on a world tour expecting to come home with lots of goodies. He started off well in India but it was downhill after that. South Korea got greedy and backed up on their trade deal. (BTW, make sure to boycott Korean products like Hyundai.) Then China, Germany and Japan proceeded to lecture Obama for daring to prop up his own economy. How dare he do that, they said. These other nations prop up their economies, devalue their currencies, conduct trade dumping and they have the nerve to lecture America? Come on.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

TSA Pat Downs: PC Sexual Assault?

Furor over invasive sexual airport security measures has thousands across the country furious at the groping.

From Denny:  Like a lot of you my first impression of these TSA Pat Downs was that they were a general frisking to check for obvious hidden non-metallic weapons or substances that could later be combined to be used as a bomb. But did any of us really think our own government would resort to deep-fingered genital  probes? Come on.  It's bad enough when your doctor does it but at least it's in private.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 17 Nov 2010

Check out news, opinion, silly political humor and funny cartoons, jokes, recipes, poetry, photography, science, spiritual thoughts and great quotes.

From Denny:   The year just marches on, doesn't it?  This is a roundup of the past three weeks of various posts.  Oh, how I wish I had the time to write more science posts as I do enjoy being curious about my world.  If it were not for the tense political times requiring constant attention I'd be off writing about art, science, poetry, lots of food,  photography and total humor.

With all the tough economic times it seems like we all have to stay on top of our politicians to get the very best from them.  These days with so much in flux economically, politically, rogue countries struggling to become nuclear states and the last gasps of terrorist organizations still rearing their ugly little heads, I'm focused on writing mostly news.  Like you, I long for a time when Life is easier and a lot more enjoyable.  Those times will come again.  Try to be patient.  And while you are being patient, keep your foot in the backs of your politicians, making them crystal clear aware of what you voted for is what you expect to be delivered.  Game on! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

House Democrats Reshuffle, Rangel Found Guilty

Find out the latest of who is heading up the Democratic leadership to battle the Republicans for the next two years.

From Denny: While House Speaker Pelosi is apparently going to be reelected as House Minority Leader, much of the rest of the team is decided. The conflict between Hoyer of Maryland and Clyburn of South Carolina vying for the second position of Minority Whip has created some rifts in the party.

Pelosi's smart solution? She has created a new Special Assistant to the Speaker position to place Clyburn to end the contentious battle - and therefore hold the loyalty of the Black Caucus. There are those who prefer Hoyer's compromising style to Clyburn's direct truth. I prefer Clyburn as he is a straight shooter without guile. Hoyer comes across as the typical slippery politician. It seems Hoyer has powerful allies like Waxman of California who prefer his leadership over Clyburn.

Of course, the polling machines, paid for by vested interests, are out in full force declaring that the nation of Democrats are divided negatively against Pelosi. I doubt that as a truth. Hoyer was pushing hard to move up and replace her, finding himself rebuffed by a lot of the House members. A little too much ambition that backfired on him. Besides, since the Democratic voters are primarily women the male leadership had better keep Pelosi in place or they will lose what women they do have left voting for them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rising Rage Over Airport Scanners and Pat Downs

Dont Touch My Junk Video and how airport scanners pose a serious public health risk to millions.

From Denny: John Tyner, age 31 and a software engineer, is facing a $10,000 fine for refusing the full body pat-down security check at a San Diego, California, airport. He is the author of the instantly popular viral YouTube video "Don't Touch My Junk."

Like a lot of people he is furious at the excessive government intervention into his privacy. Think about it. We have one idiot terrorist who loaded up chemical explosives into his underwear and now two million people a day in America have to go through the indignity of the government response to that terrorist act.

How did we get to this? Try the usual suspects. Businessmen saw an opportunity to market their controversial scanner machines to make a serious profit - at the expense of our privacy and health. Health, you say? Yes, health. We only have the word of the scanner machine company and studies commissioned by them from so-called disinterested third parties who make the claim that the machines pose a low risk of cancer.

First of all, most studies these days are done by people of vested interests in the products. Second of all, these are not long term studies over a few years that consider many different ways this product could impact the public health. In short, they are often quick studies meant to give the obvious result: clear the public perception and discredit anyone who protests to the contrary. Spin.

