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97 Posts Roundup From All Dennys Blogs

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From Denny: This post is number 601 for The Social Poets blog, my first! Woo! Hoo! :) Who knew where blogging would take me - and you - this past year?

I'm finally getting back into regular blog writing. I took a couple of weeks off early in January to slow down the daily writing on 12 blogs for a well deserved rest. Just when I was ready to resume writing the Haiti earthquake hit. Then the three week saga started with trying to find my cousin who had been visiting Haiti at the time of the earthquake disaster - to donate her time as a music teacher. After three weeks she was given a cell phone and talked to her mother and sister.

Of course, as usual, worried family is not so good on details, not thinking like a journalist, and I still don't know her exact location. Sounds like she's in some tent city on some soccer field, recovered from vague details of bad bruising and a not described concussion from falling debris as she ran out of the music school where she was giving a concert. Apparently, one of her students died, though again, no details or name given. She has gathered several of her other students with her - again no names or updates on their status - since they are separated from their parents or may not know the status of their parents.

Well, one detail I know for sure is that my cousin Jeanne will do all she can to help the children around her to keep up their attitudes and play some music for everyone to cheer them as well.

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you, my subscribers and blogging friends, for checking back on all these blogs for updates on Jeanne and new posts too. Some of the blogs have languished for daily posts. The past week I've worked at getting caught up and created this post for a roundup of posts on all the blogs so you can get caught up easily too. Again, thanks so much for showing up to check out each blog as it's much appreciated!

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From The Social Poets:

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26 Funny Editorial Cartoons - 6 Feb 2010

From Denny: The big Super Bowl weekend match up of the New Orleans Saints against the Indianapolis Colts is in full swing party wise in both cities! The cartoonists predicted the Saints would lose against the Vikings in the NFL Championship and were wrong. Everyone in Louisiana is totally convinced the cartoonists are wrong again about the Saints' hope of winning the Super Bowl. People are practically "wired for sound" around here they are so excited about this team. The Saints had a 44 year drought of misery and to see them win this much is like catnip candy.

The rest of this week's visual opinions were devoted mainly to the President's budget spending and cutbacks, especially NASA. Where the cartoonists really went off on was their anger against Toyota's arrogance in this million plus car recall. Toyota has been declaring customer satisfaction for decades - only now America is finding out they have been hiding the truth about their cars.

Now we find out recently that Toyota hasn't been properly reporting to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation as required by law. Then they continue to insist these same dangerous cars are safe. Toyota car owners need to demand a buy back from the manufacturer as these cars are dangerous to everyone on the road driving near them. Short of that the President better do something serious and fast before this spirals out of control. Can you hear the Toyota used car value falling like a rock? Drive those cars until the wheels fall off or get the parent company to take it back. It's called The Lemon Laws in America.

Just when Toyota thought they would get to surge ahead in the American market to capture a larger share and capitalize on General Motors' and Ford's share of bad karma repercussion slap-back - they now experience their very butt kick.

Check out this week's cartoons lampooning everyone in the news!

Politics of the national budget wars and public frustration over both parties doing so little to alleviate suffering across America:

Finally repealing the Don't Ask Don't Tell mandate which never made much sense anyway since just about everyone but the clueless knew who was or wasn't gay:

Toyota recall debacle that just keeps on giving to the politicians, comedians and the cartoonists as fodder to keep the public stirred up:

Prez Obama cutting back and downsizing NASA since these guys tend to be wasteful and have been for 40 years, treating the national wallet like it's a money tree. Choose your projects wisely and plan a lot more carefully, then stick to it and quit with the budget overruns. Obama's next stop needs to be the guys who build military aircraft:

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good News: Child Abuse Drops Dramatically

From Denny: This is good news! A 38% drop in sexually abused children occurred from a high of 217,700 in 1993 - dropping down to 135,300 in 2006. What about physical abuse during this period? Dropped by 15%. What about emotional abuse during this period? Dropped by 27%.

Experts in the area of child abuse are heralding this finding as proof that public awareness campaigns have made great headway along with judicial crackdowns.

When you combine all the areas of abuse - physical, emotional and sexual - it averages out to being down by 26% since 1993. In this study there were 553,000 children studied as opposed to 743,200 children studied in 1993.

This is a 455-page government mandated study called the National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect is conducted periodically by the Department of Health and Human Services.

What is so encouraging is that this is the first time there has been such a dramatic decrease over a long period of study since we began collecting data. "It does suggest that the mobilization around this issue is helping and it's a problem that is amenable to solutions," said professor David Finkelhor of the University of New Hampshire, a leading researcher in the field of child abuse. "It does suggest that the mobilization around this issue is helping and it's a problem that is amenable to solutions."

Where did they collect this much information? The detailed data was produced by 10,700 "sentinels" - child welfare workers, police officers, teachers, health care professionals and day care workers - that helped create national estimates.

"There's much more public awareness and public intolerance around child abuse now," said Linda Spears who is the Child Welfare League of America's Vice President for public policy. "It was a hidden concern before — people were afraid to talk about it if it was in their family." Spears also commented there is now an abundance of programs to help abusers overcome their destructive behavior.

Professor Finkelhor, who has also conducted similar research and found a drop in abuse rates, believes the study depicts "real, substantial declines." Nor can this decrease be attributed to changing the definition of abuse.

Finkelhor speculated there may be several reasons such as in the 1990s more people were deployed in child protection services and the criminal justice system strongly focused its efforts on more arrests and prison sentences for abusers. Since then more child abusers had available to them medications to help them cope, therefore preventing molesting or mistreating a child.

"There's also been a general change in perceptions and norms about what one can get away with, so much more publicity about these things," he said.

Socio-economic factors were considered. As expected from previous studies, poverty played a starring role as three times more likely for children to be abused than other children. The rates in African-American households were also much higher than in Hispanic and Caucasian homes.

They even took a look at the family structure. It's a bit chilling about what was found here: a single parent, with a live-in partner, might abuse children at 10 times the rate of a two parent household.

The main author of the study is Andrea Sedlak, Westat, Inc. in Maryland. She was concerned over their finding that more than half of the child maltreatment incidents are not actually investigated by a child-protection agency. "Is the system still so strapped?" she asked. "There's still a lot of material here saying the system has a long way to go."

Of course, this study is now almost four years old upon its release this week. Since 2006, this country has sunk down into a deep recession or a depression with over 20% of America out of work like in the 1930s. With all the job loss and family financial pressures and home foreclosures there have been reports of domestic violence on the rise.

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