Monday, March 24, 2014

Russia and Iran Attacking U. S., 60 Years Later Russian Missiles Based In Cuba, Latin America

putin:  the NEW hitler!
putin: the NEW hitler! (Photo credit: JeremiahChristopher)

From Denny:  Is it any wonder the world is mobilizing their collective military to take down Russia, and, now their partner in crime, Iran?

At first the West was content with just limited economic sanctions but Idiot Putin and Iran think they can double down on their retaliation and now attack America directly with their long range missiles they are positioning in Latin American bases.  They have been planning this multi-level attack for years.  I say just "Fuck 'em and feed 'em to the fish."  This never was about Crimea and Ukraine in the first place.

Insane Putin is back to settle the old score with America in a re-do 60 years later before most of us and him were even born.  What a moron.  He thinks this time Russia will not back down like Russian history erroneously believes Khruschev did with President Kennedy.  Actually, Khrushchev did not back down.  What Khruschev got was the U. S. missiles removed from Russia's back yard in Turkey as an exchange.  Khruschev and Kennedy came to an agreement.  Khruschev removed his missiles from the U. S.'s back yard in Cuba.  The U. S. removed their missiles from Russia's back yard in Turkey.  No one lost; they both won.

Guess all those American retirees in the area of the Nicaraguan base had better return to the U. S. because this is going to be a very messy war with a rapidly imploding Russia and Iran.  Canadian and European business investors had better get out of the area of the Cuban base immediately too...

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From Bloomberg on the Russian economy affected by those limited and personalized small sanctions:  "Banks including state-run VTB Capital say the world’s ninth-biggest economy will shrink for at least two quarters as penalties for annexing Crimea rattle markets, curb investment and raise the cost of borrowing. Sanctions that have so far focused on individuals via visa bans and asset freezes may be expanded to target specific areas of the [Russian] economy."

And Russia's former good credit rating took a serious hit too:  "After the U.S. expanded sanctions March 20 to include businessmen linked to Putin, such as billionaires Gennady Timchenko and Arkady Rotenberg, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings cut their outlook on Russia’s credit grade to negative from stable, suggesting a downgrade is most likely next.

"The two companies, which said Western banks are becoming reluctant to lend to Russia, rate the world’s biggest energy exporter at BBB, the second-lowest investment grade and on par with Brazil and South Africa."
Clearly, this Russian situation is no longer about Russia taking Crimea by force.  That was just the distraction while they finish positioning their long range missiles in Latin America.  Russia is also intent upon attacking the U. S. by military force.  Crimea was just part of Putin's equation. 

Just this weekend I observed an unusual sight - our Louisiana National Guard out and about - along with Homeland Security.  I figured it was the Russian presence.  After all, Russian submarines regularly cruise in our back yard of the Gulf of Mexico.  Our military does nothing to stop them.  

About a month ago the Iranian navy was boasting publicly how they were cruising in U. S. international waters in the Atlantic.  Join Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dempsey laughed it off as nothing not realizing the Iranians gave away their intent and game plan.  Is it any wonder we have no respect for this idiot who is head of our American military:  Gen. Martin Dempsey?

Why would President Obama install an English Literature major in charge of  combat troops at the head of the military pyramid?  Oh, that's right, Dempsey has two masters degrees:  one in military art appreciation and the other, oh, by the way, to look like he can fake out everyone he is a military man, he also took a few courses in national security.

Dempsey is so weak he can't even get a handle on the military's rape epidemic and rampant corruption; yes, he is that bad a leader.  It's past due time for this President to replace him with a real military leader with personal combat experience.  In fact, Dempsey is more part of the problem with today's military - and disrespect from Russia - than he is the solution.  Gen. Dempsey is the very reason the Russians believe they can easily attack the U. S.  They may be accurate in their assessment because Dempsey is truly weak.  Replace him.

Today, the enemy is on our doorstep.

As to the idiot Pentagon thinking it's time to disband the Marines, think again.  Deploy them permanently to protecting U. S. oil refineries, natural gas pipelines and the chemical industry in the Gulf of Mexico as well as national ports all across the country.  We need troops with combat training and experience, along with a no nonsense attitude, protecting the country's valuable assets - not Rent-A-Cops or the occasional outing from the National Guard.

It's time for Saudi Arabia to give up ownership of  U. S. ports that President Bush 43 was stupid enough to sell them against the wishes of the American people.  It was not his to sell in the first place.  There is absolutely no excuse as to why Congress and this President are actually foolish enough to allow our ports to be owned by any foreign powers, especially Saudi Arabia.  No other country in the world but America behaves this unwisely with such important national assets.