Now comes along a guy who challenges the government's poor response to terrorism. When we have so many other weapons in our arsenal to combat air terrorism, like drug dogs at our disposal, this excessively invasive probe into our most intimate privacy is unacceptable. Most of all, the health risk is far more unacceptable.

By itself the machine may not pose but a low risk to cancer if a person is only irradiated once a year or less. The problem comes from the fact that we are constantly bombarded by radiation in our natural environment every day. When we add man-made radiation on top of that is when we should be considering public health concerns. We get radiated from our microwave ovens and even our grocery produce is subjected to radiation. We experience cosmic radiation during air travel. Then there are magnetic fields from our computers, our TVs, our radios, our washing machines and our cars. Anyway you look at it, magnetic fields and radiation are constant assaults on breaking down our immune systems.

Gary Varvel

As to the airport scanner machines specifically - especially if the government continues to foolishly invest in this unproven technology and expands use to all airports over this decade - consider the maintenance on them. Growing up in the scientific community there is one thing I learned: machines need constant calibration. How are we to know if these airport scanners are getting consistently calibrated so they don't expose us to more radiation than they are claiming? We don't. We have no way of knowing it. And I can bet the government has not even thought about this obvious vulnerability.

Along comes John Tyner who makes a stink about the process and suddenly these airport scanners, the government's handling of privacy issues, public health and now responses to terrorism are all riveting our focus. Tyner made a video, uploaded it to YouTube and now you find the government suddenly on defense and spin mode.

In the words of your opponents, Team Obama, "Man up!" and quit using this controversial technology. Find another way to examine two million people a day without being so invasive. Besides, have you ever considered what an indignity it is for the TSA folks who have to do these obnoxious pat-downs? Can you imagine the conversation when they come home from work every day?

It probably goes like this:

"Honey, how was your day?"

"Oh, it was great. I got to feel off this great looking blonde today and a gay guy was thrilled at my technique. He told me I had magic hands."

All comedy aside, there are a growing number of voices in the scientific community who are complaining about the radiation risk from these machines. Back in May there were four scientists (U. of California at San Francisco) who wrote the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. They related that the scanners could expose the skin to very high doses of X-rays. That, in turn, could lead to risk of cancer as well as other health problems like birth defects and sterility. The scientists were most concerned for the vulnerable in our society: pregnant women, children, older travelers, those who have weak immune systems. They said there are also no studies as to how repeated exposure to these airport scanners will affect frequent travelers.

We also do not have a long-term study to know how radiating millions of people every day will affect them. Could we be sterilizing our world and not even realize it? Could we be creating unnecessary catastrophic illness in thousands of people? I say, cease and desist, Mr. Obama. Find another way to combat terrorism. Have the terrorists so succeeded in terrorizing us that now we are paranoid? Are we now paranoid enough to destroy ourselves with our technology? Then those terrorists do win. Are you sure you want to give in to that insanity - as well as giving away our quality of life?

This is Tyner's exchange with the TSA officials. Since when did buying an airline ticket take away this many of our rights? Enough is enough. The government, in its understandable need to protect us, really has gone too far. Find another way, Mr. Obama.

*** Photo from a Rapiscan Secure 1000 backscatter X-ray scanner, which can produce cancer-causing radiation, reputed to be at very low levels. photo from

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

American and World Politics Humor - 13 Nov 2010

Midterm election shellacking, President Bush, G-20 summit, new orange House Speaker and crazy Tea Party cartoons and a cute dancing political cat.

And our dancing political cat that just got elected into Congress... The tune? The old standards: Big Business Sing Along and Screw That Middle Class. New holiday versions will soon be on sale at your nearest political music store. Be sure to click on this cat and a new window will open and he will dance for you. :)

The Orangest and Most Clueless Incoming New Speaker of the House Boehner:

Bill Day

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Lite: Latest Late Nite Jokes and Videos - 12 Nov 2010

Latest jokes about the midterm election shellacking, funny videos, a Cee Lo Green music video from Colbert..

From Denny:  What would the world be without politics? We would have nothing to lampoon, mock and sneer at on a regular basis for entertainment, that's what! :) While "Satan" may have invented stress, well, God invented humor with a side dish of politicians - and comedians to mock them. Take a look at this week's "doings" and offerings from the funny guys in late night entertainment.  Sometimes, I think the truest political opinion is the funny one.  They hold up a mirror to humanity's foibles and arrogance.  It's a humbling experience.

