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Fantasy Fool Running NSA? Just How Seriously Whacko Is NSA Chief Gen. Alexander? Answer: Very.

NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland.
From Denny:  At the rate the NSA cyber punks are going they will have the entire world and all of America confused as to who is the real enemy:  the NSA or the nebulous terrorists.  This self-important loony tune NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander should never have been installed as NSA Chief in the first place.  Just how did this guy pass his psych evaluation anyway?  Are the Pentagon and the IC (intelligence community) that bad at taking a close look at the people they install as leaders for any project that can literally affect the lives of billions of people on the planet?  Come on; really?!...

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Are you ready, America, to find out what your taxes bought you?  Yes, Big Spender Alexander jumped overboard on this decision like he does everything else.  This guy has no braking system for his rash hubris.  Check out the inner sanctum of the NSA's U.S. Cyber Command Center where Alexander directed design of his personal vision and spent way too much of our money on re-creating a Hollywood Star Trek bridge command center.  Yes, you got it right.  Alexander hired DBI Architects, Inc. to recreate a Star Trek movie bridge, complete with the all-important leather captain's chair where he could reign over his cheesy domain.

Is this guy for real?  Apparently, he takes himself seriously and doesn't mind spending our taxpayer money on such frivolity and absolutely thin-iced sanity that is as strange as conservative talk show host Glenn Beck.  This guy is as unbelievable.  Who in the line of supervisors actually was stupid enough to agree to this extreme expense and weird theme?

With the gargantuan size of the counter-terrorism budget it would be easy to hide his expenditures that were as outrageous as this set design for his beloved "Information Dominance Center" that he enjoyed showing off to admiring Senators and Congressmen.  That name alone - Information Dominance Center - should have thrown up red flags pointing to his loony tune mindset.  He sounds like a ten-year-old on a sugar rush after getting into Daddy's testosterone deodorant.


But then this current NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander is known as a cowboy, even by Pentagon standards.  Read that as several someones have tried to rein him in for years and did not succeed.  It does make us wonder if Alexander also lied to his bosses like he did to the following about just what he was really doing at the NSA once Snowden went public:

Basically, Gen. Alexander was a dirty dog liar where he was caught repeatedly lying to everyone on the planet:

President Obama and Vice President Biden
All of Congress, especially those Senators who pressed him for details and documented real facts
DNI Clapper who trusted him
FISA Court who was supposed to oversee his requests
at least 35 world leaders personally targeted for surveillance
journalists - big world networks to small niche journalist-bloggers like me
you - the American taxpayer who paid for this expensive billion dollar boondoggle

Of course, once exposed Gen. Alexander started lying to Congress and the public about how the NSA had stopped terrorists over 50 times, oh, maybe it was really about 35, OK, maybe 15, OK, it was possibly 3.  OK, never.

When the global Truth Squad jumped on his sorry ass the stories got wilder - and so did his erratic behavior.  The next thing you know he's making speeches at technology conventions trying to recruit people for his cyber command.  Of course, he was severely booed as they were incredulous he was living in a fantasy world so strongly ego-shielded that Alexander didn't realize how socially clueless he sounded outside his own fantasy thinking.  You know how it is; the things you say inside your head often sound awful when spoken out loud.  A lot of those at the tech conference were fantasy gamers and even they thought Alexander was weird and out of touch with reality.

When public outrage continued it was Gen. Alexander again going to the public, begging them to feel sorry for him and please help him keep his job.  Wow! Was that truly strange or what?  He wanted everyone to agree with him that his cowboy culture of constantly overrunning other people's personal borders of privacy was a great idea that should continue.

Of course, the reality is that Alexander was abusing The Patriot Act full tilt.  In his mind he reasoned:  Why should he need permission to pry into our lives, collect everything that could lead to identity theft and allow private contractors to resell our information as well as fleece the government for billions of dollars annually?  Alexander does not understand as to why this is a really bad idea.  Alexander does not care that 7 billion people are not interested at all in what he thinks or wants to do.

Alexander's motto?  "Collect It All."  He proudly crowed that line on many an occasion.  Let me share a thought with you.  This guy is seriously incompetent.  Because Alexander could not figure out how to target those criminal and terrorist elements points to his lack of critical thinking.  To collect literally everything is so ridiculous it's mind boggling.  The amount of energy needed to run these cyber snatch and grab networks around the globe is staggering.  It isn't like America's energy grid is that stellar, more like creaky and staggering toward the abyss.

Then there's the storage problem.  Of course, Alexander just opened up The Idiot Shed costing America more billions of dollars that will morph into trillions of dollars over time.  So, this NSA Chief is busy destroying international political relationships and prying into the most private areas of people's lives around the globe.  Then he stores all that data indefinitely in first this building and then another and then another as time goes by and this NSA program becomes a monstrous institution.

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Of course, this White House has not listened to the wiser voices in America.  After all, it took them over two years to find the impostor reporter, Jofi Joseph, really a White House staffer on national security issues.  Just a few cubicles away Joseph was snark tweeting over 17 times a day about White House personalities and doings.

Is it any wonder this White House is a lousy judge of character?  It's what gets them into trouble politically every time.  Obviously, Jofi Joseph showed his colleagues his "pubic" face and displayed another anonymous face where he tweeted nasty comments about senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, Sec. Hillary Clinton and many others.  Joseph certainly hated women.

Both Joseph and Alexander live too much in their own mental off-kilt fantasy worlds.  Both care nothing about the damage they were doing to international relationships.  Both are not emotionally mature enough for such high profile, high pressure jobs.

Well, the White House had enough sense to finally fire Joseph just as they were about to promote the creep.  Currently, NSA Chief Alexander is supposedly going to be resigning "sometime in the Spring."  Are you kidding?  Alexander should have been gone by now - and his entire staff too should have been scattered to the winds.

It's time to shut down the entire NSA program.  Oh, that's right, today hackers took down the entire NSA network.  But then I knew it was coming; it was just a matter of exactly when.  It's why I've not posted in over a week, waiting for the inevitable to occur as the tech surge was imminent.  The global outrage is so great I figured I didn't have long to wait. They sure didn't disappoint.

This NSA overreach has spawned so many numerous tech vigilante groups around the globe it was only a matter of time before they finally quit defending or delaying the ability of the NSA to collect private data.  The offensive posture of vigilante groups far more sophisticated than the rebellious teenagers of Anonymous were on the move.  They are dedicated to taking down all these spy networks around the globe and will not stop until they succeed.  And there is not a damn thing these arrogant government rats can do about it.  Why should the invaded victims feel sorry for any of these arrogant cowboys anyway?  Come on; really?!

While it sounds shocking to completely dismantle the NSA program of data collection, well, there is an obvious reason for it beyond the global outrage.  Programs have a way of taking on the personality of it's most dominant leader, in this case, Gen. Alexander.  The reason the CIA got so off track was because of the personality imprint of former Sen. and CIA Director Dulles who was one nasty, petty, vengeful individual.  It's taken generations of new directors to push the agency toward reform.

The NSA is just too convoluted and messy to try and reform.  Let's kill it and give it a proper burial.  Then we can push the restart button and rebuild a smarter program under the leadership of someone who possesses real integrity, better character, emotional maturity, and, certainly, a much better decorator.

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