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Egypt In a Nutshell: Muslim Brotherhood Are Terrorists, Opponents To Peace

Suspects are rounded up near a burnt annex building
at the Rabaa Adawiya mosque in Cairo on Aug. 15.  
Photo: Amr Abdallah Dalsh / Reuters

From Denny:  Violence erupts in Egypt.  The knee jerk reaction is the Pentagon howls about what they might be in jeopardy of losing.  The Pentagon never does get their priorities right.  So, President Obama hurriedly does the Pentagon's bidding and rushes out onto the international stage to make their case before he fully understands Egypt.

The State Department is collectively wringing their hands that Egypt might become another Syria with years of civil war on the horizon.  And the rest of the world is shaking their head at the inept policies coming out of the American government that seems to be rudderless in addition to clueless.

Here are the principle players in this international drama:  the Muslim Brotherhood, the people of Egypt who want a secular government and peace with their neighbors, the Pentagon and Big Business defense contractors.

Here is Egypt's current situation in a nutshell summary:

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The Muslim Brotherhood has been gaining steam to take over the government and the country for the past 83 years.  The Muslim Brotherhood is behind the rapes in Tahrir Square of far too many women who were doing nothing wrong - like background bystanders watching a protest.  Even more heinous on a much larger scale the Muslim Brotherhood has been planning for some time and is poised to take over all the weak governments throughout the Middle East.

Even the King of Jordan has warned President Obama about the Muslim Brotherhood and their terrorist intentions to take over entire governments throughout the region but to no avail.  We all know that Obama never listens to smart or common sense.  If he did he would not be out there looking so ridiculous, doing the bidding of the Pentagon and the defense contractors who don't want to lose money.  After all, we all know the Pentagon doesn't give a damn about the safety of the Egyptian people any more than they care about the safety of their own sexually assaulted service men and women in America.

What is going on with all the players?

To begin with the Pentagon wants to keep open the Suez Canal for themselves.  The American military enjoys preferential treatment, allowed to move to the head of the crowded line, when there is an emergency.  The American military also is allowed to fly over Egyptian air space.  All that comes at a declared cost of $1.5 billion in "foreign aid" money.

What other monies are involved remain undisclosed and secret.  We all know more American taxpayer money is employed to sweeten the Egyptian cooperation like our government does all around the world.  Basically, America props up far too many governments, ignoring struggling Americans, jobs creation and repairing crumbling infrastructure.  But that's yet another story that involves Big Business and political corruption.

The Muslim Brotherhood worked hard to stuff the ballot boxes on Mursi's election day to appear that Egypt had transitioned to a voting democracy.  What a joke.  "President" Mursi was never properly elected.  Even when in office he completely backtracked upon promises to the people - like women's rights.  He disbanded the Parliament and their version of the Supreme Court, any other branch of government or popular group that could oppose him and the Muslim Brotherhood.  He also began firing various generals who were respected as leaders by the opposition and weakened the Egyptian Army.  He spent his first months in office completely eliminating anyone who could defy him and his Muslim Brotherhood plan.  Those are the actions of a dictator not a democratically elected President.

Mursi's increasingly strident conservative and invasive policies since he came into office have proved a breaking point for Egypt.  The people of Egypt poured into the streets for more peaceful demonstrations like they have for over two years now since the Arab Spring was born.  Millions of the Egyptian people took to demonstrating again, this time against Mursi, calling for the Egyptian Army to help topple the illegal and oppressive Mursi Muslim Brotherhood government that was committing terrorism in the streets.  The public no longer felt safe with the Muslim Brotherhood in office and in full control of the country.  Finally, the Egyptian Army obliged, especially when they found Mursi aggressive enough to now disband them too.  Their Supreme Court Justices fought back as well.

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The Egyptian Army understands exactly who they are dealing with in the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.  If you notice, when the Mursi supporters first started demonstrating the Egyptian Army did not respond violently until the Mursi supporters were found to be stashing and gathering munitions in Tahrir Square.  Why do protesters need rocket launchers, guns, bullets, grenades?  Exactly.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been target killing off-duty police as well.

Did anyone really think that such a well established ruthless terrorist group like the Muslim Brotherhood would just roll over and give up without a violent fight?  Come on; these are the same guys who see an attractive woman in Tahrir Square and scream, "She's got a bomb strapped to her chest; strip her!"  Then they publicly strip her completely naked and proceed to gang rape her.

Fortunately, one woman was rescued when a woman stranger quickly grabbed some clothes, with her husband in tow for her protection, and then muscled her way through the crowd that night to rescue the naked woman. Can you imagine looking out your kitchen window while you are washing the supper dishes, looking for your children to come home, to see this sight?  Lucky for the victim, this other stranger chose to risk her own life to help.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been joining up with other terrorist organizations like the Taliban, bringing violence to Egypt and the rest of the Middle East.  The Egyptian interim government is in the fight of their lives and President Obama is out there criticizing them for fighting to stay alive?  Come on; really?

America, in the form of President Obama or the Pentagon, has no right to comment, criticize or demand certain results from the Egyptian people or the current fragile government in the form of Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.  The Egyptian people don't much appreciate Obama's meddling.  Everyone needs to step back, take a deep breath and care about what the Egyptian people want.  That should be our only concern.  Not money.  Not business interruption.  It's the safety of the people that should take precedence.  The Pentagon needs to learn how to adapt and be flexible with alternate plans.  All President Obama and other world leaders should be doing is offering assistance for peace negotiations when the two sides agree to begin the process.

What America can do is quit giving so much money in foreign aid.  It's time for Saudi Arabia and the Arab League to step it up to support Egypt's economy far beyond what they are already doing.  This terrorist problem is in their front yard, their region of the world.  They also have plenty of money to throw at the problem.  Saudi Arabia has already promised to make up the difference in foreign aid money to Egypt if American lawmakers pull the plug.  Let Saudi Arabia pay the tab.  Their turn.

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