Who knows?  Maybe the comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will succeed in getting out the youth vote and really scare the pants off the Republicans.  Remember, the sobering demographic fact about this 2010 midterm election is that 78 percent white men voted, few women voted, 9 percent Hispanic voted and about 10 percent African-Americans voted.  And that's why we have bad government - when we leave it up to only one segment of the country to vote in our politicians.

Video clips featured:

Music Video: Cee Lo Green Performs On Colbert Report - Colbert has some fun with popular musician Cee Lo Greene.

Funny Video: Colbert Mocks Bush Memoir Decision Points - Colbert enjoys the presidential memoir - a real page-turner.

Funny Video: Potty Training Your Sloth - Check out real life humor of how to potty train a very slow sloth.

Video: 10 Funniest and Seriously Trippy Cereal Ads - Check out some funny demented cereal ads over the decades - and how your mind has been secretly brainwashed to buy their products as adults.

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Really Negative Campaign Ads - Lots of voter anger aimed at both political parties, especially from these negative campaign ads choking the air waves every election.

Jerry Holbert

Monday, November 8, 2010

Obama Wins 54,000 Jobs From India to USA

Obama battles to get jobs and keep jobs for Americans from Asia and India.

From Denny: The 2010 Midterm Election Shellacking was all about jobs creation or shoring up jobs teetering on the edge of going away. So, Obama hopped a plane, went to visit the folks in India to let them know how important a nation of one billion people are to America and is coming home with a basket full of jobs for Americans. Nice job, Mr. President, now you are on to something. These jobs are the result of more than 20 trade deals between India and American corporations.

India's SpiceJet Airlines is buying 33 American 737's as part of this trade deal. General Electric is selling aircraft engines to India's military. Another trade deal in the works is for Boeing to sell 10 of their C17's to the Indian Air Force. Currently, even as large as India is, it is only America's 14th largest trading partner.

Of course, the Boo Birds from the wingnut aisle are loudly complaining about the cost of the President's trip to India. Where were these same Boo Birds when President Bush went on his visit to India? Yeah, quiet and nowhere in sight, that's where. This is the usual juvenile misdirection from the Republicans who want to direct Americans' attention away from what their President is doing for them: creating and supporting current jobs from disappearing. And corporations continue to whine about how this President does not help them in their trade deals? How disingenuous of them.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

American and World Politics Humor - 6 Nov 2010

Check out the political shellacking my Democrats took this week from the American voters.

From Denny: America's cartoonists have this succinct way of capturing the national conversation, condensed and crystallized into images. Every week I go looking to see what their "hot buttons" are especially in the fields of politics and government.

This week was a troubled one for both political parties. The Democrats were trounced at the polls with their own Democrats turning traitor and voting for the worse Republicans. The Independents abandoned the President and, the two combined, gave this White House a "shellacking" in Obama's own terms.

The Republicans are under the mistaken impression they have a mandate. No, they don't. What they do have is their marching orders to start getting things done for the people. If they don't they will be turned out yet again.

What I found disturbing this week, while watching the news, is the terrified look on the faces of the Republican House leaders. Clearly, they were shaken. Looks like the Wall Street, Big Bank, Big Money, Big Business guys called them up and said, "Look, we have invested billions of dollars in Republican campaigns and attack ads. We now expect you to destroy what's left of Obama and get government restraint taken off us." And the Republicans suddenly realized they can no longer bluff and bullshit their way through this now. They must deliver. They also know they will not be able to deliver. The Republicans sold their souls to Satan and now Satan has come to collect their souls.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin Gives Obama Post Election Advice

Check out some interesting stories from history how other Presidents handled severe political loss and rose up to do better.

From Denny: Only Colbert could get a serious presidential historian to give an opinion opening statement about what this midterm election means, "What I think the voters have said is 'A plague on both your houses.'"

The reality is that this new wave of Republicans who were elected in this election were not placed in office because America wants a conservative agenda - so mandate there like their fantasy talking heads try to sell. They were voted in because "Americans are pissed off at the Democrats because they didn't get the change Democrats promised." (Goodwin) So, the voters took the Dems to the woodshed and gave them a beatdown.

