Friday, October 4, 2013

Govt Shutdown Featuring Daily Show Shutstorm 2013: Lemming Caucus Politicians Gone Wild

2 funny Daily Show videos. From Denny:  Just when I was enjoying Russia's Putin elegantly drinking Dos Equis beer (the campy ad), getting adored as The Most Interesting Man in the World (the Vermont actor in interview), enter the Government Shutdown.

It appears that Putin has found a way for a Russian cultural advancement group to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize in regards to resolving the NSA Leaker Snowden's whereabouts. Hey, President Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize for which he did absolutely nothing.  So, as Putin's nominating group reasons, why can't Putin get one for actually acting like the weirdest choice on the planet for successful world statesman in this NSA Leak drama?

Of course, Putin doesn't realize the only reason Obama was given that Peace Prize was because he was riding on the backs of decades of other American Presidents who did do their part for world Peace.  Russia has not yet built that foundation upon which to stand - though it's never too late to start building that success.   Putin's recent involvement with getting Syria to give up their chemical weapons was an impressive first success...

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Obama was also the beneficiary of the world's contempt for the previous President Bush 43.  The Nobel Prize committee was attempting to make a statement of their disgust of Bush 43 and offer a carrot to Obama to do a better job to end the Bush Wars.  Did their strategy work?  Well, not really, so Obama has yet to actually earn that Peace Prize.  But there is always Hope and Change.

Can Putin prove any more funny of how he orchestrates these crazy maneuvers from the Oddest Corner of Hunh?  He has a great sense of humor to add to his many photo-op accomplishments - like petting half-grown tiger cubs and kissing huge fish to entertain the Russian people.  The guy is nothing but inventive - and wonderfully narcissistic - like any garden variety politician.  Russia is such a fun place.  I must visit soon!  Hey, Snowden, know a good Russian hotel?  You and I must do lunch while we take in the sights with a few heavily armed Big Guys in Dark Trench Coats following close behind.

Enter the American politicians in their love for squabbling in world view.  America's Congress believes it's their duty to compete against Putin as much as he is competing against them for the love, admiration and rapt attention of the world.  After all, there appear to be no adults in the world room except in the eye-rolling weary global audience.  While Russia's Putin vies for the world stage with an outrageous demand for a coveted award it's really the American government that has gone buck naked crazy.  Putin sounds sane and stable compared to these guys.  Quite an accomplishment for a strong man dictator.  Putin and I really should do lunch to discuss women's issues in Russia, you know, like curbing domestic abuse for the appetizer starter course.

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After the government shutdown went into effect the political campaigning trotted into full view with the President making many public appearances to push his stance.  Then, as part of the PR push, America hears from top spymaster DNI Clapper.  He made the case for how his employees are suffering financial hardship because of the sequestration and now a second time from the idiot government shutdown.  He says it might open up a lot of desperate talented people for possible recruitment by foreign powers.  Well, welcome to the world of the rest of America in financial desperation. The Black Budget has more than enough money to keep paying their government employees.

How?  Cancel those idiot NSA contracts for intelligence "analysts" with Booz Allen Hamilton and the other blood-sucking private contractors who are just pervs delivering nothing truly useful now matter how much you protest.  Surely, the IC (intelligence community) can shed 70 percent of its private contractor workforce to pay the 30 percent who are actually doing a real job?

It's a fact that Booz Allen alone makes billions off government contracts annually.  Redirect those billions of dollars away from defense contractors and their lobbyists who are nothing but leeches and properly pay the people who do the real work:  the loyal intelligence community employees who are not reselling private information for profit.

The War of Words is in full blown tilt mode from both Democrats and Republicans.  President Obama is proving to rival The Most Interesting Man in the World for his title since this government shutdown began.  Of course, he needs to muzzle that oily parlor snake of his, senior adviser David Axelrod, from childishly proclaiming Stupid "anonymously" in a Wall Street Journal report:  "We are winning ... It doesn't really matter to us" how long the shutdown lasts "because what matters is the end result."

And then there's the GOP Lemming Caucus.  Yes, it's a strange pack of Republicans, stranger than the usual political fare.  Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) gave his funny opinion of the harsh reality in the World of Government Stupid, referring to the government shutdown:  "I think we're in for a prolonged situation."  Another comment from him earlier in the week talking about the Republicans who were obsessively locked in brinkmanship over the three-year-old law of ObamaCare, labelling them as "lemmings with suicide vests."  Yes, Republicans do behave like a pack of running rodents.  Stay tuned for StumbleUpon or Reddit following up with posting wonderful political memes featuring fashionable lemmings.

The sad reality is that Speaker Boehner is the one person who could end this government shutdown.  He refuses to open the House vote to all its members, only to his Republicans.  If the Republicans don't agree completely then he won't open the vote to the entire House.  He knows if he did not have Republican solidarity - which he doesn't yet - the Democrats could override him and reopen the government.  So, this begins and ends with one man:  the Speaker of the House who refuses to do his job in an ethical way to represent ALL the people of the country.  He is suppressing your vote by shutting out your representative from being able to enter the room to vote your voice.

But more from The Most Interesting Man in the World rival, President Obama, as he mocked an Indiana Republican's comments about the government shutdown and the budget impasse for raising the country's debt ceiling to $16.7 trillion - basically our annual economy.  Want to hear the most childish and outrageous politician's comment yet to date about this fight?  Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) fumed to the Washington Examiner:  "We are not going to be disrespected... We have to get something out of all this.  And I don't know what that even is."

So, these Republicans and their Lemming Caucus started a fight without an exit strategy?  These guys don't even know what they want??  Well, if it sounds like a temper tantrum, looks like a temper tantrum and pisses off all the adults within listening radius, yep, it's a full blown Temper Tantrum, courtesy of children running Congress. Meanwhile, get your laugh on with Daily Show comic, Jon Stewart.  If you thought I was tough, this guy is just plain caustic.  Now if someone would just step up and flush the Political Toilet we would have a fresh smelling bowl...  Volunteers?

Shutstorm 2013: America Sits on Its Balls - Bias on Bulls**t Mountain

Could there be a higher octane fuel for the Fox News false outrage exploitation engine than wheelchair-bound World War II veterans? (06:19)

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