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Ukraine: Many Sins of Putin Have Sealed His Fate

Vladimir Putin - Olympic Host
Vladimir Putin - Olympic Host (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Come On, Really? Fake Crimea Parliament and Referendum? How World Is Fighting Back

From Denny:  First Putin appoints his Ukraine puppet government.  That same puppet then sets about to decimate down the 180,000 man Ukraine military to almost mere symbolic window dressing.

Then it's safe for Putin to invade and build his troops to massive strength to overwhelm the Ukraine military remnants that have been reorganized to a level of 6,000 combat ready veterans for a National Guard. Remember, back in the 1994 treaty, Ukraine gave up its Soviet nuclear weapons, and, rightfully so, expect from the world more than just lip service and token sanctions against Russia.  With 200,000 Russian troops on their eastern border, Ukraine only has 41,000 infantry total remaining to defend themselves.  Their air force is outnumbered 100 to one.

Putin's most significant latest stupid move was to chase off the original regional government in Crimea.  He arbitrarily appointed his own yes men once his initial 16,000 armed masked men stormed the region.  Those troops are now swelled to 41,000 to 61,000 armed masked men holding hostage the entire country of 46 million.  It's now widely believed that it was Putin who sent in snipers to create the Feb. 18-20 bloodbath in Kiev that removed from power his own chosen Russian puppet Yanokovich.  Putin needed an excuse to invade and invade he did...

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So why is it any surprise that one week later Putin's new guys in the Crimea government vote to secede from Ukraine and join Russia?  Who believes this is for real?  Answer:  no one with a brain.  After all, Putin installed in Crimea a Russian separatist businessman whose party only received a mere four percent in the last provincial election back in 2010.  Two days after Putin's puppet was installed suddenly Putin announced Russia had the right to invade.

No, Putin, it doesn't affect public opinion to the positive to continue to orchestrate fake pro-Russia rallies in Crimea or in Russia too.  What is this?  Third grade at recess?  Putin's playbook is so tired KGB thug.  Not one soul is well impressed.

Putin embarrasses and makes his diplomats look stupid claiming to the press Russia refuses to recognize the Ukrainian government as legitimate.  Putin is also calling this sudden new Crimea government he personally installed - that was never voted upon by the populace of Ukraine and Crimea - legal??  Putin says, "Because I say it is so then the rest of the world and the press are supposed to take my word for it." Just how delusional is this guy?  Apparently, Russian leaders have a long history of living in fantasy worlds.

Well, if world governments and the media are actually gullible enough to accept Putin's idea of bully police state government then shame on them.  And, hey Europe, when - not if - Putin decides to come invade your countries don't look for anyone to help you.  Why?  If you are that stupid and too lazy to not stop this megalomaniac now then you deserve what happens to you.

This upcoming so-called "referendum" of Crimea voters to decide if they want to secede from Ukraine is a complete farce, a dangerous one.  With guns, tanks and thousands of military pointed at the Crimea voter "Do Ya Think?" they might just be a little intimidated to only vote the way Russia expects them to vote???  Come on, really??

It isn't like the voters have a free and unfettered choice in the situation Putin has artificially created.  For Russian diplomats to attempt to compare referendums in other countries to this one in Crimea is lop-sided and just plain insane.  None of those voters in Scotland choosing whether to leave the UK or Catalonia to possibly leave Spain is being voted upon at the end of a gun barrel like it is in Crimea.  It is this very reason alone that the world does not believe anything Putin is saying.  Visuals are everything.  Viewing occupying troops and tanks says, "We will take what we want and how we want and you cannot do anything to stop us."

There's a reason that Putin is too cheap to pay recompense to Ukraine and back out gracefully of this mess he has created:  he wants it all.  In fact, Putin announced he is nationalizing all industry, all companies, all military bases, all banks, all infrastructure in Crimea and Ukraine and placing it under Russia's control.  Hello, word up:  "nationalize."  Global companies heard the dreaded "NZ" word and now know it's past due time to get the hell out of the Russian markets and fast.  This Russian idiot just killed the country's wealth and modernization process that was finally beginning to yield results.

Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines as tepid participants.  The U. S. has responded weakly because part of the food and fuel supply line for U. S. troops in Afghanistan goes through Russia.  That's right; the U. S. is financing a good $1 billion annually to the Russian economy, probably most of which is pocketed by cowboy Putin and his criminal pals anyway.  Yeah, another "brilliant" move from our beloved Pentagon smart guys.  If you think that's bad, check out how the Pentagon buys Russian engines for American rockets to launch U. S. satellites.  I warned you these Pentagon guys are dumber than a box of rocks.

Grow some courage, U. S., Sweden, UK, Germany and France.  The Baltic states and NATO allies like Canada and Turkey are already taking steps to counter, surround and destroy Russia when he advances into Ukraine.  Why?  They all know Putin is flush with power and crazy enough to keep advancing.  In a joint world effort the time to stop Putin is now.

In a recent Russian poll by the Kremlin's own pollster the Russian people went on record as against Putin's aggression in Ukraine and Crimea.  That's right; 75 percent do not approve of his intervention in and seizing of Crimea and Ukraine.  The Russian people just don't believe Putin's lies and propaganda that neo-fascists have taken over Ukraine government and are threatening ethnic Russians in Crimea.

Putin does not have the Russian people's confidence or trust.  This is not going to end well for him.  It will be interesting to observe who kills him first in Russia: his fellow crime bosses/"industrialists" (former KGB pals), a regular Russian fed up with Stupid, or the Swedes who send out a hit squad because they remember WWII only too well and refuse to see it repeated again.  Whoever it turns out to be will be lauded as an international hero.

