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Syrian Massacre: Will Russia Step Up To Stop Obama, End The Suffering, Offer Assad Asylum?

Map of the territory and area covered by prese...
Map of the territory and area covered by present-day Saudi Arabia and Arab League countries.
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From Denny:  While the American public is polling as against military intervention in Syria, the Pentagon and President Obama are busy planning to do it anyway.  They never listen to the will of the people.  A good 60 percent of Americans want nothing to do with war in Syria.  Only a mere nine percent support going into Syria. Who are these people? Must be the Lobbyist Caucus.

Military intervention should be the business of the 21-member Arab League with Saudi Arabia perfectly capable of the necessary missile strikes (with over 300 combat aircraft) and other Middle East countries as this is their region of the world.  Even non-member Turkey which is nearby has over 1500 aircraft capable of intervening.  Why not send Israel who would relish the job?  They are the leading military might in the Middle East. That certainly would prove nothing if not interesting.

Why should struggling American taxpayers pay $1.2 million per cruise missile to end the Assad regime?  Syria is a member of the Arab League and the other members (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt) should be reigning in Syria that possesses about 450 combat aircraft.  To give you perspective as to why the Pentagon loves to flex its military might every chance it gets:  America has about 15,000 aircraft.  The UK only has about 1400 aircraft.  It's all about The Boys and their Big Toys.  The ugly reality is these toys kill.

We all know the Pentagon and its war profiteers will not be content to stop at firing off just a few handy cruise missiles.  They and Scream For Blood Congress will demand the next step of committing troops into Syria and here we are at yet another Middle East war the American people never wanted but are forced to fight and pay for one more time.  President Assad is a dead man any way you look at it because his own people will kill him eventually.  We all know that said cruise missiles will also create a huge amount of unintended consequences - like killing more children than the chemical attack did...

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Obama and the Pentagon don't seem to accept the harsh reality that millions of Americans are now only working part time at much lower wages because of the down economy and greedy businesses refusing to offer ObamaCare so they penalize the employees by reducing their hours and wages.  Over the long term that stupid business move so popular among employers will result in a lot less money getting paid to the U.S. Treasury, squeezing the economy to a standstill.  Especially since sequestration limiting the military budget, just how are we going to pay for all these missiles we will be lobbing from our U. S. Navy warships off of Syria?

Right now cooler heads need to prevail.  Wisdom should be the order of the day.  Too many of America's politicians are screaming for blood because their war profiteer sponsors want to make billions of dollars more for their greedy pockets.  Politicians and hedge funds want to see their profits increase. War is a money maker.  Dead people are good for business, both on Wall Street and in Washington.  This White House should be ashamed of itself and mightily embarrassed for being so easy to manipulate to do the bidding of war profiteers.

Meanwhile, even the Russians are now saying they will not physically defend Syria's Assad should the West go against Assad on a military level.  While it looks like a chemical weapons' attack it has not been scientifically verified by U. N. inspectors.  Of course, it could have been bio-weapons.  Whatever it was, it definitely was an evil act in a civil war.  The case for the fact it was a chemical attack is strengthened by the fact the U. N. inspectors were fired upon by Assad snipers when they tried to visit the site of the attacks.  You don't do an act like that if you are innocent.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warns that "if Western 'hysteria' leads to military intervention, it will produce wider destabilization in the Middle East, and intensify the bloodshed in Syria."

Well, let me share a thought with our friend the Russian Foreign Minister:  Western hysteria has arrived and will not be quelled unless Russia acts quickly.  If Russia and Putin wish to be big players on the international stage then they will have to take some calculated risks.  One of those risks right now is to act as a decisive power in this Syrian civil war that is threatening to spill over into the Middle East, creating a bigger mess.

The Russian thought is that once Assad is set aside, then who will replace him?  Good point.  But would not Russia prefer to be a decisive power to at least contribute their opinions as to who or what should be that replacement?  Why just be the guys who throw obstacles in the path?  That tactic is effective only some of the time.  At some point it's time to change tactics and act to improve a world problem.  Clearly, the current bloody situation in Syria cannot continue.

America and other Western powers have a long history of intervention when international situations get out of control as it is in Syria.  Historically, for centuries, Russia has never enjoyed a respected position on the world stage, relegated to the Complaining Corner, not getting taken seriously.  Would not Russia wish to enter the world stage as the good guys helping to bring down the political temperature yet again as they did in the case of NSA leaker Edward Snowden?  If Russia wishes to be respected on the international stage - and build meaningful long lasting beneficial alliances - then it's time to start acting like a world broker for Peace.

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