Monday, November 1, 2010

Women, And Their Civil Rights, Abused By Tea Party Activists

A conservative Tea Party Rand Paul supporter attacks a MoveOn protester by stomping on her head. What the Democratic Party needs to do to get back the female vote.


From Denny: Ever since I saw this video clip of a liberal activist getting stomped by a bunch of men at a conservative Kentucky political rally, well, that image has stuck in the back of my mind. This 115-pound small women gets hurled to the ground and stomped on by five men twice her size and weight.

This is a hate crime and there is no excuse for it. The Tea Party screams about their rights to free speech and the like and yet deny it to others who disagree with them. They go on Fox News for political damage control, actually stupid enough to think this will head off an arrest, an investigation or a lawsuit.

The man, Jim Profitt, who put his foot on her shoulder, neck and face should be arrested as well as the others. Yet no one has arrested them. This is an outrage.

Want to know a bigger outrage? Jim Profitt is perverted enough to demand this woman apologize to him for forcing him to stomp her. You have got to be kidding me. Profitt actually made the lame excuse he had to stomp her like that because he claims back problems where he couldn't bend down properly to smash her face with his fist. What a jerk.

Where is President Obama in all this? Silent and on the sidelines yet again. He is quick to deal with racism - as well he should. He finally got dragged in kicking and screaming to defend gay rights. Well, at least he did it. Now, he is silent on this clear incident of a young woman's civil rights literally getting trampled by a perverted pack of older men. Is this the Arab world or America? Are we citizens under Sharia law or American law? I'm beginning to wonder when I see images like this of a woman being treated so shamefully - as if she is not a first class citizen in her own country where she does have the right to vote.

President Obama needs to investigate this and and Lauren should press charges to arrest them. This vulture culture of bullying in America will not stop until incidents like this are addressed with the punitive level of the law. If nothing else Lauren should take the Tea Party and Jim Profitt to civil court and sue for damages.

That stomping she took could easily develop into problems down the line - as well as for the Democrats because its images like this that builds resentment among women voters. Since most of the Democratic Party is made up of women it's political suicide for this White House not to make arrests or investigations into this incident.

This was a hate crime in all its ugliness. These conservatives don't believe in the Constitution as they claim or it would never have occurred to them to behave so ruthlessly. These were bullies and they should be taken to the woodshed and stomped by the same Constitution that guarantees civil rights to women.

Get out and vote! Make your voice heard on November 2nd to put an end to these kind of people running our country.

26 October 2010
Rand Paul Supporter Stomps on Protester

A Rand Paul supporter attacks a MoveOn protester by stomping on her head.

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