World governments and my fellow journalists have been far too quick to write off the Ukraine military as unable to fight Russia.  Think again as all of you are underestimating them.  Nothing is more powerful than to experience a home invasion of the most aggressive kind only to eventually answer it with extreme aggression.

After all, Ukraine has their back against the wall.  Expect Ukraine to come out swinging sooner or later after they have had time to do their due diligence to create mayhem against Russia effectively.  The fact their movements are so under reported by the press tells you the military is quietly scheming.  The Ukraine military is smart enough to keep things quiet and we all know "when the children are too quiet they are up to something, and, well, it's never anything good."

The longer Putin remains in Crimea and attempts to take over Ukraine as well, the sooner the Ukraine military will be fighting with more than cagey strategy to elicit world sympathy and cooperation for assistance both financially and militarily.

Putin has been too freaking stupid to get out of Crimea while he was testing NATO's strength and commitment.  Putin took Crimea and lost Russia and the world.  He has risked the health of the Russian economy and now endangered them for bombings from NATO allies, and, possibly other nervous countries around him.

And then there's China.  What if they feel threatened by Putin whether it's their financial markets falling or fear of invasion?  Forget Communist allies as all bets will be off.  The Chinese have a lot to think about to protect themselves from their aggressive southern neighbor who has an eye on annexing their territory too.  Just maybe that three million man army will come in handy to spank Putin for his global stupidity.  Stay tuned on that front.

To date, here is the long list of Putin's sins just in this Ukraine situation:

1 - Installing puppet governments in former Soviet satellite countries that broke away like Ukraine.

2 - When this Russian puppet government was rejected by Ukraine people, Russia steps in with snipers and agitators to create a situation as an excuse to invade Ukraine with the pretext he's protecting ethnic Russians.

3 - Armed masked troops without insignia begin pouring into Crimea, swelling to as many as 61,000 troops.  Putin is under the delusion that not marking his troops proves it isn't Russia invading, and, therefore, Russia is not breaking any international law.  Yeah, who believes that strategy but in Putin's own mind?

4 - Putin's troops surround and hold hostage the military bases, complete with visiting families and children.  Putin takes a few military bases and some airfields too, securing his military superiority.

5 - And something that really angered God?  Putin trotted out the head of the Russian Orthodox Church to promote the Putin lies the world is calling him on again and again.  Even the Russian people were shocked and found that marketing ploy distasteful, a new low for a Russian leader, even Putin.

6 - What else seriously angered God?  Massing 200,000 troops and tanks on the Ukraine border, ready to invade and dominate Ukraine and its 46 million people.  It's a classic case of using your strength in all the wrong ways.  Strength is meant to be used to do good in the world, not harm others who are weaker and more vulnerable.

7 - Lying.  Lying at every turn.  Putin has been lying for so many years he may not be able to see the Truth any more.

Pharaoh Putin, you are no Peter the Great and never will be.  My illustrious ancestor was a lot of things, both good, and, not so good as he learned to be ruthless to deal with his own ruthless relatives and their assassins.  First of all, Peter's life ended trying to rescue sailors who had fallen into the icy seas for he plunged in after them without thought for his own life.  It was not a PR stunt like Putin photo-ops; it was authentic.  When did Putin ever care for anyone beyond himself?

Peter differs from Putin in that Peter did not steal from his own people like Putin and his crime pals currently running Russian industries and the government are doing to obscene proportions.  Peter fought the generations long government corruption though he did burden the people by overtaxing them for his war campaigns and suppressing them when they complained.

When the Russians complain a leader has to take it seriously as it usually precedes attempts at revolution.  What was true for Peter is also true for Putin today when it comes to realizing just how angry are the Russian people about Putin's excesses (think $40 billion for the Sochi Olympics and now this expensive military venture into Ukraine and Crimea).

Peter the Great was willing to lead his troops from the front, not hiding in some safe bunker as he was present with his military.  The reason Peter was so hard on the people was because of his intense pace of which to modernize a very backward Russia from the government, education, religious, military and business levels simultaneously in a short span of time.  What should have taken a century of change Peter wanted to accomplish in a few decades.

From Britannica:  "Peter’s personality left its imprint on the whole history of Russia. A man of original and shrewd intellect, exuberant, courageous, industrious, and iron-willed, he could soberly appraise complex and changeable situations so as to uphold consistently the general interests of Russia and his own particular designs. He did not completely bridge the gulf between Russia and the Western countries, but he achieved considerable progress in development of the national economy and trade, education, science and culture, and foreign policy."

Most importantly, Peter was willing to listen to his second wife, Catherine, when she wisely counseled him against his excesses and extremist actions - which were many.  After Peter's death, Catherine became the first woman to rule Russia, paving a legal path for more women to follow for almost a century.  She had a lot of courage to deal with her beloved husband Peter as he was a huge man, standing at 6 feet 7 inches tall and unpredictable in his sudden violence.  Catherine was successful in getting Peter and Russia out of several serious predicaments using tact, diplomacy, and, most of all, wisdom.

So, Putin, if you want to fancy yourself as Peter the Great just because you are busy playing Land Grab While Destroying Russia, then consider me as my ancestor Catherine.  What would Catherine advise Putin right now?  Catherine would say, "You have already lost the respect and trust of the world.  Forget the Crimea referendum and cut your losses while you can before you lose all your fortune and your life.  Get ahead of the assassins by no longer giving them a reason to kill you:  remove your military from the occupation and return home.  Let my people go and maybe God will let go of you."

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