Friday, September 25, 2015

Brian Williams Returns to the MSNBC Newsroom: Welcome Back!

Pope Francis to meet president, first lady

From Denny:  Turns out that friend and boss, Andrew Lauk, over at NBC believes in second chances for good people like Brian Williams.  Well, so do I.  It's past due time for Brian Williams to come out of the cold and be welcomed back into society.  He's paid his dues, suffered embarrassment and financial and status demotion.  How much more do the Boo Birds and Jealous Journalists want?  Those odious crowds would want blood if the network was stupid enough to give it to them.

Congrats on your comeback, Brian.  Ignore the jealous petty journalists in the newsroom.  The news industry is filled to overflowing with jealous petty people, just take a glance over at The New York Times, CNN and Fox newsrooms for starters.  No surprise they exist at NBC and MSNBC.  Two words to all of them:  grow up!  And, while I'm at it dishing out advice to toxic people:  be careful the meanness you visit upon others does not come back to visit your life because it surely will...

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How more meaningful could it be that Brian Williams' comeback journey began with live breaking news coverage of Pope Francis' visit to the U. S.?  This pope is a compassionate person who also believes in second chances and kindness.

Speaking of kindness, Brian Williams has always been known for his coverage of women's issues and "good dog" stories.  Why not do documentaries in both categories in addition to short stories?  I'd start with the "good dog" stories as the animal lovers would enjoy it.  OK, I miss those "good dog" stories as sometimes animals are the only "people" who give out the perfect example of kindness every day.  It's good to remind everyone about our furry friends and positive relationships and how people could incorporate that same example of kindness into their lives.

Every week I check in with petfinder to see how many dogs are available for adoption just in my zip code:  try over 10, 000 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, alone.  When you multiply that across the nation this country has an "animal refugee crisis" that is demanding attention.  It's called homelessness. a serious issue in our time for both people and animals.

Brian Williams can make his way back to balance.  It all starts with one day at a time and a strong unwavering focus upon his journey.  This road to redemption is one millions of people have taken all over the world throughout time.  It's rare any person lives the perfect life without making some seriously stupid mistakes.  Just check out those who suffered from substance abuse for years, often decades, and screwed up their careers and family lives in the process.  The brave ones began their lives all over again, one day at a time and succeeded.  

Speaking of starting their lives over again refugees from Syria walked away from violence, insanity and unending war.  They didn't know where their lives would begin again but they are determined to do just that:  begin again.  Does it really matter that Syria was listed as a terrorist state and a ridiculous haven for the brutally insane?  The smart people are leaving and we all should give them the goodwill they need to begin their lives again.

So, let's all give Brian Williams some emotional space and quit behaving badly.  Forgiveness is a good thing, especially when this man is trying so hard to get it right.  Welcome back, Brian, you are still a good journalist with a healthy body of work to your credit.  Now I expect you to get busy on those "good dog" documentaries and some lengthy pieces about how women are faring in this country and around the world.  You are the right man for this.  It took courage to return. Glad to have you back on board in the news community!

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