Saudi Arabia has never had America's best interests at heart - not ever.  They are users.  They have been manipulating the U. S. into their stupid religious wars for 80 years now, using our military to do their bidding.  Enough.  Kick these people out of our national ports immediately.  They should never have been there in the first place.  

What Saudi Arabia should be doing is spending less money on ridiculous gold-plated Rolls Royces and retro-fitting Boeing 727 airliners to be lavish flying palaces, and, instead, invest in a seriously outfitted Saudi military, staffed by Saudis not foreigners.  Start doing your own work and quit being so entitled and just plain lazy.

The Pentagon has been far too lax in protecting the U. S. home borders, employing only one idiot philosophy: taking the terrorism fight to foreign soil.  It's obvious to any fool that this military, this Congress and this President have not kept their eyes on the game and been properly protecting our immediate physical borders.

The Pentagon and intelligence communities have been wasting far too much time scooping up and storing billions of unnecessary metadata while the U. S. borders are wide open for a physical invasion force such as from Russia and Iran.  The terrorists, and now Russia, have trashed electronics for manual methods.  America's military and intelligence communities look like incompetent clowns, too co-dependent upon the technology of electronic eaves dropping.  The Pentagon officers spend more time raping women, procuring mistresses and gambling on the government dime (where it was the casinos that finally alerted about them).

How about that other scandal?  While at work SEC workers were busy jerking off to and copying porno movies and reselling for personal profit, all on the taxpayer dime. And the military guys in charge of the nuclear arsenal?  They were either drunk or goofing off too.  It's no surprise that Iran and Russia teamed up to attack on U. S. soil. 

Time to slap those sanctions back on to Iran too and fast.  The President and Congress were warned to be ready to reinstate sanctions on to Iran at a moment's notice.

Congress has been far too busy and distracted playing the insider trading  game in order to get wealthier than when they first arrived in Congress when they should have been taking care of the country's business.  Congress has wasted valuable time hating a black President and refusing to do any work for six years now, taking taxpayer money for salaries not earned.  They are the lazy welfare cheats.

President Obama?  He and his political hacks have also been superficial and foolish.  He and his political advisers have had this President busy collecting money for his past reelection, collecting money for his future presidential library instead of paying attention to the international back field plays in motion.  

At some point the non-lethal options will have to be shelved in favor of the lethal ones.  That time has arrived for both Iran and Russia.  Do not delay, Mr. President. 

Remember history.  It was Japan's diplomat lying to President Roosevelt to his face in the White House on the east coast while the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor on the west coast.  War was not formally declared until AFTER the attack against us.  Do not make the same mistake of trust again.  Destroy those Latin American bases NOW.

Forget about pivoting toward Asia.  It's past due time to pivot toward Iran, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Latin America.  Mobilize the military into emergency action and let's press forward to blow these Russian and Iranian assholes out of the water.  

If you don't get serious about protecting America then people like me will organize our own Ragin' Cajun and Redneck Brigades all across the American South, the Southwest, and the Midwest to challenge them.  

We are not going to wait on a slow to respond federal government.  We will protect ourselves.  

There certainly are millions of military veterans - and 300 million civilian guns, in all these regions who would quickly answer their country's call without hesitation.  Those Russian fuckers are NOT coming onto American soil, not now, not ever without paying a very heavy price of total annihilation.  They will be destroyed on foreign soil and at home if they do not withdraw those bases in Cuba and Latin America immediately.  And Russia can take their Iranian friends to hell with them.  

Cancel all talks with Iran and Syria as they have been baiting you, distracting you away from the many bases they have been establishing along with Russia in Latin America.  


DO NOT be distracted by the recent rhetoric of North Korea today or the diplomatic promises of Russia finally meeting with Ukraine officials today also.  

It's ALL a misdirection because Russia, Iran and North Korea do not have everything in place just yet.  They are buying time, hoping you are too fooled to mount fast and furious attacks to destroy their many years of careful devious planning. 

Israel?  Turn Israel loose. Let them do all the damage they wish and wherever they wish.  They know what needs to be done.  They are masters of mayhem.

Where the hell are your military and intelligence communities in all this?  Were they and the NSA too busy watching where Grandma was buying her granny panties on the internet to take notice of what the Russians and the Iranian navies were doing?  Why were they wasting their resources spying upon Congress and this President?  

Just how corrupt, inept and lazy are our 17 intelligence communities anyway?  "Fuck 'em and feed them to the fish" too.  It's no wonder that DNI Clapper is frustrated with incompetent corrupt people in all of his IC when Congress and the Pentagon will not allow him to fire and replace them with smarter more committed workers.  

