Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ukraine: God Hates Liars And That Means You Putin

From Denny:  Listen up, Darling Vlad; you cannot split the difference with God.  You were given a short list of simple tasks to do in this Ukraine situation to help you exit gracefully, and, still you chose only to do a small portion and just send diplomatic envoys for uncommitted talks?  Then you hold a press conference to issue lies and ultimatums?  Perhaps you really are delusional as Germany's Merkel muses.

You are unequivocally disobedient toward God.  You have not peeled back your armed and threatening military troops from encircling the Ukraine military bases as requested.  You were advised, then warned to pull them back, and, yet you chose to disobey that warning, wrongly thinking the stopped military exercises on the border was enough.  Well, it isn't and I'm not happy with that wimpy tepid solution.

You have refused to call back your armed pro-Russia agitators by claiming they are not yours to command.  Quit lying; everyone knows they belong to you.  You insult God by lying to Him.  God hates liars.  Do not continue to be of such a black heart toward God with your Trash Talk to the world...

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You defiantly dared to fire off an intercontinental ballistic missile like some childish petulant North Korean dictator - and plan to fire off more?  That does not scare people; it does just the opposite:  it makes them angry.  

You dared to threaten a storm to come against the Ukraine military if they did not surrender to you unconditionally?  You really don't understand what a true storm is all about.  Have I got a serious storm for you:  a God Storm.  God is angry with you, so we are angry with you.

Looks like we, the world, have to play hard ball with our disobedient Russian Yard Cats in the global neighborhood.  At some point we will no longer warn you but will act against you.  And we damn sure don't require some silly CIA drone to do our work.  Spiritually?  There are limitless resources and power at our disposal to deal with you.  This isn't about Russia contending against America.  It's about Russia contending against God.  Now God is contending against Russia.

Putin, did you really think that freezing U. S. assets under Russian control is such a big deal?  By all means, please do so.  Just make sure when the financial war starts you begin by first freezing the assets of the U. S. public relations agencies and U. S. law firms who have been gathering intelligence against their own country to use in Russia's favor.  Yeah, make me happy and start first with those idiot lobbyists.  American voters will cheer you for that move.

Did you really think that sending unmarked insignia troops into Ukraine and Crimea would not violate international legally binding agreements?  If you follow that idiot strategy to a full line of thinking then your troops can be treated as both an invading criminal horde and as international terrorists yet to be identified.  Meanwhile, the world has the legal right to kill your armed troops.

You want to behave like Egypt's stubborn disobedient Pharaoh?  Fine.  I can be your Moses.  We all know how that battle played out.  And I'm a lot more ruthlessly skilled, strictly obedient to God, and, well, just plain meaner than Moses ever attempted.  Do you really wish to bring down that much misfortune upon the house of Russia?  We will do whatever it takes to carry out God's Judgment against you and bring you to heel.  If you keep acting like a bad dog we will discipline you as one.  Act like a smart human being and you will be rewarded and you might not end up harmed, only a bit embarrassed, bruised, battered and able to limp home to heal up.

Because your troops still encircle the Ukraine bases - and you have refused to remove the pro-Russia agitators in Ukraine - then you leave us no choice but to begin the spiritual battle against you and your troops.  Summoned is an unseen army of countless millions in unison that have coalesced and descended, at this moment, now encircling your military who are encamped, surrounding the Ukraine bases.  An unseen army now stalks your pro-Russia agitators at the level of ten thousand to one.  My troops are a mean bunch so don't anger them with any aggressive moves and more lying political or military rhetoric as they have little patience for disobedience.

A spiritual war is one you do not know how to fight, nor do you have the resources to fight on our level.  Your silly martial arts and strong man grandstanding will not stack up against real warriors.  I, and my fellow global spiritual warriors, are coming at you on many levels simultaneously and in many dimensions.  If you think you can't sleep at night now, just hold on for the terrifying, long and harrowing ride.  We enjoy the fight.  Lucky for you that we are obedient to God as only He can stop us from destroying you.  So, if I were in your shoes I'd start talking to God and fast.

A true spiritual warrior is not limited by Time and space or geography.  We can come to you in the Spirit at any moment and decide your fate and the fate of your military.  Don't test us; we are only too happy to engage in battle.  You are holding hostage 46 million people and have terrorized them long enough.  It's time for you and your unmarked terrorist troops to return home to Russia:  quickly and in the dead of night.  

Soon the news reports will finally leak out from Russia about the quiet rebellion of business leaders and the Russian people who are making runs on the banks to withdraw their funds.  Your business partners are now not returning your calls because they know you are no longer able to hold the country's economy together.  Privately, they wonder if you are unraveling mentally.

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Your friends and close business partners are already plotting to replace you because they first view you as too irrational and without emotional discipline.  What else are they worried about?  They do not want such close scrutiny of their own nefarious crooked dealings.  All this global media attention makes them very nervous.  You have far more to worry about from within Russia than you do outside Russia.

Russian industrialists and markets are furious they are losing lucrative contracts as investors pull back and wait to see if Russia is stable enough to do business or will remain volatile.  For every day your troops remain in Ukraine and Crimea it is a nail in the coffin for Russian global businesses.  The longer you remain the longer it will take the world to partially trust Russian businesses again.  The damage you have done to date could easily take a decade to repair in confidence, maybe longer.

Russian businesses are frustrated over business interruptions.  Wealthy Russians are angry they do not have easy access to their funds in foreign banks though those funds have not been officially frozen or seized.  The bankers' promise to get around to finding their monies but "it will take some time and we don't know how long a time."

You waited too long to obey to even a small degree, appearing outrageous and ridiculous as the arrogant emperor with no clothes.  Darling Vlad, you are undisciplined, and, now, unacceptable to lead Russia any longer.  It's time for God to find and develop a suitable replacement, someone who does respect God, someone who truly cares about his people,  someone who knows how to be a good neighbor to surrounding countries and a good citizen of, and, leader in the world.  You flunked your spiritual test as leader.  Better luck next time if God decides to give you a second chance in some other life time.

You are surrounded, both in Ukraine and Crimea and in Russia.  Our battle against you has begun.  The West is the least of your worries.  Disobedience to God is unacceptable.  What you decide next - and how fast you leave Ukraine and Crimea - determines if you and your troops survive the match.

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