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Ukraine: Is It Time To Bring Russia In From The Cold?

Ukrainian language and Ukrainians with their n...
Ukrainian language and Ukrainians with their neighbours in the early 20th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  Which country needs yelling at first:  America or Russia?  Answer:  both of them.  As usual, the hotheads in Congress, the State Department and in the White House are screaming for blood and revenge against Russia about intervention in Ukraine.

And they did that long before the Russians even made a move in any direction, forcing a move by Russia in order not to look weak and unresponsive.  Could Western leaders and Obama play worse chess?

I'm sure the Russian counterparts are acting just as Stupid Is As Stupid Does for how they want to "react to the reactions" from the Western governments, yelling their unwise heads off too.  Men. This is one of those times when you are all proving to be most annoying.

Enter my fellow journalists around the world who have stoked this tense situation and you have a real mess on your hands.  Too many media outlets are out there taking advantage of a serious real life situation in order to garner more media share for financial profit.  You just don't go around proclaiming this situation between America and Russia is suddenly the beginning of The Cold War, Part Deux.  It isn't part two of anything, you morons....

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Everyone has a case of The Screaming Meanies, looking absolutely ridiculous, allowing their generations' long held prejudices and bigotries to push them to run so fast they fall off the cliff.  "Oops, our bad, so... now what???" they ponder as they lay broken and dying at the bottom of the cliff.  For the past 60 years Americans, the West and Russians have been literally taught to hate each other for the most ridiculous of reasons.  Is it any wonder both sides are behaving badly?

Will any of these guys put on their Big Boy Pants and act like adults???  The boisterous media needs to STFU about promoting a prelude to Super Powers War.  The Republicans in Congress, who so hate President Obama they look for ways to force him to fail, definitely need to STFU.

And who in the the White House and the State Department came out with this idiot messaging about even talking about the previous Cold War with Russia in the first place?  Flush them down the toilet as well as every talking head that was stupid enough to go out in front of the media cameras and repeat the same inane message.  None of that talk was helpful.

Clearly, this White House and State Department are both clueless as how to talk to Russia and Putin.  Must I do everything for you?  Have you learned nothing reading this blog?  Looks like you had better hurry up and hire me to do your work for you before you all blow up the world.  Geeesh!

And, with the State Department's Victoria Nuland doing a photo-op of Big Generous America literally handing out loaves of bread to Poor Starving Ukrainians was an insult to both the American people and the Ukrainians.  It was so cheesy and stank of a bad public relations campaign.  While I appreciate Nuland's declared passion for helping the Ukrainian people any way she can, because of her prejudice against Russia since her grandparents were Jews that fled Russia to a more welcoming America, she has clearly lost perspective.  It's time to stand down, step back and STFU for the time being.

Where does a reasonable person start to referee this international showdown of Stupid from overly aggressive leaders and military ready to do whatever they want and however they want?  Meanwhile, it's the regular people that get trampled by all the international powers.  In this case it's the Ukrainians.

Well, let's start from the position of giving a damn about the regular person in all these countries:  Ukraine (and the ethnic Russians in Crimea), Russia and the United States.  At heart, I will always be a populist and protect the people of a country or region before defending the idiot actions of immature, thoughtless and just plain bad leaders running rough shod over them.

If the majority in Crimea wish to remain with Russia, then leave them to it.  If the majority of the rest of the Ukraine wants to turn and develop their own idea of governance then leave them to it too.  There is enough business to go around for both Russia and the West, because, in the end, all this international positioning is really about money, lots of it.  

So, with that focus in mind, enter what Russia's Putin considers to be of importance: his military base and the protection of ethnic Russians in Crimea.  While the world can see Russia has been in this region for hundreds of years - and an established military base - he should stop there.  Russia has plenty of oil fields already.  Try not to be greedy, Darling Vlad; it's not proper for an international leader.

Invading the rest of Ukraine is a seriously bad chess move just when Russia was getting notice and more respect than they thought for hosting the Olympics.  While there were nagging small problems that happened at the Olympics, those things go on in most Olympics.  Terrorists threatened to harm the Olympics and Russia methodically repelled the threats.  All in all it was a successful debut for Russia on the international stage, showing off Russian culture, Russian food and the Russian people like an Olympics is supposed to do.

Another good thing recently done by Putin was he allowed the Pussy Riot girls out of prison.  (What an awful and offensive name.)  While I like the moxy these young women possess I don't think they have behaved with any wisdom poking the bear and then wondering why the bear claws back in return fight.  They have a good cause but deliver it offensively.  Time for a more sophisticated game plan, ladies.  Be thankful for what you do have in life.

Yet, in a past blog post, I alluded to Putin we should have lunch and discuss women's issues in Russia, he and his diplomatic corp knew what I was really requesting:  Please release the Pussy Riot girls.  After all, they are young mothers and their children need them.  Russia and Putin do respond better to intense subtlety, not threats as President Obama and other Western leaders have done.  Russians and Putin are practical, passionate, full of raw courage - even when it doesn't always make good sense - and love a reasonable, well thought out argument.  Even if they don't like the hard Truth when presented, they do respect the Truth.

It would be a sad occurrence to see this also recent scoring of international political points for Putin's deft handling of the NSA-Snowden surveillance debacle which Putin brokered well but stands to now go into the garbage and become forgotten - all because of recent Ukrainian events.

Russia will never successfully crush the Ukrainian people.  There are over 46 million of them.  And, if Russia thinks Afghanistan was annoying, the Ukrainians will prove to be far worse.  It really isn't worth the effort of time and resources to waste just to satisfy ego.  There are far more important matters for Russia to address on the world stage that will benefit Russia handsomely and for the long term.

For hundreds of year now, the West has shunned and behaved condescendingly toward Russia, resulting in the obvious aggressive return answer moves.  You just can't keep funneling Russia this way and expect the country to be friendly.  The West cannot continue to force Russia into positions where the only way Russia can respond is odiously. You don't just spit on someone and say, "Hey, you are supposed to like me!"  The resentment overflows.

Isn't it time the West quit going tit for tat and being so petty toward Russia?  It's really childish and ridiculous.  Russia has a lot of societal things to work out on its own and we don't need to intervene like helicopter parents, causing bigger problems for the very people we try to help.

Perhaps this current situation can present a civilized divorce of Ukraine from Crimea without all the histrionics of violence?  Then Russia can offer a payment settlement for those two airports his Russian troops confiscated in Crimea.  Putin could also consider forcing the former Ukrainian leader to return the billions of dollars he spirited out of the country.  That move would certainly place Putin higher in international esteem, restoring respect and garnering greater trust.

If I were in Putin's shoes, I would consider it a huge win to position my troops only within the Crimea to protect ethnic Russians and my military base.  Going beyond that into the rest of Ukraine would cause an international uproar, resulting in economic black listing.  Is it really worth it?  Does Putin want to win the current battle but lose the long term war?  What about the long term work of gaining respect for Russia on the international stage?  Will Putin throw away his chances for his beloved country and previous good work that has begun to serve him well?  Stay tuned while Putin decides if he wants to get serious about being respected on the international stage or shunned by the international community as the next Hitler.

Russia is poised to do well in the world as a true power house again but not if Putin chooses to advance militarily into all of Ukraine at this time.  Please, President Putin, remain only in Crimea where Russia has long standing rights to operate and protect.  Darling Vlad, don't make me find my baseball bat and open up a can of Louisiana Cajun Whoop A$$ on you.  It's not wise for a Russian bear to anger an American lioness.  Yeah, I'm just saying...

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