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WTF?! Theatre of the Ridiculous: Congress Finally Kills Off Whats Left Of Middle Class

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English: President Barack Obama holds 3-D glasses while watching the Super Bowl game at a Super Bowl Party in the family theater of the White House. Guests included family, friends, staff members and bipartisan members of Congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  This ain't no win, Mr. President.  Leave it to Congress to sneak in a few laws that get little scrutiny or publicity from the national press.  Then, presto, it's magic! and the next thing you know you are up to your eyeballs swimming in debt, courtesy of your federal government.

Here's what is going on in Louisiana and about to spread to other parts of the country like the Jersey shore, New York and flooded Colorado.  Why?  Because Big Insurance has not been reigned in or disciplined by this President or Congress.  Quite the contrary, Congress and President Obama, like diligent workmen, have enabled the dismantling of the middle class by Big Insurance and Big Banks, eroding the lives of millions of people a little bit at a time until it has now amounted to a calamity...

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Congress passed ObamaCare that is now poised to literally force people - by fining them - if they don't buy it.  It really is questionable as to whether this government demand is allowed under the Constitution.  It does not matter if millions cannot afford this health insurance.  They can't afford the government fine either.  While the Affordable Health Care Act did a good job of making health care available to everyone it does not make any of it affordable unless a household is living near, on or below the poverty level.  Well, at the rate this Congress and this President are going it won't take much longer for the rest of the country to slide down into poverty, with the government picking up the shortfall.  Of course, if that were to actually happen, they would pass yet another law to refuse to honor the previous law.  Yes, the Theatre of the Ridiculous.

The real problem is the millions of Baby Boomers from ages 45 to 64 who do not yet qualify for Medicare, living on suppressed wages just like the youngest generation.  Their premiums are as much as - and usually much more - than $20,000 a year for a married couple who are healthy non-smokers who have never had any health issues or claims.  We all know that is rare so those annual premiums are going to be as high as - or half - of their annual income for many.  Just how realistic is this program?  Answer:  it isn't.  So, if people who cannot afford any health care refuse to join it they are going to be fined as much as $1,500 to $3,000 a household - also money they don't possess.

Come on; when this White House created this program they knew damn well that millions would never be able to afford it.  Why are they choosing to be so cruel?  Why won't they create a public option to make it truly affordable for all?  President Obama has yet to offer a salient comment on this question - or a truly affordable solution.  The answer is that he really doesn't give a damn about the suffering middle and lower classes, instead choosing to please Big Insurance who is whining about losing billions of dollars if a public option is offered.  This whole situation really is sadly ridiculous.  Big Business has such an intense and gripping stranglehold on the federal government that the American people are turning purple and wheezing for air.

So, now if you have a household making $40,000 to $50,000 a year then you are supposed to happily shell out over $20,000 a year just for health care premiums?  Yeah, that's really "affordable."  What are these millionaires up on Capitol Hill smoking anyway?  They live in a protected world - at least for the moment.

That easy life could change if Congress and this President keep mercilessly squeezing millions of people like they have for the past eight years since Hurricane Katrina.  That's when Big Insurance and Big Banks began preying upon the American people in the most unprecedented schemes made legal by Congress.  Congress even made exceptions in the new health care law for their staff and aides to pay comfortable premiums.  Everyone leaves out the American people to receive the same comfortable benefits and considerations.

If President Obama goes forward with this ObamaCare roll out he will have a rebellion on his hands from many quarters.  As it is employers are already in rebellion, dumping employee hours like crazy, refusing to pay for health care at all.  Note to brilliant federal economists:  Those severely reduced hours are killing the recovery of the economy as well as killing morale.  People can't pay their bills on those very low wages.  In time they won't be able to pay their house notes either.  Hello, House of Cards imploding.

And, if you think that's a bad scenario it gets worse.  Now homeowners of an average $250,000 home will be forced to pay excessively high flood insurance premiums.  Big Insurance is everywhere, ready to squeeze the Middle Class for more and more and more.

For some reason the government economists are so smart they are stupid, reasoning the American people can continue to absorb every price increase for the past eight years like so-called "fuel adjustments" from utility companies, above $2 a gallon gas at the pump when people could afford it - now hovering around $4 to $5 - and breaking budgets every month.  

Property taxes across the nation have risen sharply since the mortgage meltdown.  Health insurance premiums have skyrocketed since ObamaCare was signed.  Credit card companies got their fair share of the peoples' bank accounts and college students' too by charging outrageous and excessive interest rates like loan sharks: 25 to 29 percent.  Those student loan notes are as high as a car note or their rent.  How are graduated students expected to develop a career or a life this heavy in debt?

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Now along comes Congress and passes this annoying new law to get the government out of helping Americans across the country when Mother Nature strikes and floods out homes.  You see President Obama let some numb nuts talk him into thinking it was a great idea to get rid of the kind of government that used to help spread the costs for expensive insurance.  Yeah?  For whom?  Certainly not the American people.  If the federal government cannot afford these premiums then what makes Congress think a beleaguered homeowner can?

At the rate this Congress and this President are working overtime to screw over the average person, either intentionally or because they are so fat-headed gullible and plain stupid, there will be no need for government.  Why?  Because the American people are now basically paying premiums to insure themselves on every front.

How is that?  Well, let's see, paying for homeowners' insurance the deductibles have gone from a reasonable $1,000 to now $25,000 and higher for the average home because insurance companies know that is the usual claim for damage.  So, why be forced by your mortgage company to pay for No-Insurance Insurance?

So, now a household making $40,000 to $50,000 annually is expected to pay out over $20,000 in health care premiums AND have rammed down their throats a $20,000 plus homeowners' deductible.  If this household was in Colorado and experienced devastation from the recent flooding they would not be able to recover because they would be paying out more than they would earn as take home pay after taxes.

Oh, but it gets better.  Now, in Louisiana, even if your area has never flooded, you are demanded by your mortgage company to pay out $28,000 in flood insurance premiums for a humble $250,000 home when you used to pay $633.  Now how can a household making $40,000 to $50,000 annually afford all that?  None of it adds up.  More insulting?  You can only get coverage up to $250,000 for your home and $100,000 for your belongings.  For that paltry amount you must pay a $28,000 annual premium?  What if your home is worth more than $250,000?  You are screwed.  Even if Congress is successfully shamed into lowering these premiums, in the end they will still increase beyond what stressed homeowners are able to pay.  The domino result will be yet another massive foreclosure crisis even higher than the last round.  Is anyone on Capitol Hill and this White House really paying close attention to see what is poised to happen to the American economy?

These new national flood maps recently published out of the federal government are quite suspicious.  They are also quite sloppy in their workmanship.  Either this is gross incompetence or, you guessed it, Big Insurance is working behind the scenes bribing federal workers to slant the maps to their favor, forcing millions more to buy flood insurance.  Maybe the mortgage industry, Big Banks, are in on the scheme as well since they want to gobble up cheap homes via yet more foreclosures?  The foreclosure crisis turned out to be quite lucrative for banks as they sold to investment firms.  Perhaps they want a repeat of this same scheme?  It's past due time the FBI investigates this issue.

Congress is insisting the government get out of the flood insurance business.  They are also working to rip up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the only institutions that created a solid middle class through affordable home mortgages.

Congress and this President are hell bent on destroying what's left of the middle class by turning everything over to private enterprise that is free to charge outrageous fees, outrageous premiums and make yet more outrageous legal demands, trampling the consumer.  What is wrong with you insensitive louts?  Do you want to burn in hell just because you think it's a freebie and a taxpayer paid vacation?

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