Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama Presidency: Dead On Arrival in 2012?

Obama faces a hostile Democratic Party for 2012 reelection.

From Denny:  A Presidency that held a lot of promise is now in its dying stages. The problem is this White House still does not realize it. How can this be true? Like what is the big deal that after the off-year 2010 midterm election the House switched into the hands of Republican control? Like "So, What!" That happens to almost every President after two years in office.

Well, sad to say, this year the attitude of the Democratic Party is vastly different. Democrats are ready to throw Obama from the train. Normally, you would think everyone would calm down after a shellacking election like this one and just accept the new reality. That is what usually happens.

Angry voters turn out good Democrats with the bad in favor of odious Republicans in order to teach Obama a lesson about ignoring what the voters want:

Steve Benson

The Big However that makes this election cycle different is that Obama and Team Obama have continually rebuffed their own base of liberals and progressives on literally everything for the entire past two years. They have not governed as Democrats nor honored any of the promises Obama made during his campaign: close the terrorist jail in Cuba, stop the Iraq and Afghan Wars immediately, transparency in government, create jobs and bring in the public option for health care - among a few promises broken. After all, it was Obama who took out the public option cheaper alternative from the health care reform bill, essentially weakening the bill to weak as lukewarm water. It does little to help the general public, and, in fact, is now driving up the price of health care premiums beyond the current too expensive level.

The latest and most cruel development are the new health care "plans" that offer no premiums but extreme deductibles - to the tune of levels like $7,000 and higher.  That's outrageous and most people don't possess that kind of savings any more since this economy began its massive job losses.  It would take five years to save the deductible for most families - if ever.  People are insuring themselves is what it has amounted to now.  And you wonder why the public is furious with President Obama?  Why isn't he doing anything to curb outrageous business practices and prices?

Democrats wake up to new reality: It's time to look for someone other than Obama in 2012.

Chip Bok

Why would it be said the once-promising first African-American presidency is now not only a Lame Duck presidency but completely dead on arrival?  The Democrats were polled after this election cycle and some startling news was revealed.

* How many want a primary challenger to Obama for the 2012 presidential election?  At this early date already 42 percent want someone other than Obama as their presidential candidate in 2012.

* How many will not vote for Obama if he is the Democrat's candidate in 2012?  Here we are at two years before that election and already 48 percent are speaking it out loud they will refuse to vote for Obama in 2012.  How many more are there that are not willing to say it out loud just yet - or are still conflicted about voting for him and in the deciding phase?

* What the polling is saying is that there are six percent of Democrats who will vote for a Republican if Obama is the 2012 candidate.  That's a chilling figure that is sure to rise.  As it is in the current polling across America, and with all political affliations, it's the generic Republican who can win over Obama by five points.  Republican Mitt Romney can win against Obama by five points too.  Palin is no worry but there are plenty of other Republicans who can win over Obama.  Expect Obama to be set aside by the super delegates no matter what he thinks he can do to get the nomination for 2012.  He is not going to get reelected to the White House.  It would take a miracle at this point.  He would have to do a complete reversal of attitude and deeds to convince the House and Senate Democrats he has disrespected the past two years.

What's happening inside the Democratic Party right now is that the House and Senate Democrats are organizing to push Obama aside.  After all, he has refused to cooperate with any of them for two years now, not meeting any of the Democratic agenda.  Minority Speaker-elect Pelosi has already promised she will block Obama from easily compromising with the GOP.  Why should Democrats compromise with the Republicans on anything when to a person they have never voted on anything with the Democrats for the past two years?  It's a stupid strategy plain and simple.  Obama has spent so much time trying to get the Republicans to like and respect him that he has lost the confidence and goodwill of his own Democrats who now despise him.

Can't Obama do an about face in attitude and deeds to achieve his Zen of getting reelected?  Well, it appears he does not have the interest to do so.  How is that so?  Currently, he was begged by Democratic leaders to bring in new blood into the White House to get past the closed ranks of the corrupt Chicago political machine mindset.  What is he doing to address that?  Obama is currently reschuffling his players.  They are all the same people that he is placing in different positions.

He is even going to put Carol Browner from EPA in as Chief of Staff.  What a mess that will be.  Remember her?  She's the jerk who was too arrogant to listen to her agency people who warned her about using dispersants during the BP Oil Spill Disaster.  Those dispersants further polluted the Gulf of Mexico.  But at least Obama and BP got what they wanted.  The dispersants broke up the oil into smaller bits that could not be picked up and sank to the bottom of the ocean where it is currently clumping together at depths too deep to collect.  Had they left well enough alone the oil could have been scooped up off the surface by the super tankers.  But instead, Obama and BP were a lot more concerned about burying the problem from public view.  Out of sight, they figured, is out of mind.  Of course, they were wrong on that call as well.  EPA Chief Browner  went against good science and experience and flaggantly used the cancer-causing disperants anyway.  Clearly, she is weak and willing to promote any lie Team Obama and Big Business wants promoted.

Currently, President Obama is again bowing to Republican pressure on extending the Bush Tax Cuts to the wealthiest Americans as well as the middle class.  There is no reason he should compromise yet he says he plans to do so.  Liberals, progressives, the entire Democratic Party is fed up with this weak as rainwater attitude and poor negotiating tactics from this President.  Clearly, he is not the populist the Democrats thought they elected.  What's more is that if he gives in and paves the way for the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthiest it will be the deal-breaker Democrats have said will cause them to set aside Obama for a 2012 reelection.

Obama is so overly self-protective, like President Nixon, that he is going the way of an historical anomaly, dissed by historians for being a Do Nothing President who was tone deaf to the needs of the American people.  What a sad ending to the Era of Civil Rights.  Now the Democrats will have such a bad taste in their mouths for promoting minorities that it will be decades before another black minority gets a chance at the presidential nomination.  I wonder what the chances are for women to get the presidential nod by the Democrats?  Only time will tell.

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