Thursday, September 19, 2013

WTF?! Theatre of the Ridiculous: Congress Finally Kills Off Whats Left Of Middle Class

English: President Barack Obama holds 3-D glas...
English: President Barack Obama holds 3-D glasses while watching the Super Bowl game at a Super Bowl Party in the family theater of the White House. Guests included family, friends, staff members and bipartisan members of Congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  This ain't no win, Mr. President.  Leave it to Congress to sneak in a few laws that get little scrutiny or publicity from the national press.  Then, presto, it's magic! and the next thing you know you are up to your eyeballs swimming in debt, courtesy of your federal government.

Here's what is going on in Louisiana and about to spread to other parts of the country like the Jersey shore, New York and flooded Colorado.  Why?  Because Big Insurance has not been reigned in or disciplined by this President or Congress.  Quite the contrary, Congress and President Obama, like diligent workmen, have enabled the dismantling of the middle class by Big Insurance and Big Banks, eroding the lives of millions of people a little bit at a time until it has now amounted to a calamity...

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Funny Post: Russia To World Stage Declares, "We're Baaaack!"

4 funny video clips from "Puss In Boots" animated film. Check out all the links as many are polls.

From Denny:  Oh, how I have missed the Russians on the world stage.  Affectionately deemed as Denny's Fightin' Yard Cats, the Russians never fail to throw paws (at America), amuse by pinning some unlucky misbehavin' ears to the ground in a show of dominance (to Syria) or provoke reasonable people to deeper thought on international issues (yes, the World).

At least the Russians "get it" about discussing world issues in depth and detail as opposed to my American government - and their lazy think tanks.  Those think tank guys spend more time dreaming up catchy political slogans, tweeting arguments on social media, yessing each other in an echo chamber and talking like they skim the news headlines rather than invest in solving serious world problems.  Come to think of it, much of that sounds a lot like the Russian Yes Government in relation to how they behave with Putin...

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Syrian War Intervention: Polls And Russia Step Into The Breach

sailor protest syria

From Denny:  Well, it's official; Americans see no positive end game in Syria.  Americans refuse to go to war yet again in the Middle East.  Because people all over the world are in agreement with the American people, suddenly Congress and this President are in a political quandary.

Politicians know going against the majority in America means the end of their careers - and a whole lot of historians writing contemptuous things about them for posterity.  Thousands of Americans called and yelled at their national politicians to stop this madness.  Yet why does President Obama still act like it doesn't matter if Congress votes him down because he will move forward and bomb Syria back into the Stone Age?..

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Best Spiritual Posts: Step Out into the Unknown with Ease

Dr. Martin Luther King quote.
Best Spiritual Posts: Step Out into the Unknown with Ease: From Denny: This photo and quote reminds me of the ancient mystery schools where the spiritual path was taught over decades.

Students did not expect to learn spiritual principles in a few months of study. Students did not expect to interact with spiritual energy on the highest levels within a few years. Students did not expect to wield spiritual power until their egos were well disciplined, honed into perfect obedience to Spirit.

A true student of the spiritual path accepts early on that Life is truly a journey. This journey involves the unexpected and the unplanned. Life is not always as orderly as our emotions and left brain sense of the world would prefer. :)

In order to maintain our balance - or regain it quickly - it's important to root ourselves in the present - the Now - and not focus upon even what happened a few moments ago or what might happen in our future...

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Syria War Cluster F**k: Russia, Jon Stewart and Daily Show Weigh In On Dumb and Dumber

Host Jon Stewart in the studio of The Daily Sh...
Host Jon Stewart in the studio of The Daily Show in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 funny Daily Show video clips.
From Denny:  Can this rush to join in on the Syrian civil war get any weirder?  President Obama, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Sec. Kerry created a new White House page just to sell this new American war.  It looks like it was hastily pulled together like some lame corporate power point presentation.

It's loaded with a short timeline, a few videos, press statement links and some of the properly slanted unclassified intelligence assessment pointing to chemical weapons use.  Of course, it looks like just more of a slick political campaign to influence the public.  Give it up, guys, this page won't convince anyone.

Latest Developments:  MoveOn and most of its eight million members do not support this Syrian war intervention.  The head of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Marcia Fudge (D-OH) has asked members to not make public statements until more is known. Read that as they are reserving support unless they are forced into it. More defections from congressional Republicans who formerly supported the strikes.  The public is calling in by the thousands to voice their opposition to this Syria War and American intervention.  Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi is encountering a more difficult time to rally the troops than previously thought when they declared they had the votes.

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden spouts off that President Obama will most likely put boots on the ground no matter what he is saying now.  Russia is warning Obama about how their missile strikes can set off Syrian nuclear reactors to create more damage than intended.  Then there is the fun moment of Russia's Putin calling Sec. of State Kerry a liar.

Welcome to The Club, Russia, America is fed up with the lying coming out of this administration on a whole host of issues.  Of course, Russia and America often lie to each other and their peoples.  Russia also has some serious self-interest in Syria like a Russian naval base and collecting the fun profits of selling Assad plenty of military weaponry.  I wonder what Israel and America have been selling Syria?  After this Liars Face Off the public figures all bets are off.

In a very contentious hearing with Congress, arrogant Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dempsey rejected Kerry's invitation to support him with Congress, to offer a statement.  What did Dempsey say?  In a I-don't-answer-to-these-fools huff he answered sharply, "No! I don't think so." The 18-second clip from the Daily Show follows below...

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Syria War: Anti-War Vaccine Not Yet Available For U.S. Presidents and Congress

sailor protest syria
Possible career military protesting Syrian intervention?

From Denny:  Have you ever noticed how many Presidents, when first elected, catch the Washington War Virus once in office?  No matter how many speeches they give laying claim to being anti-war they puff up their chests and start with the bombing to assert American power in the world.

The Pentagon loves to sell this Prove Our Might line of reasoning in every generation to every President, enjoying a hundred percent success for the past 60 years.  These Presidents get infected with Stupid, adding a side meal of Absolute Power like a dish of pickle relish...

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Obama And DOJ Harassing 3 Million Voters - and Journalists - With New Tactic

Señalización de lugar de votación en Californi...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  As an Independent and a liberal I rarely take the Louisiana newspapers seriously.  Most of their red state conclusions from the news are flawed thinking at best and so opinionated the facts get lost in the shuffle. Most, like my Baton Rouge paper, The Advocate, are too busy advancing the promotion of scare tactics from the Republican propaganda machine.

However, the facts remain to be seen clearly from the latest DOJ's suspect and downright sinister wrongdoing.  You know it's really bad when I finally write about it.  The DOJ is claiming their need for private information of almost 3 million Louisiana voters - and thousands of  journalists in that database - as necessary to protect the voting rights of the possibly disenfranchised, primarily African-Americans and Hispanics.  And what ever happened to my rights:  my civil rights, my constitutional right to vote unhindered, both as a journalist and as a liberal voter?  

The rights of the many are getting trampled in the aggressive effort "claiming" to protect the rights of the few.  It is becoming more and more evident the DOJ actions are not truly about helping disenfranchised voters but something else...

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