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Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 17 Nov 2010

Check out news, opinion, silly political humor and funny cartoons, jokes, recipes, poetry, photography, science, spiritual thoughts and great quotes.

From Denny:   The year just marches on, doesn't it?  This is a roundup of the past three weeks of various posts.  Oh, how I wish I had the time to write more science posts as I do enjoy being curious about my world.  If it were not for the tense political times requiring constant attention I'd be off writing about art, science, poetry, lots of food,  photography and total humor.

With all the tough economic times it seems like we all have to stay on top of our politicians to get the very best from them.  These days with so much in flux economically, politically, rogue countries struggling to become nuclear states and the last gasps of terrorist organizations still rearing their ugly little heads, I'm focused on writing mostly news.  Like you, I long for a time when Life is easier and a lot more enjoyable.  Those times will come again.  Try to be patient.  And while you are being patient, keep your foot in the backs of your politicians, making them crystal clear aware of what you voted for is what you expect to be delivered.  Game on! :)

The Social Poets:

House Democrats Reshuffle, Rangel Found Guilty - Find out the latest of who is heading up the Democratic leadership to battle the Republicans for the next two years.

Rising Rage Over Airport Scanners and Pat Downs - Dont Touch My Junk Video and how airport scanners pose a serious public health risk to millions.

American and World Politics Humor - 13 Nov 2010 - Midterm election shellacking, President Bush, G-20 summit, new orange House Speaker and crazy Tea Party cartoons and a cute dancing political cat.

Friday Lite: Latest Late Nite Jokes and Videos - 12 Nov 2010 - Latest jokes about the midterm election shellacking, funny videos, a Cee Lo Green music video from Colbert.

The Heart Remembers: Veterans Day poem Libations Friday On A Thursday - 11 Nov 2010 - Honoring the life of others as well as our own.

Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss Talks About Midterm Shellacking - Check out the interesting stories from history of how other Presidents responded when handed their heads by the voters in a midterm election.

Late Nite Jokes and Funny Videos - 2 Nov 2010 - Comics have fun lampooning the campaign process. Get Dennys Predictions for what happens next into the 2010 election.

Women, And Their Civil Rights, Abused By Tea Party Activists - A conservative Tea Party Rand Paul supporter attacks a MoveOn protester by stomping on her head. What the Democratic Party needs to do to get back the female vote.

American Midterms and World Politics Cartoons - 30 Oct 2010 - Negative campaign ads were never so much fun to lampoon as cartoonists are enjoying this political season.

Jon Stewart Interviews Obama Economic Advisor - Check out the latest from the Obama economic advisor about the state of the American economy.

Americans Lose Jobs Twice As Fast As Immigrants Gain Jobs - In the 2009 jobs report, immigrants gained 656,000 jobs while native-born Americans lost 1.2 million.

Prez Obama Interviews At The Daily Show With Jon Stewart - Check out the class act of the President talking with Jon Stewart.

Why Women Are Not Inspired to Vote Right Now - Find out what is bothering women voters about this midterm election season.

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 25 Oct 2010 - Check out news, political opinion, political humor and funny cartoons, recipes, poetry, funny posts, photography, science, spiritual thoughts and great quotes.

American and World Economy Cartoons - 24 Oct 2010 - Check out the national mind and opinions of our economy through the eyes of cartoonists.

American Political Season - 23 Oct 2010 - This sure is a mean - and more competitive than usual - political season.

Friday Lite: Funny Elvira Spoofs I Am Not A Witch Ad - Where Halloween humor meets political humor in America.

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 21 Oct 2010

Roundup of Late Nite Jokes and Videos - 18 Oct 2010 - Check out this week's late night jokes, latest cartoons, funniest video clips from Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

American Economy and Crazy World Politics - 16 Oct 2010 - To our politicians: the nation's cartoonists are watching you... Check out their latest opinions about the state of the economy, the current election season and world politics.

Chilean Miners Video: All 33 Miners As They Emerged From Mine and More - Listen to rescued miner Mario talk about getting out more Love in the world.

Monday Lite: Roundup of Late Night Jokes and Videos - 11 Oct 2010

American Economy and Crazy Politics - 9 Oct 2010 - Check out this week's latest political humor from the nation's cartoonists. The Tea Party wins hands down on the most talked about this election season.

Poem From God - Libations Friday 8 Oct 2010 - Even God has a sense of humor about how to handle repeated rejection. Take a look.

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations:

A Poem Of Remembrance - Honoring the life of others as well as our own. A love poem for Veterans Day, a memorial poem.

Numerology: Whats So Unusual About The Date 10-10-2010? - Check out some fun facts about the numberology of special dates and the month of October.

How Do You Fit Into The Universe? - A simple spiritual technique to help train the ego effortlessly.

Inspiring Quotes About Dealing With Rejection - Some great advice from famous people about handling rejection.

11 Inspiring Quotes and Poem About Dealing With Rejection - Check out this mind food when you need to pick yourself back up from rejection.

17 Short Beautiful Love Poems - Enjoy some beautiful short poems about our favorite subject: Love - from classic poets of the past as well as today. Many are perfect for use in a greeting card.

What Do You Feel About Love? - Do you have your own personal definition of Love?

Meditative Moon Photos - The moon continues to fascinate humanity - and creative photographers.

7 Thoughtful Quotes About The Future - Enjoy these reflections upon how we think about our future.

A Healing Spiritual Poem: Waking The Day - Spiritual symbolism is all around us in our daily life, ready to help heal and balance.