She quotes comic Robin Williams, "Politicians are a lot like a baby's diapers. You have to change them a lot - and for the same reason."

Goodwin also discusses how the Tea Party can tear apart the Republicans by refusing to play ball with them like what happened back in 1912 with Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican. He went on to develop a third party called the Progressives. Teddy was so angry that Taft won over him that he divided the Republican party by creating this third party. The end result was the Republicans became so weak that the Democrats won after that family fight. Will history repeat itself with the Tea Party weakening and tearing apart the current day Republicans? I'm sure my fellow Democrats are sure hoping it will happen.

She related the midterm election from 1946 when the public was angry that Truman was not FDR, their hero, so they swept in a wave of Republicans. That's when Truman decided to be his own man no matter what, earning the nickname "Give 'Em Hell Harry." The public soon turned in his favor because Truman started fighting FOR the American people by protecting and promoting what FDR has already established: workers' rights, protected pensions, the right to unionize against Big Business, forcing Big Banks to be honest - all agendas and rights we take for granted today yet the Republicans still seek to repeal all these decades later.

Goodwin also related a story about President Lincoln, a favorite president of Obama's. He was known for his self-deprecating humor. When someone hurled an insult at him about how two-faced Lincoln was he just smiled at the insult. Lincoln replied as he pointed to his face, "If I had two faces do you think I would be wearing this one right now?"

Maybe Obama needs to turn to humor to help dig his way out of the hole he is in with the voters.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Doris Kearns Goodwin
After the Republican victories in the midterm election, Doris Kearns Goodwin thinks Barack Obama has to figure out how to laugh at himself. (06:58)

*** Photo from AP/Charles Dharapak

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss Talks About Midterm Shellacking

Check out the interesting stories from history of how other Presidents responded when handed their heads by the voters in a midterm election.

From Denny:  The now infamous positive and inspiring Obama slogan of "Yes, We Can!" from campaign 2008 has eroded into a sloppy "Maybe We Can't" after two years of failed governing.

Jon Stewart had an interesting guy on his show for this election week. Presidential historian Michael Beschloss talked about the Midterm Shellacking Experience received by many presidents. He told the tale of President Harry Truman when he got his clock cleaned after his first two years in office. After all, the Republicans were working overtime to reverse FDR's New Deal and huge heroic image with the public by attacking Truman, FDR's former VP.

Harry Truman refused to listen to the radio returns of the election. Instead, on the train ride home he played poker all night. When he got back to the White House he made a firm decision right then and there things were going to change - and change big. Come Hell or High Water he was going to be his own man and do all the right things he knew needed doing in the country. In Truman's mind, to hell with getting re-elected. Turns out it was a great decision. Listen to other tales from Beschloss.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

25 Funny Signs: Rally To Restore Sanity And Or Fear

Check out some good political humor from the funny activists who attended the rally.

From Denny:  What started as just a funny segment on The Daily Show grew into an actual rally that drew over 214,000 people. Glenn Beck's Fox News conservative August rally where he tried to compare himself to Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King only drew 85,000. The good news? Strong minds outnumber weak minds at political rallies in America. Well, that's one to celebrate.

There are a gazillion photos circulating the web from this funny rally that comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert put together on the fly when they realized people really did want to attend an actual rally in Washington.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Late Nite Jokes, Funny Videos, Post Midterm Predictions - 2 Nov 2010

Comics have fun lampooning the campaign process. Get Dennys Predictions for what happens next after the 2010 election.

From Denny: What an election day for this midterm! I saw a large turnout here in Louisiana at my voting precinct. Most of them were Democrats and Independents. At first I was heartened to see so many people out in force in an off year election. Then I looked at their faces and saw that expression. You know the one: It's the "throw the baby out with the bath water" expression. Everyone came out to vote. Most came out to vote against every Democrat just to teach the party a lesson that to ignore your base is at your own peril. Quit with the corporate politician attitude and start governing. Or better yet: "We lose our jobs so now you lose yours."

There is a terrible rage across the country aimed squarely at all the politicians, and the President, for allowing politics and the media firestorm to take the place of effective good government. Of course, there will be a price to pay for throwing out the good politicians with the bad ones.  I don't need Paul The Psychic Octopus to make my prediction. I can do it on my own.

