Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jon Stewart Whips Some Lying Butt: NSA and Congress

From Denny:  Incredibly furious with the NSA right now?  Yeah, me too.  I mean who really enjoys an arrogant thief who knows the government will not prosecute him, bursts into your house, steals its contents - unapologetic - rapes you and then says, "But I'm doing all this to protect you.  Just shut up and take it up the ass." Then, in a congressional hearing he gives all of America the verbal version of the finger eagle on the national news.

It doesn't help the President is too damned weak to fire all these punk bullies at the NSA.  In another life - if I were President - or Kahleesi - I would have already drawn my sword and taken their heads - literally.  So, it's no wonder I am too furious to write much of a cogent post this week.

This journalist blogger is so furious she can barely see straight, so - for the moment - I'll let Jon Stewart be my proxy for this government fight.  Right now he is far more eloquent than I could hope to be.  Meanwhile, I hear the Germans are offering Snowden asylum, sanctuary and a helluva deal if he would relocate to Germany to help them shield against the NSA spying.  Can't wait to see what Russia counteroffers.  Oh, how I would love to be a fly on the wall to listen in on those fun negotiations.

Check out funny Jon Stewart who has an endearing way of putting this NSA Spygate into perspective.  Wait until you see the clip with that idiot from Congress who has his brown nose up Gen. Alexander's lardy ass.  It really does make you wonder just how much money all these guys are being promised or already are making from this so-called need for this level of spying.  It must be millions of dollars.  Why else would they fight so hard to keep doing it?  Yeah, it's all about political corruption in high places...

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A Bugged Life - Plausible Deniability Scramble

Members of the House Intelligence Committee protest the excesses of American intelligence gathering that they themselves authorized.  (06:20)

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