Ancient Healing Oil: Sandalwood - Modern technology life can be stressful and counter productive to spiritual growth. Try this essential oil to bring balance into your life.

Dennys Funny Quotes:

Life Is Funny Cartoons - 13 Nov 2010 - Enjoy the cracked minds of these cartoonists today as they explore the lives and thoughts of everyone around them.

Funny Video: Colbert Mocks Bush Memoir Decision Points - Colbert enjoys the presidential memoir - a real page-turner.

Funny Video: Potty Training Your Sloth - Check out real life humor of how to potty train a very slow sloth.

Video: 10 Funniest and Seriously Trippy Cereal Ads - Check out some funny demented cereal ads over the decades - and how your mind has been secretly brainwashed to buy their products as adults.

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Really Negative Campaign Ads - Lots of voter anger aimed at both political parties, especially from these negative campaign ads choking the air waves every election.

Funny Video: Jon Stewart - How Republicans Prepare to Take Back Power - Stewart supporters oppose Republican takeover of our government.

Funny God Versus Satan Joke: Its All In The Creation - Come get a grin as God and Satan duke it out over who helps or hurts humanity.

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 25 Oct 2010

Funny Work Cartoons - 25 Oct 2010 - When your life does not seem to be quite all together - get a grin to make your day good again.

Funny Video: Scientists Study Drugged Spiders - Check out the crazy antics of these drugged spiders.

Funny Photos: Voraciously Hungry Birds - Check out some startling photos of birds as they catch some unusual finds for their dinner tables - complete with irreverent commentary.

Visual Insights:

Music Video: Cee Lo Green Performs On Colbert Report - Colbert has some fun with popular musician Cee Lo Greene.

Best Of Funny Halloween Cartoons - 26 Oct 2010 - Get a laugh at the cracked minds of some funny cartoonists this Halloween season.

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 25 Oct 2010

Art and Music Videos: Chinese Painting Demo and The Misty Rain of Jiangnan in China - This music video is great for meditation.

Music Video: From Enya - The First of Autumn - Enya pairs some beautiful autumnal photos with music.

Music Video: Classic Happy Song from Belle Stars - Iko Iko - This catchy song will have you dancing in no time, looking silly to the neighborhood - and you won't care 'cause you will feel so good.

The Soul Calendar:

Is That A UFO In The Sky Or A Planet? - Check out the unusual night sky this month.

How Northern Lights Are Created By Sun Flares - Check out 3 video clips of the solar flares and magnetic filament in action as they create the Northern Lights on Earth.

Giant Asteroid Threatens Earth In 170 Years - Crank up the planet asteroid defense system because Earth is expecting an asteroid impact soon - by astronomical time.

Funny Tech Cartoons - 22 Oct 2010 - Get a grin as cartoonists entertain us with their take on the technology of the day and the influence upon society.

Rare: Super Harvest Moon Occurs On Fall Solstice - Check out rare summer-autumn twilight glow that only happens about every 20 years.

Mapping Our Complex Brains: Human Connectome Project - Fascinating new project mapping the complex circuitry of our brains.

Dennys Food and Recipes:

*** Check out Holiday Recipes From Dennys Food and Recipes

Easy Holiday Pasta From Chef Michael Chiarello - Check out some easy holiday ideas using pasta to make a spectacular and tasty meal sure to impress everyone - 3 recipes.

Fall Comfort Food NYC Chef Style: Braised Osso Buco, Risotto, Salad - Check out how to make Italian comfort food in an hour, all done in the oven - 3 recipes.

Healthy Recipes: Chef Menu Goes Vegan, 3 Recipes - Check out some healthy vegan substitutes from funny chef author of Skinny Bitch Cookbook.

Drink: Chocolate Martini - A chocolate martini, with the glass rim coated with fresh pear and shaved chocolate, for that perfect sip.

Candy: Almond Brittle - The best combination ever invented: almonds and chocolate. Enjoy this chef recipe of a few ingredients.

Chocolate: Chocolate Risotto - Enjoy a rice pudding style dessert made with chocolate.

Chocolate: Beef Stew With Chocolate - This Chef David Rocco is on a roll with awesome savory recipes using dark chocolate as a star ingredient.

Chocolate: Penne Pasta with Chocolate and Anchovies - Another creative food thought from Chef David Rocco.

Appetizer with Chocolate: Sauteed Shrimp Drizzled with Chocolate - Check out this unusual dish employing chocolate as a spice.

Poems From A Spiritual Heart:

A Man In Love - A true story of just how far a man will go to survive when he is in love during war time - a poem story about the struggle for love reunited. A Thanksgiving holiday poem.

The Heart Remembers - Honoring the life of others as well as our own. A Veterans Day or Remembrance memorial poem.

Loving You - How Love heals, nurtures, comforts, and builds trust so a person can blossom into great strength, and, in turn, give to others in their time of need.

The Understanding - We build Peace in our lives a moment at a time - and this is a poem story of how it can start early in childhood as it did for me.

Walk The World - A poem about sharing our life with others - when we are both in need - to receive the greatest gift.

The Mystics Arrive - Who are the true mystics in this generation? How does a person develop into a mystic?

The Interesting Man - Enjoy a little humor with your romance poetry. Men who love women are always working all the angles.

Honoring Ourselves - Are you honoring yourself every moment of your life?

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