Denny's Predictions:

* I predict the Republicans and the Tea Party will all be acting like complete talking-head idiots on the news talk shows, the worst nonsensical talking buffoons, so much so that the media will laugh at them more than the comics have.  It will happen in less than three months time this new Congress will become the laughing stock of America.

* I predict the voters who were so angry to throw out all the incumbents, installing these fools in their places, will deeply regret what they put into office. They will be appalled at what idiots they put in office as their leaders. The voters  will start recalls on those Tea Party and Republican politicians to remove them from office.

* I predict that the remaining Democrats in office will turn away from this White House and President Obama, realizing they should have followed their principles and their gut instincts first and foremost - no longer compromising to agree with the Republicans who stiffed-armed them. Those Democrats will be a force with which to be reckoned.  From among them will arise some strong leaders.

* I predict President Obama is a now a one-term president and will be challenged in his Democratic primary for 2012. Democrats think he is weak,  have lost confidence in him, his ability to govern, his ability to get the vote out in large numbers. "President Obama did not watch our back so we won't watch his" is their motto.

* I predict those anonymous unchecked Big Money interests are already cutting negative campaign ads which they will run at a fast and furious pace, saturating the air waves, during the next two years to unseat Obama in the 2012 election.  The end result of this is that after Big Money runs down Obama's poll numbers to lower than whale poop on the bottom of the ocean, the Democrats will dump Obama like a hot potato, running another Democrat in his place to keep their hold on the White House.  Too bad Hillary no longer wants the presidency.  She would be ideal and bring out the women voters.  Hire Bill as her VP and even the Independents and some Republicans would vote for that winning ticket.  But, alas, Hillary is pretty well done with politics after this stint in the too political and vacillating Obama White House.

Steve Kelley

Monday, November 1, 2010

Women, And Their Civil Rights, Abused By Tea Party Activists

A conservative Tea Party Rand Paul supporter attacks a MoveOn protester by stomping on her head. What the Democratic Party needs to do to get back the female vote.


From Denny: Ever since I saw this video clip of a liberal activist getting stomped by a bunch of men at a conservative Kentucky political rally, well, that image has stuck in the back of my mind. This 115-pound small women gets hurled to the ground and stomped on by five men twice her size and weight.

This is a hate crime and there is no excuse for it. The Tea Party screams about their rights to free speech and the like and yet deny it to others who disagree with them. They go on Fox News for political damage control, actually stupid enough to think this will head off an arrest, an investigation or a lawsuit.

The man, Jim Profitt, who put his foot on her shoulder, neck and face should be arrested as well as the others. Yet no one has arrested them. This is an outrage.

Want to know a bigger outrage? Jim Profitt is perverted enough to demand this woman apologize to him for forcing him to stomp her. You have got to be kidding me. Profitt actually made the lame excuse he had to stomp her like that because he claims back problems where he couldn't bend down properly to smash her face with his fist. What a jerk.

Where is President Obama in all this? Silent and on the sidelines yet again. He is quick to deal with racism - as well he should. He finally got dragged in kicking and screaming to defend gay rights. Well, at least he did it. Now, he is silent on this clear incident of a young woman's civil rights literally getting trampled by a perverted pack of older men. Is this the Arab world or America? Are we citizens under Sharia law or American law? I'm beginning to wonder when I see images like this of a woman being treated so shamefully - as if she is not a first class citizen in her own country where she does have the right to vote.

President Obama needs to investigate this and and Lauren should press charges to arrest them. This vulture culture of bullying in America will not stop until incidents like this are addressed with the punitive level of the law. If nothing else Lauren should take the Tea Party and Jim Profitt to civil court and sue for damages.

That stomping she took could easily develop into problems down the line - as well as for the Democrats because its images like this that builds resentment among women voters. Since most of the Democratic Party is made up of women it's political suicide for this White House not to make arrests or investigations into this incident.

This was a hate crime in all its ugliness. These conservatives don't believe in the Constitution as they claim or it would never have occurred to them to behave so ruthlessly. These were bullies and they should be taken to the woodshed and stomped by the same Constitution that guarantees civil rights to women.

Get out and vote! Make your voice heard on November 2nd to put an end to these kind of people running our country.

26 October 2010
Rand Paul Supporter Stomps on Protester

A Rand Paul supporter attacks a MoveOn protester by stomping on her head.

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