Give DNI Clapper the go ahead to fire the incompetence and do so immediately.

Oh, and Putin?  Thank you for coming closer to the U. S. shores.  Why?  It will make it so much easier to hit you now - and for me to get my hands on you and the best of your military you so foolishly deployed here.  You fool, you just moved your targets that much closer for us to hit with greater accuracy.

I've got you in my sights now.  I've been waiting for you to make this obvious move.  All Putin and his ruthless military leaders have accomplished is pull the world together against them - and now against Iran too.  Now, those countries who were hesitant to engage a military option will join gladly.

I warned you, Putin.  We warned Iran, Syria and North Korea too.  We tried to give you all many face-saving diplomatic options to back out gracefully.  Those are all off the table now.  You gambled it all and now you lose it all.   You dared to believe you can attack the U. S. with long range missiles?  Americans take you seriously that you are here to kill us and not just posturing for kudos back home in Russia.  We will kill you.  The average American will kill you before the military gets a chance.

You stupid fools, you should know better than to anger Louisiana women as we are relentless when stirred to action.  Women can play both offense and defense simultaneously.  You are doomed.  Women don't waste time bluffing like men.  We do what we promise.

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The world tried to engage Russia to be smart and live in peace with us, benefiting economically.  But no, the Russians and Putin, Syria and Iran are so freaking stupid they don't know how to do anything but destroy themselves.  Is it any wonder their populations are declining?

Well, since Putin, Russia, Iran and Syria are unteachable in this generation then it was on to my Plan B because ruthless selfish people are ever so predictable.  It's great when a plan comes together, especially when the Russians and Iranians are gullible enough to step into the trap.  This fierce Lioness will take down this clumsy Bear and his punk demons in Iran.  Well, Putin, and your fellow crime bosses, consider yourselves honored to be destroyed by such a powerful foe.

You have stirred the fierce anger of God Himself to act against you.  Look for this Lioness in your troubled dreams, Putin, as she is hunting you every moment.  She knows where you are at all times, day or night, all without the need for electronic or satellite surveillance.  Yeah, that's her and some of her fiercest Dragon Troops that you have been fearfully sensing in the room with you - even though you cannot see us.  Creepy, isn't it?

We both know you will not back off without suffering staggering military losses as you want a fight no matter how many Russians must die.  Your people mean nothing to you.  They are cannon fodder to you and your military leaders.

This isn't about Russian military and political posturing like the Washington political weasels believe.  Let the games begin.  When the moment is right, I will lead the assassins straight to you, Putin.  Until then, look for me, your new best enemy, the blue-eyed Lioness, in your lousy fitful dreams.  

The Lioness hunts well with her Warrior Pride and always takes down her prey in a fury of horrible torment.  Go ahead; ask your pathetic psychic soldiers you tried to send against us a couple of weeks ago.  Ask them what they really saw.  Ask them again.

My troops and I grew bored waiting for them to finally reach near us.  They really don't know what they were doing on this level of combat.  They all ran for their lives when they came close to the frightening mists surrounding our troops.  
Those were the smart ones though they will not live long, soon to be found suffering from mysterious ailments the doctors cannot diagnose or treat.  Some will go insane from coming that close to us.  

We allowed one to come close for capture.  When my Dragon Troops picked him up by the scruff of the neck and brought him to me, they asked, "Do you want us to kill him now or kill him later?"  Yeah, my troops are not exactly diplomats and short on people skills.

To which I replied, "Send him home to report to his master.  Someone has to be the messenger and he won't live long anyway.  He has spent too much time around us for the exposure affects him much like an excess of radiation to the body.  Let him warn Putin that God contends against him."

God demands of Putin and Iran again:  "Let My People go and you will not be destroyed."

My advice to Putin and Iran?  Quit angering God.  Only a fool takes on a fight against God.  Yeah, God's Plan in all this is about to unfold.  T
here are smart and competent people in all the world governments, engaged in clever strategies, ready to attack against aggressors Iran and Russia from a thousand different directions. 

For, while Putin and Iran are distracted in Latin America, there are others who will strike in the heart of Russia and Iran to great success.

One last warning to you, Putin, and Iran:  Nothing is ever as easy as it appears to be.  

God knew what you would do before you dared to think it.  Do you arrogantly think he does not have a Plan to deal with you?  Keep waging war against many countries and you will be destroyed by His Hand.  Do not contend against God for it will be your last battle.  It is God Who will write your history for He is the Victor in every battle.  

Look for the blue-eyed Lioness in your dreams, Putin.  She hunts you and you cannot escape. 

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Isaiah 40:31

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