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Syrian Massacre: What Would Dr. Martin Luther King Do?

English: Bashar al-Assad official portrait by ...
English: Bashar al-Assad official portrait by Carlos Latuff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  What would Dr. Martin Luther King, the famous advocate of non-violence, do about this critical moment in America's history?  Who is manipulating President Obama to remove Assad by violence so someone hidden out of sight can take power?  These are the type of questions no one seems to be asking themselves in the American government.

What if the chemical attacks were done by terrorist groups like the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood that have infiltrated the Syrian rebels - or infiltrated the Assad regime?  What if those terrorist groups were using the photos of dead children to so enrage the West that America would easily be manipulated into attacking the Assad regime, disabling its most potent weaponry and military might?

The way of a terrorist mind is to figure out how to leverage a position of inferior numbers and an inferior strategic position.  What could be better than to leverage two large powers to go at each other's throats to destroy their credibility in the world - America - and remove a weak Islamic secular government from power - Assad?

Then the terrorists, who have successfully infiltrated most if not all of the rebel groups - rise in the power vacuum when Assad is killed or set aside.  Worst case scenario the terrorists/rebels cannot hold power immediately but manage to abscond with all manner of dangerous weapons for resale on the black market or for use in terrorist operations...

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Who knows?  Perhaps Assad is already anticipating the American strike and has dispensed dangerous weapons to the various terrorist groups in the case of his demise so they can carry on his fight with America?  If I can think of these obvious strategies to use Obama to their terrorist groups' benefit - typing on my keyboard in my writer's cave in south Louisiana - don't you think terrorist groups in the thick of the rebel fighting have already gamed out this easy plan?

Supposedly, President Obama and the IC (intelligence community) claim they have proof that it really was Assad who ordered the chemical weapons' attack.  Considering all the outright lying our national politicians and the President have been doing to the American people about what our IC and the NSA have really been doing since the NSA leak exposed them, why should we believe them now?  Obama claims he can prove it.  Fine; prove it to a truly independent panel of trustworthy people not handpicked by the Pentagon, the President and his political hacks, starry-eyed sycophants and Yes People on Team Obama.

As far as going to war against Syria it's time for this President to recognize he is not Mr. Unilateral Bush 43 and is mandated to go to Congress for their approval to go to war or commit any "military action."  There has been no national debate on the Syrian civil war.  Americans are weary of unilateral self-appointed Know-It-All people making these decisions without consultation for permission or consideration of what the country wants.

What this President should be seriously considering is just how effective this missile strike mess will be in both the short term and the long term.  After trillions of dollars and tremendous American and allied forces' blood spent in Iraq and Afghanistan the Sunnis, the Shiites and the Kurds still all hate each other to the point of killing all over again.  The drug lords are still in place and the terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban and al-Qaeda still control enough segments of the population that democracy is a distant murmur and dying light.

What makes this President, the Pentagon and this Congress believe they can change the Middle East issues that have raged for thousands of years with a few stupid missile strikes?  Why is Sec. of State Kerry not vociferously demanding a diplomatic or economic solution, taking a stand against a military solution that will only escalate the violence?

It does give great pause that other Muslim countries refuse to enter Syria and help the Syrian people, preventing future massacres.  The Arab League has flat out said they are simply not interested and don't care how many of his countrymen Assad kills in cold blood.  Well, if fellow Muslims don't care, why is it the Christian community is so interested?

What we all should be asking ourselves are yet more questions:  What are all the hidden agendas in the Middle East and, most especially, the Arab League, wanting America to fire cruise missiles into Syria?  What are the hidden agendas of the Pentagon and its defense contractors wanting to attack Syria?

We all know what will happen if only one innocent dies by accident from this missile strike:  a thousand years of hate and lies from the Muslim community, burying the truth of what started it all in the first place.  This is an unwise endeavor.

The Syrian people must fight for their freedom.  America and its allies cannot just waltz into Syria and do the job for them.  The Syrian people are two generations of co-dependence upon a political dictator family and it is not easy to say, "Don't help us; we want to do it for ourselves."  Instead, the Syrian people want someone else to solve their problem.  We are short cutting their life test to stand, fight and win against oppression.  It's the old proverb:  "Give a man a fish and he goes hungry the next day; teach a man to fish and he will eat well for a lifetime."  

If anything, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars should have taught America that ugly history lesson.  Freedom fought can take generations to achieve.  You only have to look to Dr. King and his famous civil rights struggle.  The Baby Boomer generation thought that issue was settled, done, period, in their life time.  Suddenly, a new version of the struggle emerges - like restrictive voter ID laws.  The Millennial generation discovers they must fight for those same civil rights and human rights all over again at the mark of the 50-year anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech.

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In light of Dr. King, at the 50-year anniversary of his non-violence advocacy as a solution to serious societal problems it would be far better - and more fitting - for President Obama to organize a non-violent American solution to the Syrian civil war.  A one-week, twice a day national prayer vigil for two to three minutes at 9 AM and 9 PM, as people begin and end their day would be what Dr. King would do.  It should be televised from the Oval Office with members of all religions and spiritual faiths represented, leading the prayer of the hour.  Even the atheists can join in with goodwill speeches.

It's time to gather America together into a positive endeavor that is non-violent. Considering how this President, the religious and racial minorities and women in the Obama administration have directly benefited from Dr. King giving his life to the pursuit of non-violence, it's time they step up, honor those sacrifices and exercise those gifts for the good of all.  Don't just sit on a comfortable life.  Pass it forward.  A violent solution in Syria does not honor Dr. King.  President Obama can give yet another speech, expounding upon the great character of Dr. King and then the next day lob cruise missiles into another country's civil war.  Not a good image or good example of America.

Stand down, America; going into Syria is the wrong thing to do on so many levels.  It is far better to pray for wisdom and strength for the Syrian people to learn to win their freedom for themselves for they will not be beholding to anyone, proud to say they won it on their own.

A well organized national prayer vigil is a solemn act of respect and wisdom.  The Syrian people desperately need a spiritual solution not a military one.  An act of violence is always met with another act of violence.  Do the unexpected - and do what is right.  

The Syrian people would know the entire nation of America was praying for them and wishing them goodwill.  That is a powerful statement, bringing positive outcomes.  It is far more powerful, a long-lasting better impression and positive solution than firing death missiles.

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* * *  Please support Warriors Pearl Foundation - contributing to fund efforts to help homeless female military veterans come home.  Visit Denny Lyon Gifts  @  -  see what's new!  And a special thanks to those of you supporting this effort!  You rock!
* * *  Please support Warriors Pearl Foundation - contributing to fund efforts to help homeless female military veterans come home.  Visit Denny Lyon Gifts  @  -  see what's new!  And a special thanks to those of you supporting this effort!  You rock!

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